Home Recipe Roundup 17 Easy Asparagus Pasta Recipes You’ll Love

17 Easy Asparagus Pasta Recipes You’ll Love

Make one of these asparagus pasta recipes for dinner tonight, and you’ll crave it all week.

They’re just so light, refreshing, and full of flavor. So be sure to make extra for tomorrow.

Homemade Creamy Pasta with Asparagus, Salmon and Peas
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15+ Pasta Recipes with Asparagus

When I see asparagus and pasta together, I think of warm spring dinners.

Sure, pasta is hearty and filling. But these recipes manage to fill you up without weighing you down. 

And from one-pan meals to colorful lasagna, these asparagus pasta recipes are guaranteed to please.

1. Asparagus Pasta with Lemon

Celebrate the spring season with this bright pasta.

You’ll love how well the fresh flavors of asparagus, basil, and lemon combine to create a herbal taste in every forkful.

The secret to this pasta’s tastiness comes from a secret cooking technique. 

You roast the lemon wedges and asparagus together before tossing them with the pasta to create even more citrus infusion.

If you serve this pasta at your next family get-together, your in-laws will definitely ask for the recipe. 

2. Vegan Pasta with Asparagus

Just because you follow a plant-based diet doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in some Italian-inspired comfort food.

This vegan asparagus pasta proves that you can enjoy rich, decedent flavors without any butter, cheese, or meat.

You create a sauce using olive oil, red chili flakes, garlic, and lemon juice, adding a flavorful companion to the rigatoni.

3. Shrimp and Asparagus Pasta

Shrimp and asparagus are that unlikely ingredient duo you need to try.

The tender earthiness of asparagus balances out the rich juiciness of shrimp.

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Combined with the pasta, your palate is in for one tasty treat.

Best of all, you can have this award-worthy meal on the table in just over half an hour.

It’s ideal for busy weeknights when you’re craving something delish.

4. Pasta Primavera

When the winter blues have you feeling down, let this colorful plate lift your spirits.

Every bite will delight your palate with bright, citrusy flavors mingled amid the chewy pasta.

You add a touch of fresh herbs to this tasty pasta, which creates a fresh earthy flavor in the lemon cream sauce.

This recipe provides a delicious way to get a large helping of veggies in one sitting. Who doesn’t love that? 

5. Lasagna with Asparagus

Who would’ve thought that lasagna with asparagus could be so darn delicious?

This vegetarian alternative to the classic Italian comfort food has the same mouthwatering taste, minus the meat.

The seared asparagus adds a nice toasty flavor to the lasagna and complements the creamy bechamel to perfection.

Meatless Mondays have never tasted so divine with this recipe in your back pocket.

6. Pasta with Lemon, Asparagus, Artichokes, and Prosciutto

Any recipe with prosciutto is always a win in my book.

The cured pork adds salty flavors to this pasta, balanced with fresh lemon and asparagus.

If you’re looking for the right meal to serve on a slow Sunday evening, this recipe is the one for you.

Despite tasting like it came out of a Michelin-star kitchen, it’s effortless to whip together.

7. Creamy Chicken Asparagus Penne Pasta

This recipe offers you a lifeline when a hectic weeknight is in full swing.

It’s simple, hearty, nutritious, and also packs a mean punch in the flavor department.

Expect each bite to bring tender veggies mingled in a light creamy sauce and chewy pasta.

Even the pickiest palates will find something to love about this dish. 

8. Home-Style Fettuccine with Asparagus

If you love recipes that are put together using simple ingredients, you must try this home-style fettuccine.

You create it using just a handful of simple ingredients, many of which you probably already have in your pantry.

The result is an ultra-fresh dish that comes together in just 30 minutes.

It’s great for nights when you just don’t feel like cooking.

9. Asparagus Pasta with Walnuts

If you never thought to add walnuts to your pasta, allow this recipe to change your mind.

The hearty nut adds a unique richness to the pasta, contrasting the fresh asparagus nicely.

This vegetarian pasta makes an excellent dinner for nights on the deck. It’s light, simple, and insanely delicious.

10. Crispy Gnocchi with Peas, Asparagus, and Lemon

Who doesn’t love gnocchi? If it were up to me, I’d be chowing down on these little bites of heaven on a daily basis.

This recipe shows you how to create a comforting one-pan meal that features gnocchi in a new light.

