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17 Easy Asian Soup Recipes

These unique, fragrant, and flavorful Asian soup recipes are the perfect antidote if you’re tired of the same old stews.

Broth is anything but boring with these hearty dishes, packed full of spices and herbs from the Far East.

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Ramen Noodle Soup with Chicken and Egg

So forget takeout and give one of these 17 Asian soup recipes a try. You’ll be surprised at how easy they are to throw together. 

Spicy, zesty, and tangy, they’ll definitely wake up your tastebuds.

From the classic miso to something a little different (ginger garlic noodle and Thai red curry), soup is about to become your new favorite thing. 

1. Wonton Soup

Wonton soup is a staple of Chinese cuisine, made with meat-filled dumplings in a clear broth.

In this easy recipe, soft wontons are stuffed with seasoned pork and simmered in an aromatic broth. 

With ginger, soy, sesame, and garlic in the mix, this is a mouthwatering meal that’ll make the family happy and the kitchen smell amazing.

2. Hot and Sour Soup with Vegetables and Tofu

Hot and sour soup is a classic for a reason.

The tangy tastes will clear away any cobwebs and have you slurping up seconds.

This vegetarian version is flavored with spicy red chili and a dash of vinegar, to really bring all those vibrant flavors alive. It’s lip-smackingly good!

3. Miso Soup

Served as a light starter or a simple supper, miso soup is an elegant dish that’s great on a cold day.

So stop relying on your local Japanese restaurant and start making your own. It’s surprisingly easy with this fuss-free recipe. 

You’ll need a few specialty ingredients for this dish (miso paste, wakame, tofu).

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Once you have those, it’s really quick to throw together, and it’s well worth the trip to the grocery store!

4. Chinese Noodle Soup with Chicken

You can throw almost anything into this fun noodle soup, so time to go fridge foraging.

Made with broth, noodles, and shredded chicken, you can then add whatever vegetables are to hand. 

Bok choy, cabbage, mushrooms, bean sprouts – anything goes!

5. Thai Chicken and Rice Noodle Soup

I love the convenience of one-pot meals, especially on busy evenings.

This easy recipe will save you time, and delight your belly. It’s a warming blend of green curry paste, coconut milk, fresh ginger root, and tender rice noodles.

Use pre-cooked rotisserie chicken to make things even easier.

Once it’s bubbling on the stove, you can sit back, relax, and prepare to feast.

6. Asian Chicken Cabbage Soup

This 10-minute soup is a quick and nutritious lunch, perfect for when you need a mid-day morale booster.

Made with ginger, garlic, sesame oil, chili paste, and hoisin sauce, it’s full of fiery flavor.

Loaded with fresh green cabbage, there are no noodles needed in this hearty yet low-carb bowl.

7. Indian Tomato Soup

If you like your tomato soup with a twist, this is the recipe for you.

Made just like standard tomato soup, it’s given an Asian makeover with traditional Indian ingredients like garam masala and ginger root.

Creamy, tangy, and just the right amount of spicy, this is the only way to eat tomato soup.

8. Chinese Noodle Soup with Mushrooms

With thick noodles, hearty mushrooms, and lots of protein-packed chicken, this soup can hold its own on any table.

It’s more of a stew than a soup, thanks to the heap of nutritious ingredients involved, so be sure you’re hungry!

9. Thai Red curry Vegetable Soup

Made from red peppers, chiles, ginger, garlic, and other spices, Thai red curry is the best if you like your food fiery.

A scoop of red curry paste makes this vegetable soup sing, and you’ll sing, too, once you get a spoonful!

10. Ramen Vegetable Soup

Yes, you can get ramen soup from a packet, but it’s just not the same.

There’s just no comparison between those bland seasoning packets and fresh vegetables in a broth laden with aromatic spices.

This is a hearty vegetarian version of classic ramen, but you can always throw in some shrimp or chicken with protein.

This is a very versatile, and very irresistible, dish!

11. Ginger Garlic Noodle Soup with Bok Choy (Bok Choy Soup)

Deliciously simple, but crammed with nutritious goodness, this is a soup to keep in regular rotation, especially during cold and flu season.

One sip of this will supercharge your immune system, thanks to the health-boosting combo of fresh vegetables, anti-inflammatory spices, and comforting broth.

12. Mulligatawny Soup

Creamy, thick, and completely addictive, you can’t beat a bowl of Mulligatawny.

A traditional dish from the time of the Raj, this is a chunky stew made from lentils, spices, and coconut milk.

It’s sweet but savory, hot but mild, and to taste it is to love it.

13. Udon Soup

Who needs takeout when you can make great udon soup right from your own stove?

And this Japanese dish is ready in just 20 minutes. All you’ll need is simmering broth, thick noodles, and some aromatic seasonings. 

14. Garam Masala Carrot Soup

This beautifully bright bowl adds pep to any dinner platter.

It’s made with carrots, coconut milk, and onion, all delicately flavored with a piquant garam masala spice blend.

15. Palak Soup

Palak soup is a wonderfully nutritious Indian dish, featuring lots of iron-rich spinach.

The leafy green is simmered in broth and blended into a rich soup, thickened with chickpea flour. 

It’s healthy, it’s comforting, and it’s very green. A bright bowl of this on the table can’t fail to boost your mood (and your health!).

16. Chinese Black Sesame Soup

This nutty, sweet soup is traditionally served after dinner, as a light dessert.

It’s made with black sesame seeds and rice, sweetened with a touch of honey. 

Thick, creamy, and with a pudding-like texture, it’s an unusual dessert that will surprise and delight dinner party guests.

17. Japanese Clear Onion Soup 

This nourishing broth is a must-make if you’re feeling under the weather.

It’s simple but very satisfying and is made with just nine ingredients.

And it’s also gluten-free, low-fat, and low-carb, making it the perfect aromatic appetizer for anyone watching their diet.

17 Best Asian Soups

These unique, fragrant, and flavorful Asian soup recipes are the perfect antidote if you’re tired of the same old stews. From wonton to hot and sour to ramen, you’ll love these easy soups.


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Asian Soup Recipes

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