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20 Best Chia Seed Smoothie Recipes

One sip of these chia seed smoothie recipes will have you singing “ch-ch-ch-chia”!

They’re just as fabulous as the 90s plant pets, only WAY tastier 😉

Healthy Green Chia Smoothie in a Glass
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Chia seeds are good for more than just chia pudding, you know!

In fact, they’re basically a superfood chock full of fiber, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fats.

The good kind of fats, of course – Omega 3s!  

They add lovely texture to any dish, including smoothies! Plus, all those body-loving nutrients make your smoothie THAT much better for you.

So try these delicious chia seed smoothie recipes. What have you got to lose?

20 Easy Chia Seed Smoothies for Breakfast

1. Strawberry Banana Chia Seed Smoothie

Classics are classic for a reason. And strawberry and banana is a classic smoothie flavor we all know and love!

However, this recipe elevates the popular duo with chia seeds. 

Ready in only five minutes, with just four ingredients, you can enjoy this anytime! 

Simply gather frozen strawberries, a banana, your favorite milk, and some chia seeds. Then, toss it all into a blender and let ‘er rip!

It’s that easy. 

2. Mango Smoothie

One of my favorite taste sensations is biting into a soft, sweet, juicy mango. But sometimes, those mango fibers can ruin the experience.

And that’s why I love this smoothie! 

It gives you the same sensation and flavor explosion, but you don’t need to pick your teeth afterward.

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Plus, it has a few extra tantalizing flavors that only enhance the mango goodness. 

This smoothie features honey, coconut milk, and your favorite plain or vanilla protein powder. And, of course, lots of delicious mangoes!

The recipe calls for frozen, but I recommend a combo of fresh and frozen. That imparts the best, most mango-rrific flavor!  

3. Blueberry Chia Smoothie

They say you are what you eat. So, you’ll want to devour this delicious blueberry smoothie every day because it’s all good and healthy! 

And it’s effortless to make too.

You’ll need your choice of milk, plus blueberries, cinnamon, yogurt, bananas, and chia seeds.

Toss everything in a blender and let it do its thing. 

4. Chocolate Chia Seed Smoothie

Maybe it’s pudding, or maybe it’s a milkshake. Either way, this indulgent chocolate smoothie is the best way to satisfy your sweet tooth.

It’s rich, creamy, chocolatey, and good for you! 

It’s full of good fats that keep your brain healthy and your belly full. And the natural sweetness from the pitted dates and banana keeps the refined sugar low.

It’s also a bit nutty, thanks to some toasted almonds. Yum!

5. Berry Banana Chia Seed Smoothie

Berries and bananas are always a good pairing.

And that’s why I love this simple smoothie – because it combines them both with an added kick of nutrients for good measure! 

Between the chia seeds, protein powder, and milk, it’s brimming with all kinds of protein, antioxidants, and calcium.

Sweet, filling, and wonderfully tasty, the recipe calls for blueberries, but you can use any you like best. 

I like a mix, but it depends on what you have on hand. Luckily, everything tastes good with banana!

6. Chia Banana Smoothie

Speaking of banana: if you love banana pudding or banana cream pie, you’ll go gaga for this tasty recipe.

Where most smoothies use bananas for sweetness and texture, this one lets the fruit shine.

Every sip is like biting into a perfectly ripe banana. 

Chia seeds and vanilla yogurt bring some lovely texture and creaminess. And a sprinkling of cinnamon takes it to a whole new level! 

7. Tropical Chia Seed Smoothie

All you need to finish this tropical smoothie is a pink party umbrella. And a beachside cabana wouldn’t hurt, either.

But if you can’t make it to the beach, just make this at home. From the bright, sweet, and tropical flavors to the dreamy texture, you’ll love it.

It features mango, banana, pineapple, and coconut milk. Plus, Medjool dates bring in some extra sweetness without adding a ton of sugar.

Meanwhile, you’ll add turmeric and ginger for color and a bit of spice. 

8. Peach Breakfast Smoothie

Wake up your taste buds with this delicious peach smoothie!

It’s sweet and beautifully refreshing, with an almost creamsicle-like vibe. 

Fresh peaches, milk, yogurt, vanilla, ginger, and cinnamon… doesn’t that sound amazing?

9. Avocado and Kiwi Smoothie with Lime and Chia Seeds

Add a bit of color to your day with this avocado, kiwi, and lime smoothie!

It’s a bit tart, totally refreshing, and super duper healthy.

It’s also just what you need to get the kids to eat their greens. Call it Hulk Juice, and they’ll slurp it up with a smile.

10. Chocolate Peanut Butter Chia Smoothie

I’m here to tell you that, yes, you CAN have dessert for breakfast. And this smoothie is my favorite way to do it!

