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10 Best Crème de Cassis Cocktails

Try one of these crème de cassis cocktails the next time you’re in the mood for something deep and rich with a strong fruity flavor and fragrance.

Trust me, they’ll be a hit with everyone.

Alcoholic Kirk Royale with Champagne and Raspberries
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Crème de Cassis Cocktails & Drink Recipes

Okay, first things first- what is crème de cassis? 

Well, cassis is a dark syrup made from blackcurrants with a deep red hue and a deliciously fruity, berry-like taste.

And crème de cassis is a French liqueur made with that syrup.

As you can imagine, these crème de cassis cocktails are robust and flavorful. But don’t worry, they’re all flawlessly balanced too.

1. Crème de Cassis Aviation Cocktail

The original Aviation cocktail hwas pale blue thanks to the crème de violette liqueur.

This crème de cassis version keeps the spirit of the original drink but brings a richer color and fruitier finish.

You’ll taste earthiness and plenty of floral notes. So every sip of this cocktail will send your taste buds soaring.  

Ingredients: gin, lime juice, crème de cassis, elderflower liqueur, lavender bitters, simple syrup, ice, rosemary sprig (for garnish)

2. Bourbon Renewal 

This delicious drink is dark, woodsy, and sophisticated. If the Dark Academia aesthetic were a drink, it’d be this one. 

The main component is bourbon, of course. So it features rich flavors like caramel, vanilla, and oak wood. 

But then you’ll add crème de cassis, offering a wallop of berry goodness.

Add citrus and bitters, and it’s so well-balanced, you’ll finish before you blink.

Ingredients: bourbon, lemon juice, crème de cassis, simple syrup, Angostura bitters

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3. Perfect Kir Royale

In perfect contrast to the darkness of the last drink, meet the Kir Royale. This effervescent cocktail is light and fruity, and oh-so-refreshing. 

In France, the Kir Royale is served before your meal as an apéritif. But you can serve it whenever, and however you like. 

Personally, I see this as a perfect drink for bridal showers or Valentine’s Day get-togethers. 

Add some raspberries or blackberries to garnish, and enjoy!

Ingredients: crème de cassis, crème de framboise or Chambord, Prosecco or Champagne, fresh raspberries (for garnish)

4. Cocktail with Crème de Cassis

This bubbly drink is a less sweet version of the Kir Royale.

It’s even more bubbly, so that’s fun! Plus, it’s simple to make and even easier to enjoy. 

Along with our favorite blackcurrant liqueur, you’ll need Crémant de Bourgogne, a type of sparkling wine. 

Use a sprig of fresh thyme for a garnish, and it’s ready to party.

Ingredients: crème de cassis, Crémant de Bourgogne, sparkling water, thyme, ice

5. Bramble Cocktail

Named for the bushes in which they grow, this blackcurrant cocktail is deceptively fancy.

It looks incredibly elegant, but it’s made with only a few simple ingredients. And it’s absolutely fantastic as far as taste goes. 

The Bramble cocktail is essentially a gin sour with blackcurrant. The result is a sweet, fruity drink that has just a hint of herbaceousness. Yum!

Ingredients: gin, simple syrup, lemon juice, crème de cassis, lemon wheel & fresh blackberries (for garnish)

6. Cascade Cocktail

This easy drink only requires two ingredients: crème de cassis and sweet vermouth.

The result is a seriously sweet cocktail, which is ideal for after dinner.

Each sip will send a rush of fruity, sugary goodness cascading over your tongue. Though you can add gin to tone down the sweetness if you like. 

Ingredients: sweet Vermouth, crème de cassis, gin (optional)

7. El Diablo Cocktail 

Do you know the phrase ‘the devil is in the details’?

It means that there’s a hidden element in something good that could cause problems later. And it’s kinda true with this drink.   

The flavors are bold and sinfully delicious. So much so, they mask the booze.

And that means the tequila may sneak up on you. So sip slowly and enjoy!

Ingredients: tequila reposado, crème de cassis, lime juice, ginger beer

8. Sinatra Smash Cocktail

In an ode to the King of the Crooners, this cocktail will serenade your taste buds. And probably your soul, too. 

Every sip of this smashing cocktail is sweet with a hint of sourness. But it also has plenty of deep, aromatic, woodsy sophistication.

So, basically, it’s Frank Sinatra in a glass. What more could you ask for?

Ingredients: mint leaves, blackberries, whiskey, crème de cassis, sweet and sour mix, vanilla simple syrup

9. Campfire Stout

Gather round the fire, my friends, and get ready to fall in love with a delicious cocktail that tastes like s’mores and late-night memories.

It begins with a humble beer glass tipped upside down and dipped in melted chocolate. It’s covered in crushed-up Graham Crackers – and that’s just the start!

When you mix the ingredients together, they create a rich, delicious mixture that tastes a lot like cocktail heaven. 

The finishing touch? A dollop of creamy, white marshmallow fluff!

Ingredients: chocolate stout, bourbon, crème de cassis, marshmallow fluff, melted chocolate, Graham Crackers

10. Brunch Sangria Mimosas

Brunch is the best meal for numerous reasons. 

I am a huge fan of eating breakfast foods past normal breakfast hours, and I can sleep in, which is always nice.

Better still, it’s perfectly acceptable to have alcohol before noon. 

And we all know that mimosas are the ultimate brunch drink.

But when you add sangria to the mix? Oh man, these things are dangerous.

Ingredients: pineapple or orange juice, crème de cassis, sugar, orange slices, apple slices, grapefruit slices, lime wheels, fresh strawberries, Champagne or Prosecco

10 Best Crème de Cassis Cocktails

Try one of these crème de cassis cocktails the next time you’re in the mood for something deep and rich with a strong fruity flavor and fragrance.


  • Crème de Cassis Aviation Cocktail

  • Bourbon Renewal

  • Perfect Kir Royale

  • Cocktail with Crème de Cassis

  • Bramble Cocktail

  • Cascade Cocktail

  • El Diablo Cocktail

  • Sinatra Smash Cocktail

  • Campfire Stout

  • Brunch Sangria Mimosas


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a delicious crème de cassis cocktail in 30 minutes or less!
Crème de Cassis Cocktails

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