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Appletini (Easy Cocktail Recipe)

Bring the swanky cocktail bar to your humble abode with this classy appletini!

Sweet and tart, this apple martini has a big fruity flavor with a boozy punch. It’s made with just three ingredients: vodka, apple schnapps, and lemon juice.

Appletini in a cocktail glass garnished with two thin slices of green apple on the rim.
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If you love the pucker of sour apples, you’ll fall head-over-heels for this cocktail. It’s a balanced sweet-and-sour drink with a gorgeous green color. 

For St. Patrick’s Day, happy hour, or after-dinner sipper, it’s a fun cocktail for any occasion. So call up your pals and serve a round of appletinis!


You don’t need much to make this appletini cocktail. It calls for just a handful of ingredients and some garnishes. 

Here’s what’s in this drink:

  • Vodka – Choose a quality brand of vodka for the best flavor. I recommend a brand like Tito’s or Absolut. 
  • Apple Schnapps – This sweetened apple liquor gives this cocktail its fruity flavor.
  • Lemon Juice – For acidity and tartness.
  • Apple Slice – The perfect garnish for this drink!
  • Maraschino Cherry – Who doesn’t love a maraschino cherry? It’s a classy and tasty cocktail garnish.
Appletini cocktail in a martini glass garnished with two slices of green apples.

How to Make an Appletini 

The Appletini is so sophisticated, but it’s easy to make. Just grab a cocktail shaker and follow these steps:

1. Pour and shake. Add the vodka, apple schnapps, and lemon juice to a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake it until chilled.

2. Strain. Strain the cocktail into a martini glass.

3. Garnish. Add an apple slice and a maraschino cherry. Serve and sip!

Tips and Substitutions 

The appletini is a great beginner cocktail. But for the best results, follow these tips and substitutions:

  • Rim the glass with cinnamon sugar. It looks stunning and enhances the flavor of the cocktail. 
  • Re-adjust your ratios. Want your cocktail to be sweeter or tarter? Adjust the lemon juice and apple schnapps to taste.
  • Dip the apple garnish in lemon juice. This helps maintain its fresh color and prevents browning.
  • Sweeten it up. Add a simple syrup or apple juice if the appletini is not sweet enough. Both will mellow the booze and sweeten the drink. 
  • Choose your schnapps wisely. Some brands will be sweeter, and others will be more tart. For a more sour drink, try DeKuyper Sour Apple Pucker. For a crisp and sweeter drink, Berentzen Apple Liqueur is better.
  • Swap out the schnapps. Apple cider, apple juice, or apple brandy are all good substitutes. 
Top view of appletini cocktail on a martini glass with thin slices of green apple garnish.

Recipe Variations

Like a real martini, the appletini comes in many versions. So if you want to customize this drink, try these variations:

  • Flavored Appletini. Use a flavored vodka like apple, vanilla, or whipped cream.
  • Applejack Appletini. Instead of vodka, make this cocktail with applejack whiskey.
  • Gin Appletini. Is gin your brand of choice? Use it instead of vodka. 
  • Autumn Appletini. Use all the same ingredients in this recipe and add apple cider. It’s a refreshing fall cocktail!

Appletini (Easy Cocktail Recipe)



Prep time



This easy appletini is perfect for any happy hour! Made with vodka, lemon juice, and apple schnapps, it packs a punch!

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  • ice

  • 1 1/2 ounces vodka

  • 1 ounce apple schnapps

  • 1/4 ounce lemon juice, freshly squeezed

  • apple slice, for garnish

  • maraschino cherry, for garnish


  • Combine the vodka, apple schnapps, and lemon juice in a cocktail shaker filled with ice.
  • Shake it vigorously for about 20-30 seconds or until the shaker feels cold to the touch.
  • Strain the liquid into a chilled cocktail or martini glass.
  • Garnish it with an apple slice and a maraschino cherry.
  • Serve and enjoy!


  • Chill the glass. Place your martini glass in the freezer or fill it with ice water. If using the ice water method, pour it out before serving your drink.
  • Rim your glass with cinnamon sugar for an enhanced apple flavor and extra visual appeal.
  • Adjust the ratio of lemon juice or apple schnapps based on your preference, whether it’s sweeter or tarter.
  • Dip the apple garnish in lemon juice. This helps maintain its fresh color and prevents browning.
  • Add simple syrup for sweetness. If the appletini is not sweet enough for your liking, add a splash of simple syrup to adjust it to your taste. Or,
  • Add apple juice. It’ll mellow the alcohol and make your cocktail sweeter.

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