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Best Bread for Avocado Toast (5 Popular Types)

For the best avocado toast, choose a sturdy bread like sourdough, multigrain, or pumpernickel.

You can also try French loaves and whole grain. The secret to the best toast is in finding a bread that can hold the toppings properly.

Rye Bread Avocado Toast with Baked Beans

The quest for the perfect slice is real, especially given how popular avocado toast has become.

The right bread can truly turn a simple snack into a sensational feast!

Picking the Best Bread 

I have three words for you: flavor, texture, and structure. 

  • Flavor: The bread for your avocado toast needs to be tasty but not too bold. For example, garlic cheese bread, though delicious, steals the show from the avocado.
  • Texture: You want something with a bit of a bite. A bread that gives you a nice crunch when toasted, something to contrast with the soft avocado.
  • Structure: The bread has to be tough enough to handle all that avocado goodness without getting soggy. Sorry white bread, you’re just too fluffy for this job.

One tricky part is finding a slice that’s not too soft or too hard. Too soft, and it just squashes under your utensils. Too hard, and it feels like you’re chewing on a brick.

I once tried brioche. Bad idea. It’s too rich, too delicate, and burns too easily. It can’t handle the avocado without turning into a soggy mess.

The real champs are sourdough, multigrain, French loaf, pumpernickel, and whole grain. They’re hearty, sturdy, and taste great. Plus, they give you a healthier breakfast.

So, let’s talk about these breads, the ones that really hold up and let the avocado shine. 

Best Bread for Avocado Toast 

1. Sourdough

sourdough bread

The top go-to bread for avocado toast is sourdough. It has this slightly sweet, slightly chewy texture, and it’s perfect with savory toppings. 

Sourdough’s unique tang and the avocado’s mellow creaminess complement each other beautifully. Each bite is like a flavor party!

And if that’s not enough, sourdough bread is great for your gut, too! Real sourdough supports healthy bacteria in your stomach, aiding digestion and promoting health.

Try it with avocado, ripe tomatoes, a bit of lemon squeeze, and a drizzle of olive oil

2. Multigrain

Slice of Multigrain Loaf Bread on a Wooden Table

Multigrain is robust, so it’s perfect for holding up that creamy avocado. It has a complex, satisfying taste that elevates the whole meal. When you get creative with your toppings, you’re in for a treat.

It doesn’t have to be complicated, though. Take a thick slice of hearty multigrain bread with a crispy crust. Top it with a fried egg and fresh avocado. Boom.

This toast has an incredible balance of flavors. The nuttiness of the bread pairs wonderfully with the creamy avocado.

The best part? Not only does it make your avocado toast more delicious, it also makes your breakfast healthier. Win-win, right?

3. French Loaf

Two Loaves of French Bread on a Table Cloth

For avocado toast, you want a tight crumb to hold all those yummy toppings. It should be, but substantial. That’s why I’m a big fan of French loaf for avocado toast sliced 3/4-inch thick. It’s just the right size, thickness, shape, and texture.

A French loaf is soft enough to bite into, but sturdy enough to hold its own when sliced. Plus, unbleached flour brings a hearty taste.

4. Pumpernickel

Pumpernickel Bread Sliced on a Wooden Board

Made from whole-grain rye flour, pumpernickel is packed with fiber, vitamins, and minerals. It ticks all the healthy breakfast boxes.

It also has a dense, coarse texture that’s made for hearty avocado toast. Like a blank canvas, it’s ready to take on the avocado and whatever toppings you fancy. Its thick texture is practically soggy-proof, even with the creamiest of avocados.

Trust me, once you’ve tried avocado toast on a slice of pumpernickel, there’s no going back. 

5. Whole Grain

Loaf of Whole Grain Bread Sliced on a Wooden Cutting Board

Ever tried whole-grain bread for your avocado toast? It’s a game-changer! 

Its slices are thin, yet thick enough. When toasted, it gets that heavenly crunch on the outside while staying soft inside. Whole grain is for you if you don’t like your bread thicker than your avocado layer. With whole grain, the balance is just right.

And the taste is phenomenal! Whole grain’s distinct flavor pairs so well with avocado. The seeds add a delightful crunch that takes the toast to a whole new level. 

Best Bread for Avocado Toast (5 Popular Types)

The best bread for avocado toast is hearty and sturdy. Your best bets are sourdough, multigrain, pumpernickel and two others.


  • Sourdough

  • Multigrain

  • French Loaf

  • Pumpernickel

  • Whole Grain


  • Select your favorite bread.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep some avocado toast in 30 minutes or less!
Best Bread for Avocado Toast

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