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20 Cake Roll Recipes for All Occasions

If you don’t have a collection of cake roll recipes, it’s time to start making one. This list of 20 can help. 

Every foodie has their favorite recipes for cakes, cupcakes, and other sweet treats.

But cake roll recipes often get overlooked. People think they’re too difficult to make.

Homemade Chocolate Cake Roll with Strawberries
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Wanna know a secret? They’re not

These unique desserts are actually super simple to make. And they’re a great way to showcase your skills. 

So, as my grandma would say, “Suck it up, buttercup!” You can absolutely do this. Now, boot up your “I think I can!” mentality, and get ready to roll!

1. Jelly Roll Cake

Let’s start with the traditional jelly roll. We’ve all had them, and we all enjoy them. Now, it’s time to learn how to make them.

You can whip up this soft, spongy cake roll with just nine ingredients. It takes less than an hour.

All you need are some simple baking ingredients and seedless preserves. 

The recipe recommends raspberry, but any fruit will do. Just be sure the preserves are seedless. Otherwise, it affects the texture.

2. Pumpkin Roll

Pumpkin rolls are probably the most popular cake rolls, other than yule logs.

At least one family member tends to break one out every Thanksgiving.

This year, that family member can be you! You can whip up this spongy, spiced delight in just 35 minutes with this recipe.

3. Raspberry Roll Cake

As much as I love a traditional pumpkin roll, it has nothing on this one.

The raspberry roll cake is a sweet, berry-filled delicacy that you won’t want to share. 

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You’ll make it with soft vanilla sponge cake, raspberries, and raspberry preserves.

Add some vanilla whipped cream, and you have an easy summer favorite.

4. Chocolate Swiss Roll Cake (Regular & Mini)

Use these recipes to make homemade Swiss rolls. They’re just as soft, chocolatey, and creamy as the originals. 

There are also instructions on how to make them mint-flavored! I wasn’t sure I’d like that, but boy was I wrong! 

After trying them, I’m not sure why Little Debbie doesn’t sell mint Swiss Rolls in stores. They’re outstanding.

It’s the same great chocolate and cream flavor, with added mint freshness.

5. Triple Berry Angel Food Cake Roll

This patriotic dessert perfectly combines the three best dessert flavor profiles. It’s sweet, tart, and tangy. 

The cake is light and sugary; the cream cheese adds tanginess. Then, you fill and top it with berries, adding a delightful tart juiciness. 

6. Funfetti Cake Roll

Want to liven up the typical Funfetti birthday cake? Turn it into a Funfetti birthday cake roll instead! 

It features the same great taste and all the colorful sprinkles. However, the roll look makes it even more festive and fun.

7. Perfect Swiss Roll Cake

Let me take a slight detour here to talk about something that bugs me. I can’t stand when people use the word ‘vanilla’ as a synonym for ‘plain’ or ‘boring.’ 

Take this recipe for the perfect Swiss roll cake, for example.

There’s nothing plain or boring about it. It’s delicate, lightly sweet, and full of vanilla flavor.

I don’t know about you, but I’ll happily indulge in it any day of the week!

8. Pumpkin Roll with Cream Cheese Walnut Filling

Want to try something new with your pumpkin roll this year?

Try giving it a cream cheese walnut filling. It’s still sweetly spiced and slightly tangy. 

However, the walnuts in the filling add crunch and nuttiness. They add a depth of warmth to the roll that’s just wonderful.

This is one of those times when it’s okay to mess with tradition.

9. Cinnamon Apple Cake Roll

Of course, pumpkin rolls aren’t your only option for fall cake rolls. This cinnamon apple one is also phenomenal. 

It’s packed with tartly sweet apples, cinnamon, and brown sugar. It doesn’t get much more ‘autumn cuisine’ than that.

Plus, it’s soft and buttery and looks fantastic. 

10. Carrot Cake Roll

Carrot cake rolls are another fall favorite. They feature all your favorite fall spices and tender shredded carrots. 

Each roll is light and moist and features a terrifically tangy cream cheese filling. They’re 100% carrot cake but in a much prettier package.

11. Cinnamon Roll Cake Roll

This cinnamon roll-inspired cake roll is tangier than traditional cinnamon rolls. It’s also richer thanks to the cream cheese and Cool Whip filling. 

If your favorite part of cinnamon rolls is the glaze, don’t worry. The sweet and sticky glaze is what you’re used to eating. 

