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10 Best Capellini Pasta Recipes to Try Today

Spoil yourself tonight with one of these comforting and delicious capellini pasta recipes.

From buttery garlic to zingy red sauce, they can’t be beat.

Capellini Pasta with Olives, Basil and Tomatoes
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Capellini is thinner than spaghetti but thicker than angel hair. But I bet most people won’t notice the difference.

Of course, being a little thinner than regular spaghetti means it cooks slightly faster while maintaining a nice, chewy texture.

So it’s ideal for busy weeknights when you need something quick, filling, and tasty.

Try these capellini pasta recipes tonight, and I bet you’ll fall in love.

Easy Capellini Pomodoro Recipe and More!

1. Capellini with Garlic, Lemon, and Parmesan

Light and simple, this capellini dish is perfect for treating yourself after a busy day at work.

Ready in under 20 minutes, you’ll sauté diced shallots in butter, then add a bit of lemon zest. 

Combine that with the cooked capellini and finish it off with a pinch of red chili pepper flakes and a squeeze of lemon. 

How easy is that?

2. Garlic Butter Capellini Pomodoro with Shrimp

Why order in when shrimp pasta dinners are this easy and scrumptious?

Pasta Pomodoro is an Italian favorite featuring all the classics – you won’t find any shortage of fresh basil, tomatoes, or garlic here. 

There’s also plenty of plump shrimp, which are slightly sweet and wonderfully meaty.

You’ll love how the garlic and butter Pomodoro sauce melds with the thin capellini noodles and coats the juicy shrimp.

Add a handful of shaved Parmesan to complete the meal.

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3. Capellini with Traditional Bolognese

Light, chewy capellini and hearty, rich bolognese are a surprisingly satisfying match.

Bolognese is a type of Italian ragu from the city of Bologna in Northern Italy. But it’s just a fancy term for a meat-based sauce.

You’ll need ground chuck and the holy trifecta of veggies: onions, carrots, and celery. 

Then you’ll add garlic, tomato paste, and dried herbs, along with a glug of red wine. It’s rich, flavorful, and oh-so-meaty.

But believe it or not, you can make it veggie-friendly and use lentils to make the sauce for Meatless Monday!

Whichever route you go, pile it on top of a hot bowl of capellini and dive in! 

4. Capellini Alfredo

Linguine and Alfredo go hand in hand. But have you tried it with capellini?

It’s a dreamy combination that creamy sauce lovers will want every night of the week. It’s rich, cozy, and embarrassingly easy! 

Use heavy whipping cream to make the Alfredo sauce. The higher fat content makes it extra rich and creamy.

You’ll also want some quality butter, lemon, and Parmigiano Reggiano (a hard, slightly nutty cheese that Italians reach for first for everything pasta). 

Oh, and don’t forget the peas! It’s an excellent way to add veggies without distracting from the indulgent sauce and tender capellini.

5. Olive Garden’s Capellini Primavera

Out of all the Olive Garden copycat recipes I’ve made, this one never gets old. 

Primavera is an exquisite dish that includes a bounty of garden-fresh veggies.

Needless to say, nobody will have a problem eating their veggies when you’ve got primavera on the table. 

On top of al dente capellini, you’ll find carrots, mushrooms, broccoli, squash, and sun-dried tomatoes. Add a pinch of parsley to make the flavors pop.

This recipe does use beef Bouillon for a nice depth of flavor. But if you want to make it vegetarian, just swap it out for the meat-free version.

Do you know what else I’m thinking? This would go incredible with a side salad and some breadsticks!

6. Capellini with Chicken and Creamy Tomato Sauce

Getting hangry but not sure what to make? Whip up a pot of this satiating pasta.  

The chicken and the capellini are very filling. Meanwhile, the creamy tomato sauce keeps things fresh and light while adding a punch of flavor.

Give the pan a good splash of dry Vermouth to add more complexity (you can also substitute it with white wine).

This dish is a great way to use any leftover chicken. It cuts down on time, so you get to eat even faster.

7. Beef Braciole with Capellini Pasta

There’s no arguing Italians know how to whip up a mean and hearty pasta dinner. So if that’s what you’re craving, you need beef braciole.

Like all the classics, it involves a bed of chewy pasta and red sauce. However, what makes it stand out is the thin, juicy strips of beef rolled in prosciutto

Flank steak is a prime choice. You’ll also want some quality beef stock for the sauce.

Capellini may not be the star, but it’s an admirable supporting role. 

8. Baked Spaghetti Casserole

Got a hungry family that can’t agree on dinner? Make everyone happy with this family-style feast.

Nothing’s cozier than a casserole dish full of pasta. Especially when it’s drowning in red sauce and topped with Parmesan cheese.

There’s some onions and peppers hiding inside the sauce. And you can always add more veggies if you like (finely diced squash is my go-to).

Sausage goes incredibly well with onions and peppers. But the type of protein is your choice.

Swap out the spaghetti for capellini, and you’re all set.

9. Skinny Capellini Carbonara

The main problem with pasta carbonara is all the calories.

That’s why I adore this delightful skinny version. It gives you the pasta you want with a little less guilt. 

Trapped inside the tender capellini is a flavorful combination of prosciutto and peas.

Coating it all is a creamy egg and cheese sauce you’ll love.

You’ll use pasta water for the sauce, which helps make it creamy without a single drop of cream.

Oh, I almost forgot – it only takes 10 minutes! 

10. Creamy Cauliflower Capellini

I’m always looking for creative ways to use up a head of cauliflower. And lately, this has been my new obsession.

This seven-ingredient, 10-minute meal is creamy, cheesy and full of cauliflower. 

It’s blended right into the sauce, so you get some of this nutrient-dense veggie with every bite of capellini.

The kids will love it as much as you. And they’ll never even know they’re eating veggies!

10 Best Capellini Pasta Recipes to Try Today

Spoil yourself tonight with one of these comforting and delicious capellini pasta recipes. From buttery garlic to zingy red sauce, they can’t be beat.


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Capellini Pasta Recipes

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