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23 Best Crème Brûlée Flavors and Recipes

Sweet, creamy, and insanely indulgent, these crème brûlée flavors are so good, you’ll never need any other dessert recipes again.

Between the silky smooth base and that signature crack on top, they’re perfect for every occasion.

Creme Brulee with Caramelized Sugar and Decorated Berries
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In case all those accents didn’t give it away, crème brûlée is a stunning French dessert you often see in fancy restaurants.

You can also spell it without the flair (creme brulee), and it all starts with a custardy base.

Once baked and chilled, it’s covered in a layer of sugar and torched (brûléed) until the top has a thin but crunchy caramelized finish.

And while this gorgeous dessert is usually vanilla, there are so many fun creme brulee flavors to try!

So let’s get to it!

20+ Delicious Creme Brulee Flavors for Every Season

1. Classic Crème Brûlée

Crème brûlée translates to ‘burnt cream’, and it’s known to be an impressive, delicious, and super luxurious dessert. 

And as mentioned, vanilla is the most traditional flavor. So that means you need only high-quality vanilla paste or beans.

You can really taste it, and it’s worth the splurge, I swear! 

Classic creme brulee is the perfect choice of dessert for dinner parties and intimate celebrations. 

Better still, it’s a terrific make-ahead dish that’ll hold well in the fridge until you need it.

2. Orange-Scented Crème Brûlée

This creme brulee has a beautiful orange flavor that’s light and refreshing. 

It’s pretty delicate but works fabulously to lift the ultra-creaminess of the overall dessert.

You’ll infuse the cream with orange zest for a couple of hours to get just enough citrus.

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After that, you’ll strain out the bits and be left with nothing but sweet aromas. 

This recipe calls for just four ingredients, and swapping the orange for something else is super easy.

For example, try lemon or lime zest. Or maybe even something floral, like lavender. Yum!

3. Perfect Chocolate Crème Brûlée

How can you make an already luxurious dessert even more decadent? Add chocolate, of course!

Bittersweet chocolate turns this mellow cream into something rich yet balanced.

Not too sweet, not too bitter, the flavor is heavenly, and the crunchy sugar brûlée makes it absolutely irresistible. 

Feel free to use dark or milk chocolate. Just keep in mind: the crème is pretty sweet, so milk or white chocolate will make it even more so.

In contrast, dark chocolate will add bitterness.

Either way, it’s a chocolate lover’s dream come true!

4. Lemon Crème Brûlée

Light, bright, and deliciously tart, this lemon creme brulee is so easy to love. 

It reminds me of a sweet lemon bar, but even better.

It has all the tart flavors of velvety lemon curd, plus the added sweetness of the creamy custard keeps it from being sour.

Serve it with a few raspberries, and you’re good to go!

5. Raspberry Crème Brûlée

Speaking of raspberries: at first glance, these raspberry creme brulees look just like the classic French custard.

But they’re hiding a sweet surprise. 

Add macerated raspberries to the bottom of each ramekin before you pour in the custard, and they’ll swirl into the mix in the oven.

You won’t see it from the top, but once you break that top, you’ll be met with a beautiful and vibrant flavor combination. 

6. Strawberry Crème Brûlée

If you prefer sweet, juicy strawberries to bright, tart raspberries, I’ve got just the thing!

Strawberry creme brulee is the ultimate berries and cream dessert. 

With a layer of sweet strawberry jam on the bottom, you can’t go wrong. The creamy vanilla custard is lovely when combined with a burst of fruitiness. 

Make this dessert for your next date night or even Valentine’s day at home. 

7. Pumpkin Crème Brûlée

Move over pumpkin pie, there’s a new dessert in town. This pumpkin creme brulee is about to take over every fall holiday party.

Not only is it super delicious with a crunchy top, but it can also be made in advance! That means less prep on the big day and more room in the oven.

Use pumpkin puree and a hint of cinnamon for the best flavor and texture. And top it with baked pastry leaves if you want that pie-like taste.

8. Blueberry Crème Brûlée For Two

Blueberry and almond creme brulee is the ideal summer dessert. It’s loaded with jammy blueberries and has a delightful nutty finish. 

It starts with a layer of blueberry sauce at the bottom of each ramekin.

And the custard is flavored with vanilla and almond, which pairs wonderfully with the blueberries. It kind of tastes like a cobbler, and I’m here for it!

This date night dessert can also be doubled or tripled if you’re hosting.

9. Salted Caramel Crème Brûlée

You had me at salted caramel!

This creamy caramel concoction is utterly incredible. And it’s flawlessly balanced between buttery toffee, creamy crème, and a hint of salt. 

Oh, and you only need five ingredients and about 15 minutes, so it’s ideal for any night of the week. 

10. Peach Crème Brûlée

Get a taste of summer with this peach creme brulee.

Peaches and cream are a southern summer classic, so this recipe is a no-brainer.

Best made with fresh fruit, I suggest chopping the peaches relatively small. That way, they get nice and jammy under the custard.

