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Best Bread for French Toast (7 Best)

The best bread for French toast is soft, a little stale, and deliciously buttery.

Brioche is the top choice, but challah is a terrific second option.

Savory Homemade French Toast with Berries

Why have ordinary toast for breakfast when you can have French toast?

Coated in egg wash infused with cinnamon, vanilla, milk, and maple syrup, it’s insanely delicious. 

And picking the right kind of bread is the key to making it the best it can be.

Pick the wrong bread, and your French toast will be soggy, dense, and disappointing. 

So what’s the best bread for French toast? Let’s find out!

Best Bread for French Toast – 7 Top Picks!

The perfect bread for French toast needs to hit a few marks:

  • First, you need thick bread that crisps up on the outside and stays nice and tender on the inside.
  • Second, it should be dense and hearty, with just enough squish to soak up the custard-like batter. 
  • Third, it must be kind of stale so it can soak up as much custard as possible.
  • And finally, since the type of bread used also affects the flavor, you’ll want something lightly sweet or pretty neutral.

Of course, if you’re making savory French toast with cheese (for example), you can use anything you like, including tangy sourdough or onion loaves.

But what hits all those specifications? Well, as mentioned, brioche is the top dog for French toast.

It’s soft, lightly sweet, and super buttery. It also toasts well and holds up under all that custard.

But it’s not the only choice.

So, whether you want something classic and sweet or a cheesy, herby dish, these are my choice for the best bread for French toast.

Brioche Bread

1. Brioche

If you order French toast at a restaurant, odds are they use brioche.

Brioche is thick and dense yet light enough to absorb the flavors from the egg mixture. 

Plus, it has a neutral flavor profile. So once cooked, the flavors of vanilla, cinnamon, and maple syrup shine through.

It earns one solid chef’s kiss. 

But while it’s the best tasting, it’s a little expensive. You can totally make your own brioche at home to save a few pennies, though.

Sliced White Bread

2. White Bread

White sandwich bread to the rescue!

This stuff is super affordable, readily available, and totally neutral in terms of flavor.

Your best bet is to buy a whole loaf – not pre-sliced sandwich bread. That way, you can make sure it’s nice and thick.

If you use pre-sliced, your breakfast won’t be nearly as decadent. In fact, the bread may just tear apart.

French Bread Wrapped in Cloth

3. French Bread

This one is easy enough to remember: French bread for French toast! 

If you love a bit of crunchy, crusty texture to your French toast, French bread (or baguettes) is an excellent option.

Again, it’s neutral tasting, wonderfully soft in the middle, and can be cut nice and thick to absorb the custard.

French bread is always a good choice, whether you slather it with butter and maple syrup or pile on the cheese and herbs. 

Milk Bread

4. Milk Bread

Milk bread is a classic Japanese white bread called shokupan.

I stumbled across it in Toronto a few years ago and was hooked immediately. So, I found a recipe to recreate it at home!

It’s light and fluffy, like a billowy cloud of carbs. It’s also slightly sweet and soaks up the milk and egg batter like a dream.

Seriously, it’s maybe my favorite option for indulgent French toast

Oh, and it comes in different flavors too! So you can have French toast with chocolate chips, matcha, or even red bean paste.

Freshly Baked Croissant

5. Croissant

Who cares about calories?

If you want the ultimate French experience (and aren’t concerned about calorie overload), you have to try French toast with croissants.

Keep in mind that using croissants makes this dish incredibly indulgent and buttery.

The flakey, buttery layers soak up the milk custard so well, it tastes more like dessert than breakfast.

It isn’t as light and fluffy as white bread, but that’s ok. It’s a battered and fried croissant. 

Oh, and it’s the best way you use up stale croissants (if you ever have any).

Sourdough Bread

6. Sourdough

Calling all sourdough lovers!

I know sourdough isn’t for everyone, but it makes one mean slice of French toast.

Its hearty texture soaks up that batter wonderfully and creates crisp edges with fluffy insides. 

Since sourdough is, well, sour, it works best in savory French toast recipes that utilize cheese and fresh herbs.

While you can use it for sweet creations, the slightly tart notes from the bread may not be for everyone. 

Freshly Baked Challah Bread Wrapped in White Cloth

7. Challah

Challah is a traditional Jewish bread with a beautifully braided structure and an eggy flavor.

The bread dough swaps butter for extra eggs, making it perfect for breakfast.

Challah is very similar to brioche in terms of structure. It’s light and fluffy and expertly soaks up your milk batter.

When fried, it creates a pleasantly chewy exterior while the insides remain soft and flavorful. 

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Best Bread for French Toast (7 Best)

The best bread for French toast is soft, a little stale, and deliciously buttery. Brioche is the top choice, but challah is a terrific second option.


  • Brioche

  • White Bread

  • French Bread

  • Milk Bread

  • Croissant

  • Sourdough

  • Challah


  • Select your favorite type of bread.
  • Try a fun and exciting new French toast recipe.
  • Enjoy!
Best Bread for French Toast

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