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Chocolate Cake Shake (Easy Recipe)

From time to time, you have to treat yourself to something indulgent. For times like this, this chocolate cake shake is exactly what you’ll need.

It’s a chocolate milkshake with an entire slice of frosted chocolate cake mixed in it. This is not a drill, people!

Refreshing Chocolate Cake Shake with Whipped Cream
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If you’re looking for the ultimate indulgence, look no further than this. Forget about counting calories! This shake is worth the splurge.

It’s wickedly scrumptious and so easy to make. Get ready, this cake will shake your whole world!

Chocolate Cake Shake (Just Like Portillo’s!)

The concept for this glorious milkshake is inspired by the famous Portillo’s chocolate cake shake. People from Chicago know what I’m talking about.

In case you’re not familiar, Portillo’s is considered one of the best fast-food places in Chicago. Among their bestsellers are hot dogs, fries, and the chocolate cake shake.

Portillo’s makes their iconic dessert drink with ice cream, milk, and their famous chocolate cake. But if you pay close attention, the recipe is pretty easy to replicate.

There’s no need to book a plane ticket to Chicago just to have a sip of this sensational treat. Just head to the kitchen and let’s begin.

Chocolate Cake Shake Ingredients - Ice Cream, Milk, Chocolate Cake and Espresso


  • Ice Cream – Don’t go crazy on the flavor and just stick to either chocolate or vanilla. As you can imagine, this shake is already plenty indulgent. You don’t want to go overboard.
  • Whole Milk – The liquid ingredient that’ll saturate the cake and ice cream. Adjust the measurement depending on how thick or thin you prefer your shake to be.
  • Chocolate Cake – Either homemade or store-bought is fine. Just be sure that a.) you like its flavor and b.) it’s moist and fudgy with tons of frosting. 
  • Espresso Or Coffee Liqueur – It’s optional, but it does elevate the shake’s flavor greatly. Plus, if you don’t want to share this drink with your kid, adding a shot of liqueur is your best option.

How to Make Chocolate Cake Shake

1. Blend the ice cream and milk.

Be sure the ice cream isn’t frozen solid or it’ll be more challenging to blend. Set it out on the counter around 5 to 10 minutes beforehand so it’s nice and soft, but not melted. Blend the two until they’re smooth and well combined.

2. Blend in the cake.

Just drop the whole slice in there and puree it until smooth.

3. Blend in the espresso or coffee liqueur.

Again, this is optional, but I highly recommend it. The espresso intensifies the chocolate’s flavor, while the coffee liqueur gives it a boozy kick.

4. Serve and enjoy!

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Pour the chocolate cake shake into a pint glass and serve it with a spoon and straw. Bottom’s up!

Sweet and Refreshing Chocolate Cake Shake with Whipped Cream in a Wooden Board


  • Want to take your sweet time enjoying the milkshake? Freeze the glass for 15 to 20 minutes beforehand. This way, the shake will stay cold longer.
  • Milkshakes taste best freshly made. Don’t make it in advance.
  • No blender? It’s cool, you can just shake the shake yourself. Microwave the ice cream so it’s easier to incorporate it with the milk and cake. Place the milk and ice cream in a sealable shake until blended. Chop the cake and mix it in. This’ll give you small heavenly bits of cake to chew on. With this method, you can literally have your cake and drink it too.


Once you’ve tried the classic chocolate cake shake, experiment with more flavors. That’s the beauty of milkshakes. It’s so easy to make them your own.

If you’re looking for inspiration, here are some must-try variations:

  • Strawberry Cake Shake: strawberry ice cream + milk + strawberry shortcake.
  • Birthday Cake Shake: vanilla ice cream + milk + yellow cake + whipped cream and sprinkles on top
  • Oreo Cake Shake: cookies and cream ice cream + milk + chocolate cake

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Chocolate Cake Shake (Easy Recipe)



Prep time





You’ll love this over-the-top chocolate cake shake! Made with just 4 ingredients, it’s a quick, easy, delicious treat.


  • 4 cups vanilla ice cream

  • 1/2 to 1 cup whole milk

  • 1 (8-ounce) slice chocolate cake

  • 2 shots espresso or coffee liqueur, optional


  • Puree the ice cream and milk in a blender. Add the cake and puree again. Mix in espresso or coffee liqueur, if desired. Pour the shake into a glass and serve with a spoon and a straw. Enjoy!
Chocolate Cake Shake

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