Each bite will be filled with an unbeatable, sweet peachy flavor. And the custard? How can you go wrong with vanilla?

11. Cafe Mocha Crème Brûlée

Any latte lovers in the group? Me too!

I’m obsessed with milky coffees in any flavor I can get my hands on. And this mocha creme brulee is like a dreamy latte in dessert form.

Coffee + chocolate = love forever. 

Use your favorite espresso or coffee for this recipe because you really can taste it. Then add chocolate and vanilla for a balanced flavor. 

The crackly sugar topping makes this the best latte dessert you’ll ever have. Bar none!

12. Snickerdoodle Crème Brûlée

Snickerdoodle creme brulee is about to become your new obsession. 

Cinnamon spiced custard is the main event, and I seriously cannot get enough of this stuff.

The warm cinnamon flavor with just the right amount of sweetness has me hooked. 

Caramelized sugar brings out the best of this sweet and spicy dessert.

And it’s even more scrumptious served with a chewy snickerdoodle cookie on the side!

13. Green Tea Crème Brûlée

Green tea (aka matcha) is a popular Japanese ingredient that’s really versatile. 

The earthiness of matcha powder works well with sweetened milk and cream. And this creme brulee is no exception.

You have to try this French-Japanese fusion recipe. The flavors, textures, and overall perfection are worth the calories. 

14. Lavender Crème Brûlée

Lavender is an elegant way to dress up a classic crème brûlée. 

And it’s as effortless as steeping dried lavender in the heavy cream, so it soaks up all the flavor.

Of course, it’s easy for lavender to become overwhelming if left too long, but this method makes it perfect every time. 

The lavender and vanilla custard is topped with a traditional sugar brûlée. And I like to add a light dusting of lemon zest for pops of freshness.

15. Gingerbread Crème Brûlée

Gingerbread crème brûlée is one of my favorite holiday specialties. 

It’s spiced to perfection, so you get notes of ginger with cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and vanilla in every mouthful. 

All of those warm flavors pop against the creamy custard, and the extra sugar on top is a treat.

Sugar, spice, and everything nice? Yes, please!

16. Eggnog Crème Brûlée

Another beloved holiday treat is eggnog, and this dessert recipe is probably my favorite way to serve it.

This creme brulee is made with half eggnog and half heavy cream.

The result? A custard that’s velvety smooth, sweet, spiced, and ready for Christmas!

If eggnog is your jam, you have to make this during the holiday season. 

17. Grapefruit Crème Brûlée

Grapefruit creme brûlée is an elegant and balanced dessert that’s perfect for summer. 

Think of this as a play on a brûléed grapefruit, but better!

The custard is super creamy and has a bright, tart grapefruit flavor. Use grapefruit zest, juice, and segments for the best sweet-and-sour finish. 

18. Maple Crème Brûlée

Maple is often associated with breakfast, but it’s good for so much more than just pancakes!

This luxurious creme brulee has insanely good flavor, and you only need six ingredients to pull it off.

Combine heavy cream, brown sugar, eggs, vanilla, and maple syrup to make the custard. Then, top it off with bruléed sugar and salted candied pecans. Wow!

19. Apple Crème Brûlée

Get ready to enjoy the most craveable fall flavors in a brand new way because this creamy apple creme brulee is irresistible. 

What’s the secret to such fantastic apple flavor? Apple butter!

Add spiced apple butter to the silky custard for cozy vibes and maximum fruity sweetness. 

Enjoy this dessert in the thick of fall when the air is chilly.

20. Cranberry Amaretto Crème Brûlée

Cranberry and Amaretto creme brulee is a unique and intensely delicious treat you’ll crave again and again.

Amaretto-soaked cranberries are sweet, tart, and fruity with a nice boozy kick and light nutty finish.

Velvety custard mixed with those bright cranberries makes for a wonderful winter dessert. 

Along with the crispy sugar topping, this decadent dessert hits the spot every time. 

21. Red Velvet Crème Brûlée

Transform your favorite cake into a luscious dessert thanks to this red velvet creme brulee recipe.

This gorgeous dessert is packed with rich flavors, including vanilla and just the right amount of chocolate.

And that beautiful red color makes it the ideal treat for Valentine’s Day.

22. Fresh Mango Crème Brûlée

Tropical mango is a scrumptious choice for your next creme brulee craving. 

In the height of summer, this tender custard will shine bright with mango flavor, even though you can’t see them at first.

Like the raspberry recipe up top, you’ll layer mangoes under the custard.

As it bakes, the juices will lift into the crème making every bite tropical and to die for.

23. Key Lime Crème Brûlée

I saved the best for last! This incredible take on the tasty pie is the ultimate upgrade that’s obsession-worthy.

The bright and refreshing custard is filled with key lime flavor. It’s light, zesty, sweet, and flawless.

Serve it with homemade Graham Crackers for the best homemade dessert ever. 

23 Best Crème Brûlée Flavors and Recipes

Sweet, creamy, and insanely indulgent, these crème brûlée flavors are so good, you’ll never need any other dessert recipes again.


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Crème Brûlée Flavors

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