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17 Best Chicken Apple Sausage Recipes

If you’re searching for healthy and delicious family dinner ideas, look no further than these quick and easy chicken apple sausage recipes.

Because even though you could just plop one in a hotdog bun and call it a day, these scrumptious links are way too versatile for that!

Rigatoni with Cream Sauce and Chicken Apple Sausage
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Wonderfully savory with a hint of sweetness from the apple, their texture is just what you want from a sausage – hearty, meaty, and delightfully tender.

Depending on the brand, some are smoky while others are more tart.

Either way, these chicken apple sausage recipes are ideal for sheet pan dinners, soups, pasta, and more!

Easy Chicken Apple Sausage Sheet Pan Dinner and More!

1. One-Pot Chicken Apple Sausage Mac and Cheese

If ooey-gooey cheesy goodness sounds right up your alley, this dish is sure to be a hit.

Sweet and smoky chicken sausage, bright tomatoes, and tons of flavor? Sign me up!

This super reliable recipe is bound to become a family fave. I guarantee they will not stop talking about this for days.

Every forkful tastes like you’ve died and gone to flavor heaven. 

Seriously, in just 30 minutes, you’ll have an incredibly delectable, indulgent meal everyone will love. 

2. Sheet Pan Chicken Sausage and Harvest Veggies

I love easy dinners that taste amazing and make me feel good. And this is one of those dinners. 

Loaded with winter-friendly produce, like butternut squash and Brussels sprouts, you’ll also include savory chicken apple sausages and salty pancetta. 

Everything is flavored with maple syrup, salt, and fresh herbs, making each bite earthy, hearty, and utterly umami-rich.

3. Apple Chicken Sausage Recipe with Orzo and Broccolini

It’s hard to describe this dish because it doesn’t really fit into any specific theme. So, I’ll just have to go with absolutely scrumptious.

It’s also very textural, so every mouthful is an experience!

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It has juicy chicken sausage, tender broccolini, and a chewy orzo. So it’s meaty, a little bitter, and wonderfully buttery.

Better yet, everything is cooked in one pot, so it’s easy, and clean-up is a breeze.

4. Sweet Apple Chicken Sausage Pasta

If you love dishes that are healthy, filling, and full of flavor, you’re in luck – because this dish is all that and more! 

It has elements of sweetness from the sausages and the added chunks of apples. But it’s also entirely savory.

Full of protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, you’ll feel good serving this to your family. And they’ll love the taste too.

5. Glazed Chicken Apple Sausage and Sweet Potato Kabobs

Now that summer’s officially here, it’s time to break out the grill. And in my book, that always means kabobs!

Start with these, and you won’t need any other recipes until fall.

They’re the perfect balance of sweet and savory. Plus, they’re healthy, with tons of veggies and protein, and boy-oh-boy, do they taste like heaven?!

The secret is the glaze.

Yes, all of the ingredients are flavorful in their own right. However, the apricot glaze ties everything together for the perfect bite.

6. Chicken Apple Sausage Breakfast Burritos (Freezable Make-Ahead!)

Start your day off right with these chicken apple sausage breakfast burritos!

This is the kind of breakfast that’ll keep you full all day. Plus, it tastes fantastic.

Though, if you want to enjoy these for dinner, I totally get that! They’re big and meaty, after all.

In each bite, you’ll get eggs, sausage, pepper, onion, and herbs. Oh, and it’s super cheesy!

The best part? These babies are make-ahead-freezer-friendly. So whip up a big batch and enjoy them for days to come.  

7. Butternut Squash and Apple Chicken Sausage Rigatoni

Apple chicken sausage and butternut squash are a match made in food heaven.

They’re both savory but have elements of sweetness. That’s why they work together so well. 

And when they’re paired with melty cheese and pasta? Even better!

This dish is creamy, cheesy, and incredibly indulgent. It’s also a breeze to make, so you can enjoy it any night of the week.

8. Chicken Apple Sausage Appetizers with Maple Glaze

Serve up a slice of fall with these amazing appetizers.

They’re sweet, sticky, and utterly delicious. Just make sure you double the recipe because they’ll disappear fast!

