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15 Easy Bottle Gourd Recipes

Are you ready to spruce up your dinner routine? Give these bottle gourd recipes a try! 

This versatile vegetable, also known as a calabash, can be used in a variety of dishes from stews to curries to soups. 

Homemade Bottle Gourd Dosa Pancake with Sauce
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Not only is it delicious, but it’s also packed with nutrients such as fiber, vitamin C, and potassium. 

Whether you’re a seasoned chef or just starting out in the kitchen, there’s a bottle gourd recipe out there for you. 

1. Bottle Gourd and Tomato Curry (Lauki Tamatar Sabzi) 

This flavor-packed dish combines the bottle gourd’s subtle sweetness with the tang of tomatoes. It’s simmered together in a fragrant blend of aromatic spices. 

It’s a vegetarian delight that’s both hearty and satisfying. It’s perfect for cool evenings or anytime you’re in the mood for a little comfort food.

2. Bottle Gourd Dosa (Lauki Masala Dosa) 

This dosa is made from idli-dosa batter blended with grated bottle gourd, creating a deliciously crisp exterior. 

The addition of a spice-infused filling perfectly complements the mild sweetness of the bottle gourd. To make this dish even more delectable, you can add coconut chutney or sambhar on the side.

3. Bottle Gourd Peel Thecha

This fiery chutney is made by mixing coconut, ginger, chili peppers, and, of course, the peel of bottle gourd. 

The result is a bold and complex flavor. It balances the heat of the peppers with the cool, nutty taste of the coconut. 

It’s perfect for serving alongside dishes like dal and rice, or even as a dipping sauce for naan bread.

4. Bengali-Style Bottle Gourd Curry (Lau Bori)

This dish is made by cooking tender bottle gourd in a flavorful spice blend that will knock your socks off.

This curry is typically served with steamed rice and a side of crunchy papadums. To switch things up, it can be made with other vegetables such as potatoes or cauliflower.

5. Bottle Gourd Raita (Lauki Raita) 

Lauki raita is a refreshing yogurt-based dish perfect for any occasion. This traditional Indian recipe is made by grating bottle gourd and mixing it with thick yogurt. 

The combination of subtle flavors of lauki and tangy yogurt creates perfect harmony on your palate. 

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This dish can be served as a side or a condiment with a variety of meals.

6. Bottle Gourd Dal (Sorakaya Pappu)

The recipe for this dal includes a combination of peas and bottle gourd. This provides a creaminess to the dish that is both satisfying and wholesome. 

The flavors work together beautifully. The peas provide a nutty taste while the bottle gourd adds a subtle sweetness.

To switch things up, consider adding some spinach or other greens to the dish.

7. Instant Pot Bottle Gourd Pudding (Lauki Kheer) 

This delectable creation uses the versatility of bottle gourd. It’s a vegetable that easily takes on the flavors of the spices and ingredients it’s combined with. 

With the perfect blend of sweet and savory flavors, this dessert leaves an unforgettable impression on your tastebuds. Serve it chilled or warmed up, and top it with your favorite nuts or fruit for an added crunch.

8. Steamed Fenugreek Bottle Gourd Dumplings 

If you’re looking for a unique twist on traditional dumplings, look no further than this recipe.

These savory treats are filled with a delicious combination of fenugreek leaves and grated bottle gourd. It creates a delicate flavor perfect for any occasion.

Serve them up with a side of tangy tomato chutney or a cool yogurt sauce for the ultimate flavor experience.

9. Sautéed Bottle Gourd with Ground Pork and Shrimp

This dish features bottle gourd sautéed to perfection with a savory blend of ground pork and shrimp. For those who want to add a bit of extra spice, red pepper flakes make a great addition.

Turkey or chicken can be used as a substitute for ground pork. And diced tofu or mushrooms could create a vegetarian version.

10. Bottle Gourd Juice 

This green beverage is made by blending peeled and chopped bottle gourd with water with some added aromatics.

Despite its simple recipe, the flavors in this juice work together to create a subtly soothing taste. It can be enjoyed any time of day. 

Plus, you’ll reap the benefits of the bottle gourd vegetable, which is high in vitamins and minerals.

11. Bottle Gourd Soup

Bottle gourd soup is a deceptively simple dish with a sophisticated and well-balanced flavor profile.

The smooth consistency of the soup complements the rich, earthy flavor of bottle gourd. It’s a truly unique and delicious experience. 

While serving options for this creamy soup might vary, it pairs well with crusty bread or crispy crackers.

12. Bottle Gourd Fritters (Dudhi Kofta)

This recipe involves preparing bottle gourd, or dudhi, into small fritters fried to perfection. The result is a crispy and savory snack that perfectly complements the subtle sweetness of the bottle gourd. 

Overall, this is a must-try dish for anyone looking to expand their culinary horizons.

13. Bottle Gourd Fudge (Ghiya ki Lauj)

This traditional Indian delicacy is made from grated bottle gourd. It’s cooked down with sugar, cardamom, and ghee until it forms a deliciously dense fudge. 

It’s not a typical dessert option if you’re unfamiliar with Indian cuisine. But it’s certainly worth trying for something different!

14. Bottle Gourd Pilaf (Lauki ka Pulao)

Bursting with flavors of cinnamon, cumin, and cardamom, this pilaf pairs perfectly with tender slices of bottle gourd. 

The dish is packed with flavor. But it’s also highly nutritious, making it an excellent choice for a healthy meal. 

15. Bottle Gourd in Spiced Yogurt (Sorakaya Perugu Pachadi)

This recipe is a perfect example of simple ingredients coming together to create a complex and delicious flavor profile. 

The soothing yogurt balances out the heat from the spices. And the bottle gourd adds a pleasant crunch to the dish. Yum!

15 Easy Bottle Gourd Recipes

Get creative in the kitchen with these bottle gourd recipes! From curry to dumplings to soup, you’ll love these tasty creations.


  • Bottle Gourd and Tomato Curry (Lauki Tamatar Sabzi)

  • Bottle Gourd Peel Thecha

  • Bengali-Style Bottle Gourd Curry (Lau Bori)

  • Bottle Gourd Raita (Lauki Raita)

  • Bottle Gourd Dal (Sorakaya Pappu)

  • Instant Pot Bottle Gourd Pudding (Lauki Kheer)

  • Steamed Fenugreek Bottle Gourd Dumplings

  • Sautéed Bottle Gourd with Ground Pork and Shrimp

  • Bottle Gourd Juice

  • Bottle Gourd Soup

  • Bottle Gourd Fritters (Dudhi Kofta)

  • Bottle Gourd Fudge (Ghiya ki Lauj)

  • Bottle Gourd Pilaf (Lauki ka Pulao)

  • Bottle Gourd in Spiced Yogurt (Sorakaya Perugu Pachadi)


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a bottle gourd dish in 30 minutes or less!
Bottle Gourd Recipes

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