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Desserts That Start with A

I’ve been on a real dessert kick lately, and to keep my mind on track, I’ve decided to go alphabetically, so I don’t miss a thing.  

And where better to start than with desserts that start with A?!

We’ve got apples, apricots, avocados, and so much more here. You’ll find some classics like apple pie (of course) along with some more unusual recipes – have you ever tried Affogato?

So without further ado, here are 15 delightful desserts that start with A.

Sliced Pineapple Cake Pin

1. (Pineapple) Angel Food Cake

Let’s just ignore that pesky ‘P’ and get to the Angel part of this recipe!

If you’ve ever had angel food cake, you’ll know it’s super light and airy and perfect for a guilt-free dessert.

Of course, this recipe makes it a little bit more special with crushed pineapple. It’s fruity, tropical, and light enough to curb those sweet cravings even after a big meal.

2. Apple Pie Recipe

All-American, spiced, sweet, fruity, tart, and amazing hot or cold, apple pie is one of my all-time favorites.

Though you can use any kind of apples you might have, I just love the tart flavors you get from Granny Smiths. Plus, they’re great for baking since they hold their shape and don’t turn to mush in the oven!

3. Almond Joy Candy Bars

It’s incredible to me that there are people out there that don’t like coconut. It’s such excellent fruit, and the texture is such a pleasure in baking. 

To get that candy-filling texture, you’ll be mixing sweet condensed milk with powdered sugar and shredded coconut. 

I know it’s hard, but let it all set in the fridge for at least an hour before trying to cut and cover with chocolate.

Apple Crisp with Ice Cream

4. (Old-Fashioned) Apple Crisp

When I’m in a rush, apple crisp is my go-to. You get all the same flavors of an apple pie with half the effort.

Even better, you get a fantastic brown sugar and oat top that turns crispy and golden in the oven, with a slightly chewy base – just like a cookie! The texture pairs perfectly with the soft apples.

5. Affogato Recipe

I got hooked on these after spending a summer in Italy, and I can’t resist them to this day. Two ingredients, one minute, and enjoy!

It’s super simple: a scoop or two of good quality vanilla ice cream and two shots of espresso. Pour the hot coffee over the ice cream and let it melt a little.

When I’m feeling extra indulgent, I add in a drizzle of salted caramel too.

6. Avocado Cheesecake

Being an elder millennial, you know I’m a huge fan of avocados! They’re creamy, mild, full of nutrients, and have all the good fats our bodies need.

I also have a mild-severe obsession with cheesecakes, so it’s natural for me to put the two together!

This cheesecake is incredibly creamy, beautifully colored, and insanely good. You get most of the flavor from the lime juice, but the pale green color is just so cute.

7. Almond Jelly

If you’ve never tried a milk-based jelly, you’re in for a real treat. The creamy base makes for such a nice change to the usual strawberry or lime. 

One thing to keep in mind here is that almond extract can be very overpowering – a little goes a long way!

8. Ashure (Noah’s Pudding)

This porridge-like dessert is made using cereals and dried fruits. You might see it with wheat or barley grains, along with any number of dried fruits and chopped nuts.

Interestingly, this recipe uses a mix of pearled barley and chickpeas, which need to be prepped the day before. There are quite a few steps here, but it’s worth it in the end.

Homemade Glazed Apple Fritters

9. Apple Fritters

I make apple fritters when I know I have a lazy Sunday morning ahead of me. Light, fruity, and almost like a donut, they make for a fantastic little treat.

Unlike donuts that require yeast and proofing time, this recipe uses a simple sweet batter that gets fried until beautiful and golden. 

10. Apricot Cream Cheese Thumbprint Cookies

Thumbprint cookies are fantastic for any occasion: they’re buttery, light, and so versatile! But I have to say that these apricot and cream cheese cookies take it to a whole other level. 

Adding cream cheese to your cookie dough will enrich it with all that creamy fat to make them so tender they melt in your mouth. 

Of course, you can use any flavor jam you like here, but I just love the color of that golden center.

11. Apricot and Anise Chocolate Bark

No doubt you’ve made or been gifted some pretty little bark shards full of crushed candy canes and cool white chocolate. 

But this is something else! This is the kind of this to snack on year-round, and it takes just 15 minutes to throw together.

I highly recommend using a good quality dark chocolate to match the intensity of the anise and the sweetness from the apricots.

12. Apricot Coconut Crumble Bars

Be warned: one bite of these, and you’ll be hooked!

Fruit crumble bars are probably my favorite fast dessert to bring to a gathering. They’re buttery, sweet, and travel so well.

These are a little different in that they have a coconut base and use dried apricots in place of jam – feel free to use jam! – making the filling a little bit more substantial.

13. Avocado Chocolate Mousse

Looking for a rich, dark chocolate mousse that is dairy-free for your vegan bestie? Try this one!

Instead of eggs or whipped cream, which many chocolate mousses use, this recipe keeps it simple: avocado, cocoa powder, chocolate, and the milk of your choice.

All you need to do is blend everything in a food processor and let it chill. If you use chocolate, be sure it’s vegan-friendly.

14. Anzac Biscuits

This Aussi classic biscuit dates all the way back to the war, and it’s still a beloved sweet treat today!

It’s a simple oat cookie, but you will need golden syrup to make it authentic. Making your own is easy, and once you’ve tried these tasty little cookies, you’ll never turn back.

15. Arroz con Leche Recipe (Spanish Rice Pudding)

I’m the kind of person that will eat rice pudding for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I like it sweet, with coconut milk spiced, hot and cold. 

The trick is to use short-grain rice and cook it with cinnamon and lemon rind to really infuse every bite with flavor. 

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Desserts That Start with A


  • Select your favorite dessert.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a delicious dessert in 30 minutes or less!
Desserts That Start with A

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