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25 Easy Clementine Recipes

Got an abundance of clementines and not sure what to make? I have all the top-notch clementine recipes right here! 

Clementines are refreshingly sweet in comparison to other citrus fruits. They’re also a fabulous addition to baked goods, salads, cocktails, and more.

Sweet Clementine Cake
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Not to mention they’re full of vitamin C and fiber!

With these 25 clementine recipes, you’ll find more than one way to put these tiny little mandarin oranges to good use. 

1. Clementine Olive Oil Cake

Do you have any special birthdays or celebrations that land in the spring? This clementine olive oil cake will make a fine addition.

Your fork will slice right through the soft, moist cake that is abundant in clementine flavor. The whipped cream topping itself is an infusion of citrus, too.  

For an extra burst of clementine, you’ll paint the cake in with a yummy orange syrup.

Also, be sure to use some quality olive oil because this cake is beyond the cheap stuff.

2. Clementine Pound Cake

I love serving this pound cake when I’m having coffee with friends. It’s a tasty nibble that manages to be both light and heavy in citrus at the same time. 

Go a little gingerly when zesting the clementines for the cake. They don’t have thick peels like oranges or grapefruits. 

3. Clementine Jam

One of the best ways to avoid letting clementines go to waste is turning them into jam. 

This no-pectin jam doesn’t require much. All you’ll need is some sugar, lemon juice, and clementines of course.

I also recommend a food processor and high-speed blender along with super clean jars.

4. Super Soft Clementine Sugar Cookies

These dainty cookies have tea time written all over them!

They have a pillowy soft texture and beautiful citrusy, buttery flavor. 

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You’ll get a few dozen or so cookies out of this recipe. So whatever you don’t eat, you can freeze for later.

5. Clementine Sunshine Smoothie

This smoothie has everyone in my household grinning from ear to ear. It’s a refreshing blend of clementines, Greek yogurt, and ice. 

To cut through the sweetness, you can add a dash of salt. You can also use nut milk to make it vegan.

Did I mention these are also full of vitamin C? So if you need a good immune-boosting smoothie, this is it. 

6. Clementine Sorbet

Sorbet is like ice cream’s fun cousin that often gets forgotten about. However, I think this recipe will have it on top of everyone’s mind. 

This dairy-free dessert requires minimal ingredients – three to be exact. It’s also super easy to whip up, even for beginners.

7. Clementine Granita

Granita is as fun to eat as it is to say!

This frozen dessert is like a cross between a slushie and a snow cone. And this one is a burst of sweet, citrus flavor. 

It’s refreshing and ice cold, making it a supreme choice for beating the summer heat.

8. Clementine Brown Sugar Old-Fashioned

I love taking classic cocktails and giving them a modern twist, like this fabulous old-fashioned.

It’s got a touch of brown sugar simple syrup and a couple of drops of chocolate bitters. It even uses clementine-infused bourbon for the base.

9. Clementine Ginger Spice Cake

Clementines are a terrific way to spruce up your holiday ginger cake. The warming spice and sweet citrus are a marvelous pair. 

Just be sure you incorporate all your wet and dry ingredients well. Otherwise, you might wind up with some random lumps of spice.

10. Vegan Clementine Cupcakes

Who said vegan desserts couldn’t taste good?

These cupcakes have the perfect soft and crumbly texture with a toothsome taste to match. All without any dairy! 

You may be thinking, what about the frosting? All you’ll need for that is some vegan powdered sugar, salt, and orange juice.

11. Cranberry Clementine Coconut Bars

These bars are a dreamy holiday treat. They’re sweet, tart, and coconutty, making them great for Thanksgiving or even Christmas. 

Almonds give them a nice little crunch while the rest of the bar is more soft and gooey.

12. Clementine Arugula Salad

Here is a wonderful light and easy salad you’ll want to add to the rotation. 

You’ll toss a bed of arugula with clementine slices, red onions, and avocado. If you want, you can also add in some feta.