You saute the potato dumplings to add a uniquely crisp texture without losing their soft interior.

Then, you pan-fry peas and asparagus, then top with a healthy dose of parmesan.

You can have this sensational dinner ready in just 15 minutes. How can you beat that?

11. Creamy Sausage and Asparagus Rigatoni

Are you looking for a flavorsome dinner for date night? This recipe is the way to go.

It comes together so easily that even the most amateur home cooks won’t have trouble with this recipe.

The results are so delicious that your date will think you ordered UberEats from the pasta joint in town. 

Expect to be blown away by savory sausage, and tender pasta tossed together in a rich, creamy sauce.

12. Ravioli with Tomatoes, Asparagus, Garlic, and Herbs

This recipe might look like it takes hours to make, but a secret shortcut lets you have this pasta ready in just 25 minutes!

You use premade ravioli to create this award-worthy dish, saving you time without sacrificing quality.

You toss the ravioli with sauteed veggies and a buttery garlic sauce infused with balsamic vinegar. 

Then for the grand finale, you sprinkle in some chopped walnuts to add a nice crunchy texture to this dish.

13. Pesto Tortellini and Asparagus Skillet

If you love easy skillet meals, you’ll obsess over this recipe.

All you need is 20 minutes and a handful of easy ingredients to throw together this pasta.

Every mouthful bursts at the seams with fresh flavor, thanks to the cherry tomatoes, basil pesto, and asparagus.

If you need a quick dinner, be sure to give this recipe a try.

14. Angel Hair with Shrimp and Asparagus

Check out this recipe if you don’t want to feel weighed down after chowing down on some pasta.

This recipe practically has “light” written all over it. 

You’ll appreciate this healthy pasta recipe.

It has thin angel hair pasta and a delicate tomato broth sauce, plus, lean shrimp and bright asparagus.

Plus, this recipe isn’t just healthy, it’s incredibly tasty, too. 

You infuse white wine into the sauce to add more depth and flavor.

Then, you finish it with some crushed red pepper flakes for some nice heat.

15. Asparagus Stuffed Shells

Here’s a genius way to get any picker eater to consume more veggies. And it’s one of those shell pasta recipes my family begs for.

Stuffed with asparagus, mushrooms, and spinach, then sprinkled with cheese, I know you’ll love it too.

16. Chicken Asparagus Pasta Bake

What pasta bakes lack in visual aesthetics, it makes up for in flavor. 

The fact that you can toss everything in a casserole dish without having to worry about making it look pretty is why I love pasta bakes.

Plus, they’re so darn tasty. This recipe combines cheese, asparagus, pasta, and chicken to create a wholesome, flavorful meal.

17. Fettuccine Alfredo with Asparagus and Bacon

If you didn’t think fettuccine Alfredo could get any better, try adding asparagus and bacon. Prepare for your mind to be blown. 

This recipe shows you how to create an ultra-rich pasta that’s deeply satisfying in every department.

Between the creamy sauce, salty bacon, fresh asparagus, and touch of lemon, your palate is in for the ultimate treat.

If you’re ready to indulge in something magical, please make this pasta. You can thank me later.

17 Easy Asparagus Pasta Recipes You’ll Love

These tasty asparagus pasta recipes are tough to beat! From lasagna to fettuccine to gnocchi, you’ll love each delectable combination.


  • Asparagus Pasta with Lemon

  • Vegan Pasta with Asparagus

  • Shrimp and Asparagus Pasta

  • Pasta Primavera

  • Lasagna with Asparagus

  • Pasta with Lemon, Asparagus, Artichokes, and Prosciutto

  • Creamy Chicken Asparagus Penne Pasta

  • Home-Style Fettuccine with Asparagus

  • Asparagus Pasta with Walnuts

  • Crispy Gnocchi with Peas, Asparagus, and Lemon

  • Creamy Sausage and Asparagus Rigatoni

  • Ravioli with Tomatoes, Asparagus, Garlic, and Herbs

  • Pesto Tortellini and Asparagus Skillet

  • Angel Hair with Shrimp and Asparagus

  • Asparagus Stuffed Shells

  • Chicken Asparagus Pasta Bake

  • Fettuccine Alfredo with Asparagus and Bacon


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep an asparagus pasta in 30 minutes or less!
Asparagus Pasta Recipes

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