12. Spice Cake Roll

Are you having one of those days when you want something downright decadent? This spice cake roll is the answer to your prayers. 

The cake layer is tender and full of rich, aromatic spices. And the filling? Oh. My. Goodness. The filling is maple buttercream.

No, I won’t judge you. If you want to forgo the cake and eat the filling with a spoon, go for it. You deserve it. 

13. Vanilla Swiss Roll

Do you crave vanilla sweets and call them your favorites when anyone asks? If so, this vanilla Swiss roll is your dream dessert. 

It’s a pillowy soft vanilla sponge cake with creamy layers of vanilla whipped cream.

It’s vanilla to the max. This fluffy confection is like eating a vanilla-infused cloud. 

Simply put, it’s divine.

It’s also lovely. Despite how easy it is to make, it’s elegant enough for formal occasions.

Top it with berries if you like, but honestly, it tastes fantastic without them.

14. Gingerbread Cake Roll

Forget the gingerbread house! This gingerbread cake roll should be your new Christmas tradition. 

You’ll add ginger and cinnamon to both the cake and the filling. (The cake gets a dash of nutmeg, as well.)

The result is a rich, warm gingerbread cake roll with an even richer, warmer filling.

There’s no tanginess in this dessert. It’s sweetness on top of sweetness, with a bit of spice thrown in, as well.

15. Red Velvet Cake Roll

Red velvet cake is another popular cake that does well in roll form. It stays soft and tender, and the roll form helps lock in moisture, too. 

Nothing about the taste changes. The differences are all in the appearance and texture, both of which you’ll improve with the roll.

16. Creamy Lemon Angel Cake Roll

If you want something light and zesty for spring, give this recipe a try.

You’ll love how the tart lemon filling complements the soft sweetness of the cake.

The lemon custard is so good that you could eat it by itself. (Don’t, though! It tastes even better in the spongy angel food cake.)

17. Mocha Roll

Ah, the mocha roll. Soft, sweet, and packed with coffee and chocolatey flavor. This indulgent dessert is a mocha lover’s dream come true. 

Everything about it is perfect. The dark chocolate flavor, the soft, pillowy texture… It’s heavenly. 

18. Chocolate Peppermint Cake Roll

This gorgeous cake roll is another fun one for the holiday season. 

The robust chocolate ganache gives it a great flavor and a shiny appearance. And the crushed peppermint adds freshness and festivity.

The pink, peppermint filling is just the icing on the cake. (Forgive my pun!)

Seriously, though, this one is a real crowd-pleaser. Try it yourself this holiday season!

19. Rainbow Swiss Roll

Pride celebrations. Unicorn birthday parties. 70s-themed get-togethers. 

There are always plenty of appropriate occasions for rainbows. So be sure you save this rainbow Swiss roll recipe.

You never know when you’ll need to break it out!

20. Tiramisu Cake Roll

Believe it or not, you can even harness the flavor of tiramisu in a cake roll. You won’t use ladyfingers, but it still tastes and feels like tiramisu. 

Somehow, you’ll still manage to capture the unique, fluffy texture in the cake roll.

The sweet and tangy, coffee-infused flavor remains, as well. 

Check it out the next time you’re in the mood for Italian sweets.

20 Cake Rolls for All Occasions

These cake roll recipes will be the hit of your next party! From chocolate to red velvet to gingerbread, there’s a Swiss cake roll for every occasion.


  • Jelly Roll Cake

  • Pumpkin Roll

  • Raspberry Roll Cake

  • Chocolate Swiss Roll Cake (Regular & Mini)

  • Triple Berry Angel Food Cake Roll

  • Funfetti Cake Roll

  • Perfect Swiss Roll Cake

  • Pumpkin Roll with Cream Cheese Walnut Filling

  • Cinnamon Apple Cake Roll

  • Carrot Cake Roll

  • Cinnamon Roll Cake Roll

  • Spice Cake Roll

  • Vanilla Swiss Roll

  • Gingerbread Cake Roll

  • Red Velvet Cake Roll

  • Creamy Lemon Angel Cake Roll

  • Mocha Roll

  • Chocolate Peppermint Cake Roll

  • Rainbow Swiss Roll

  • Tiramisu Cake Roll


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a cake roll in 30 minutes or less!
Cake Roll Recipes

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