I think a simple dressing of olive oil and vinegar pairs well. Or, you can stick with the theme and pour on some clementine dressing.

13. White Chocolate and Clementine Yule Log

This spirited yule log is a fun Christmas goodie.

The whipped cream gets a sweet boost from white chocolate, which also makes it look like a winter wonderland.

The citrus, however, is the best part. Clementine preserves hide inside for little bursts of citrusy goodness.

14. Clementine Mezcal Margarita

Sweet clementines are the perfect match for a smoky mezcal margarita. 

You can squeeze clementines or use a fresh store-bought juice. Bonus points for rimming your glasses with the smoky, citrus salt.

15. Clementine Mimosa and Panna Cotta Wreath

Like the yule log, this clementine wreath will be a Christmas hit.

Each decadent layer is a special treat. There’s panna cotta on the bottom, clementine in the middle, and a prosecco infusion on top. 

You’ll need plenty of gelatin to keep this molded wreath in place.

It will also require more work than some of the other desserts, but the show-stopping effect is well worth the effort. 

16. Ricotta Clementine Dip

I can’t pass up a heavenly ricotta recipe, and that includes this dip.

It’s a whimsical blend of creamy ricotta cheese, clementine juice, and honey. For a more dip-like texture, you’ll need to add some cream.

If you’re wondering what to serve this with, some pretzels, crackers, and clementine slices will pair nicely. 

17. Clementine Martini

Cocktail hour just got a little bit better thanks to this tantalizing martini. 

You’ll want to make this with some quality vodka and prosecco. Also, make sure your clementine juice is super fresh. 

If you’re making a big batch, you can mix this up in a pitcher and store it in the fridge. Otherwise, you can use a cocktail shaker and have it ready in minutes. 

18. Clementine Ginger Salad Dressing

Lately, this has been the only salad dressing I’ve been craving. The ginger adds a pungent kick that melds impeccably with the sweet clementine juice. 

If you need it to be a little sweeter, and a drizzle of honey. 

19. Lemon Clementine Crinkle Cookies

Crinkle cookies are a fun treat no matter the season. They have a bright, zippy flavor and nice chewy texture. 

You can have a couple of dozen of these cookies ready in about 30 minutes. 

20. Winter Salad with Clementine Dressing

This winter salad is not only packed with vitamins and minerals, but it’s full of refreshing flavors too!

The salad is a light mix of greens, clementines, dried cranberries, and walnuts. All of which is perfect for the sweet and tangy clementine dressing. 

For lunch or dinner, this salad is a winter must!

21. Clementine Pancakes

I bet you’ve never had pancakes quite like this! These pancakes are more flexible like crepes, making them great for stuffing with clementines. 

And for the batter, I’ll let you in on a little secret. There’s a splash of Cointreau in the mix. 

This one is best for an adult brunch. Otherwise, you might want to leave the booze out. 

22. Clementine Salsa

This clementine salsa is a fun twist to pork tacos, blackened salmon, jerk chicken, and more. 

It has your typical salsa ingredients of tomato, onion, cilantro, and lime. Meanwhile, the clementine gives it a sweeter take. 

If you want it to be spicy, you can add in some fresh jalapenos or serranos. 

23. Clementine Pie

You don’t need to be an award-winning baker to pull together this stunning pie.

What you do need are a springform pan and a dozen clementines. 

You’ll also need a good glug of oil. That’s what keeps this pie from turning out too dense.

24. Clementine Sangria

Don’t just add citrus to your sangria, add clementines. Clementine Italian soda and fresh clementines add a bright, sweet kiss to a boozy sangria. 

I like to use prosecco in mine, but you can use champagne too. 

Just be sure to pay attention to the label so you don’t wind up with champagne that is too sweet or dry for your taste.

25. Clementine and Lemon Brownies

If you love citrus and chocolate together, you’re going to want to make these brownies. 

They’re super gooey and rich in chocolate. However, it’s the lemon and clementine juice and zest that make these brownies pop. 

25 Easy Clementine Foods


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Clementine Recipes

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