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17 Best Custard Powder Recipes and Ideas

If you fancy a trip across the pond, check out these yummy custard powder recipes.

They’re rich, creamy, flavorful, and super easy to make.

Homemade Vanilla Custard in a Bowl
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Custard is practically a religion in the UK.

It’s typically served warm over apple crumble, sticky toffee pudding, or some other tasty British pud.

It’s a bit like pudding in that it’s creamy, sweet, and full of vanilla goodness. But it’s much thicker and uses cornstarch as a setting agent.

These custard powder recipes (specifically Bird’s custard powder if you want them to be authentic) include silky smooth tarts, fluffy cakes, and dreamy homemade ice cream,

They’re pretty hard to beat.

15+ Fantastic Recipes Using Custard Powder

1. Homemade Custard Powder

Can’t find Bird’s custard powder? Then try this easy custard powder recipe and make your own instead!

It only requires five ingredients: cornstarch, milk powder, icing sugar, vanilla powder, and food color powder. 

This recipe is a great way to make delicious desserts without worrying about eggs.

Plus, it makes for a tasty custard mix that’ll bring decadent flavors to your recipes.

2. Chocolate Custard With Custard Powder

It’s hard to think of a more decadent, delicious dessert than chocolate custard. And this recipe makes that creamy dream a reality.

It’s so rich and velvety, you won’t believe it’s made with just a few simple ingredients.

If you’re feeling a little fancy, you can top it with fruits and nuts!

3. Fruit Custard

Custard is super popular in the UK, but it’s also beloved in Australia and India. And this fruit custard is huge in India.

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You’ll combine custard powder with milk, sugar, and a mix of chopped fruits. The result is a light, creamy, fruity treat that’s perfect for summer.

Serve it in a tall glass to you can see all the colors. Each bite will bring a burst of flavors that’ll delight your taste buds.

4. Caramel Custard

Caramel custard is a lot like crème caramel.

Both feature melt-in-your-mouth custard with lots of sweet caramel sauce on the top.

The main difference is that this version is steamed, where crème caramel is baked.

Either way, it’s silky smooth, wonderfully flavorful, and a dream to eat.

5. Custard Biscuit Pudding

Try this recipe if you’re looking for something impossibly simple but insanely scrumptious.

Each cup starts with a simple biscuit (cookie) onto which you’ll pour custard.

You’ll add another biscuit on top, followed by a lovely layer of chocolate custard and shredded chocolate.

As it sits, the biscuit will soften and become cake-like.

I think these look best in individual glasses, but you could make a bigger batch in a trifle dish.

Just keep in mind that the custard doesn’t set firm enough to slice, so serving might get deliciously messy!

6. Mango Custard

Get ready for a bright treat that’s absolutely brimming with the refreshing flavors of the tropics.

Sweet mango is the ideal partner for vanilla-based custard. And one bite of this will convince you.

It’s melt-in-your-mouth amazing and light enough to enjoy after a big meal.

Best of all, you can top it with your favorite fruit for a burst of freshness!

7. Custard Powder Biscuits / Cookies

Prepare to experience something magical.

Seriously, if you’ve never added custard or pudding powder to your cookies, you’re in for a treat!

They’re soft and buttery with a rich custard flavor that makes them totally moist and unique.

Try them once, and you’ll never go back.

8. Homemade Custard Creams

If you didn’t grow up in the UK, chances are you’re unfamiliar with custard creams.

These ridiculously tasty little biscuits are soft and sweet with a heavenly custard cream filling.

They’re a British classic and best dunked into a hot cup of tea (milk and sugar, please!). 

Be warned: these babies are absolutely addictive. It’s hard to resist reaching for another!

9. Vanilla Cupcakes

Vanilla cupcakes with custard buttercream are the perfect way to celebrate any occasion.

The cupcake base is light and fluffy, and the frosting has such a pleasant sweetness you’ll want it on everything.

Make a batch in under 30 minutes and top them off with homemade custard creams!