Every sip is rich, chocolatey, and incredibly indulgent. 

It’s basically dessert, but, like… it’s not. Though between the cocoa powder, peanut butter, and bananas, you’ll think you’re drinking blended Reese’s! 

11. Detox Green Smoothie with Chia Seeds

All you need is a bit of pineapple, banana, spinach, and chia to pull this together.

And every mouthful makes you feel amazing because it’s full of nutritious goodness, and it tastes heavenly, too!

Filling, low carb, and a cinch to whip up? You just can’t beat that. 

12. Blueberry Banana Spinach Smoothie

As mentioned, berries and bananas are amazing together. And blueberries are especially great!

Which is why so many recipes use them together. 

You’ll add a handful of spinach for this version, too. It doesn’t affect the flavor but adds much extra nutrition. 

13. Banana, Chia, and Spinach Smoothie

If berries aren’t your thing, just leave them out!

Instead, throw in a bunch of tropical mangoes, sweet bananas, and lots of fresh spinach. 

It’s light and creamy with a tropical twist. And it’s scrum-diddly-umptious!   

14. Berry Smoothie

Ready to drink a boatload of antioxidants before you leave for the day? Because that’s what you’ll get with this berry and chia seed smoothie.

It is literally loaded with ALL the berries. So it’s bright, fruity, sweet, tart, and fantastic. 

Of course, you need a few smoothie staples to accompany the fruit, like Greek yogurt, ice, chia seeds, and honey.

The recipe calls for raspberries, strawberries, and a bag of mixed berries. But, of course, you can tailor the recipe to suit your tastes.

Why not try something fun, like currants or lingonberries?

15. Chia Seed Smoothie

This chia seed smoothie is full of sunshine and citrus. It’s wonderfully bright, totally zippy, and every flavor pops on your tongue. 

It features sweet and tart ingredients like orange and pineapple. Plus, there’s that sneaky spinach again, bringing plenty of color and goodness.

16. Kale Pineapple Chia Smoothie

If you haven’t jumped on the green juice trend, now’s the time. And though it’s not technically juice, this smoothie is the perfect place to start. 

It’s a mean, green, body-powering machine. And while some recipes can taste a little…well, green… this one does not.

Dare I say it’s delectable? Yeah, I’ll say it. This green smoothie is DELECTABLE!

The shot of grassy chlorophyll kale is easily masked by the pineapple, apple, and coconut milk. 

Feel free to add some honey for extra sweetness.  

17. Berry Ginger Chia Smoothie

Don’t worry – no redheads were harmed in the making of this smoothie.

However, it does feature chunks of spicy ginger root along with some of your favorite berries. 

That’s the great thing about this smoothie, it’s totally customizable.

You can choose whatever berries you have on hand. Plus bananas, ginger, cinnamon, and your favorite Greek yogurt.

And did I mention chia seeds?

Every ingredient is beneficial to your body and your taste buds.

18. Coconut Raspberry Chia Smoothie

If you love having amazing skin (who doesn’t), you must try this tasty smoothie asap.

It’s loaded with good fats, vitamins, and antioxidants. So, you will literally glow after just one glass! 

And it will hydrate from the inside out, which benefits your whole body. Yes, including your skin.

But the best part is that this smoothie is incredibly yummy.

Between the raspberries, coconut milk, chia seeds, and coconut flakes, it’s nutty, sweet, and fresh.

However, that does mean this isn’t the smoothest smoothie. But the texture is super pleasant. 

19. Cherry Chia Seed Smoothie

If sweet and tart is your kind of combo, this is the smoothie for you.

It’s very cherry-forward, but it has softer notes of vanilla and banana, making it absolutely delicious!

Oh, and it’s full of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to boot. So, it’s pretty darn good for you, too. 

In addition to tart cherries, sweet bananas, and warm vanilla, it has yogurt and almond milk.

And chia seeds, of course!

20. Orange Carrot Ginger Smoothie

Every sip of this smoothie tastes like liquid sunshine.

Seriously, this antioxidant-filled orange smoothie will illuminate your body from the inside out.

Oh, and it’s extremely delicious! Each ingredient works together to create a bright, bold taste sensation. 

From the chia seeds and ginger to the orange juice and carrots, obviously, it’s spicy, sweet, and deliciously citrusy.

It also features a bit of lemon, almond milk, honey, almond butter, and cinnamon. Yum!

20 Best Chia Seed Smoothie Recipes

One sip of these chia seed smoothie recipes will have you singing “ch-ch-ch-chia”! They’re just as fabulous as the 90s plant pets, only WAY tastier.


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Chia Seed Smoothie Recipes

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