9. Plantain Apple Chicken Sausage Breakfast Hash (Paleo)

Nourish your body and your soul with this delightful breakfast hash. Warm, filling, and always delicious, hash is the breakfast of champs!

It’s also very customizable, so you can use pretty much whatever seasonings you like and whatever ingredients you have on hand. 

This plantain hash is one of my favorites because it’s sweet, savory, and totally satisfying.

10. Butternut, Apple, and Chicken Sausage Hash

Here’s another terrific chicken sausage hash your family will go nuts for.

It’s made with whole ingredients that fuel your body and taste amazing. And those colors are just as appetizing.

I love this hash for the fall vibes. Not only is it sweet and savory, but you’ll taste notes of cinnamon that push it over the edge of yum.

It’s delicious, so make it asap!

11. Chicken Sausage, Apple, and Veggie Skillet

What’s the difference between this and a hash breakfast? Well, not much, to be honest.

They both have some kind of protein and lots of veggies. And both will often feature eggs in some shape or variety. 

No matter what you call it, this chicken sausage, apple, and veggie skillet is one for the books! 

Between the savory links, onion, sweet potatoes, garlic, and apples, it’s definitely hearty.

12. Apple Chicken Sausage Pizza with Goat Cheese, Pecans, and Roasted Tomato Sauce

Artisan pizzas are the G.O.A.T (greatest of all time).

Don’t get me wrong: I’m always down to order a classic pepperoni pizza. But recipes like this really step up the game.

And while it may look and sound elegant, it’s not just about aesthetics. This pizza tastes AMAZING, too. 

It’s got a soft, chewy, and perfectly carb-loaded crust with a fabulous sauce. And it’s loaded with cheese and toppings. Delish!

13. Italian Chicken Gnocchi

If you’re looking for an indulgent meal everyone will love, you just found it! This chicken gnocchi is creamy, flavorful, and seriously delicious. 

Trust me, nothing beats a bowl full of chewy Italian potato dumplings and sauce.

And when you pair it with a Parmesan cream sauce, chicken sausage, garlic, and spinach? Hello, fabulous! 

Plus, it’s ready in only 20 minutes. You really can’t beat that. 

14. Sheet Pan Sweet Potato Gnocchi Dinner with Chicken Sausage and Brussels Sprouts

I love gnocchi so much that I just had to include another recipe. And this one is super easy, filling, and perfect for a busy weeknight.

Plus, it’s full of healthy goodness. 

Loaded with protein, fiber, minerals, and vitamins, it’s just what you need after a long day.

Better still, you can change the seasonings and the veggies for different flavor profiles.

15. Instant Pot Chicken Sausage Soup

This dish combines two of my favorite things: comfort food and fast food. And no, I don’t mean Mcdonald’s copycat recipes. 

I mean quick food that’s family-friendly and foolproof. And nothing beats the Instant Pot when it comes to quick.

This soup is warm, brothy, filling, and seriously flavorful. In fact, it has that “next-day” full flavor right out of the pot.

16. Chicken Sausage Meal Prep Bowls

I love meal prepping because it’s a terrific way to streamline your week, and there’s no more wondering, “Hey, what’s for dinner?” 

Or lunch, as the case may be.

But no matter when hunger strikes, these meal prep bowls are healthy, filling, and delicious.

The chicken sausage adds protein, while the sweet potatoes add fiber and vitamins.

Throw in some nutrient-dense quinoa, fresh cucumber, and bright pomegranate, and you’ve got one helluva meal.

17. Chicken Apple Sausage Quinoa Casserole with Shredded Brussels Sprouts

“Healthy” might not be your first thought when making casseroles. But, this delicious and veggie-filled recipe turns that on its head.

You get tasty Brussels sprouts, yummy sweet potatoes, fragrant alliums, and protein-rich quinoa and chicken sausage in every bite.

It’s fully loaded with nutrition and incredible taste, all in one neat little dish. That sounds like a win to me!

17 BEST Ways to Cook Chicken Apple Sausages

If you’re in search of some healthy and delicious family dinner ideas, look no further than these quick, easy, and tasty chicken apple sausage recipes.


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Chicken Apple Sausage Recipes

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