10. Vanilla Ice Cream 

Is there anything more satisfying than a scoop of vanilla ice cream on a sunny day? I think not!

And this recipe makes for a sweet, creamy treat that’s surprisingly easy to make. Just swap the cornstarch with custard powder for a richer taste.

Just be careful with your diet because one scoop of this is never enough!

11. Rhubarb Jelly and Bird’s Custard Ice Cream

In the states, we have ice cream cakes. But in the UK, they have jelly and ice cream.

This classic combo has been a birthday go-to for decades, and it’s popular for a reason.

Sweet, jiggly jelly (jello) with creamy, cold ice cream is super delish. The bright jelly cuts through the richness, and let’s be honest; it’s just fun to eat,

For a grown-up version, try this tart rhubarb jelly with sweet custard ice cream.

It’s like the famous British candy (rhubarb and custard hard candies), only soft and cool.

12. Crunchy Apple Custard

Fall is the time to get cozy with a big bowl of something sweet and decadent. And this crunchy apple custard recipe is just the thing!

Creamy custard is mixed with the sweet, gooey apples that are simmered in sugar.

It has a crisp brown sugar topping, making it a little like apple crisp. But there are no oats here.

Instead, it’s just apple and custard yumminess.

13. Custard Bundt Cake

If you’re a fan of custard, you’ll love this cake.

It’s moist and delicious, with just the right amount of sweetness. And the custard powder ensures this is as soft and moist as can be.

So all it needs is a nice cuppa on the side!

Of course, frosting or glaze wouldn’t hurt. I think something with chocolate would work best!

14. Custard Cake with Rhubarb and Strawberries

This cake is a work of art, don’t you think? It’s so beautiful and rustic and tastes just as good as it looks!

It has layers of fluffy custard powder sponge cake, creamy custard filling, and a sweet rhubarb compote you’ll swoon over. 

Plus, it’s topped with strawberries for a burst of fruity goodness.

This cake is perfect for any occasion and will surely be a showstopper!

15. Fruit Custard Tart 

Fruity, creamy, and just a bit sweet, this fruit tart is the whole package!

It has a crumbly crust that’s filled with velvety custard and topped with a mix of berries.

Of course, it doesn’t have to be berries. I think mango and raspberry would look incredible!

16. Traditional English Trifle 

Trifle is a traditional English dessert that’s rich, decadent, and not for the faint of heart.

It’s got layers upon layers of cake, custard, and jam topped with whipped cream and fresh fruit slices.

But what makes trifle stand out is its presentation. Trifle deserves a big tall glass dish for everyone to be in awe of.

That said, it does look pretty cute in mason jars!

17. Dutch Pancakes

Get ready to make your mornings extra delicious with this traditional Dutch pancake recipe!

Light, fluffy, and thinner than traditional American pancakes, they’re almost like crepes.

Also called pannenkoeken, they originated in the Netherlands, and they’re just a little thicker than classic crepes.

Still, with the custard powder in the mix, they’re pretty addictive!

17 Best Custard Powder Recipe Collection

If you fancy a trip across the pond, check out these yummy custard powder recipes. They’re rich, creamy, and super flavorful. Plus, they’re easy to make!


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Custard Powder Recipes

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  1. On the Bird’s Custard Powder canister it speaks about substituting apple puree for the sugar. This is an awesome idea for diabetics. I could not find this within this discussion on variations with Bird’s Custard Powder. How much apple puree would you suggest to substitute for 1-2 tbls of sygar?

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      1 tablespoon of sugar can generally be substituted with about 1/4 cup of unsweetened apple puree.
      So you’d need 1/4-1/2 cup.

      These quantities are starting points. The sweetness of the apple puree can vary, so you might need to adjust based on taste.
      Also, keep in mind that apple puree adds moisture, so if the custard seems too runny, you may need to slightly reduce other liquid ingredients in the recipe or cook it a little longer to achieve the desired consistency.


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