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20 Apple Cocktails to Serve All Year Round

Between a spiced apple margarita and a stunningly sweet caramel apple sangria recipe, these apple cocktails are about as scrumptious as it gets.

And they’re also super easy to make at home!

Refreshing Apple Cider Mojito with Cinnamon - Easy Apple Cocktails
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Apple Cocktails & Drink Recipes

People often associate apple desserts and apple cocktails with fall. But they’re just as bright and tasty when it’s hot outside!

After all, not all apple cocktails have warm, spiced flavors. Instead, many are brilliantly tart or lightly sweet and very spring-like.

So, whatever the occasion, make a few of these delicious apple drinks. They’re sure to be a hit.

1. Easy Bourbon Apple Cider Cocktail

If fall flavors are your jam, then you’re probably a pretty big fan of apple cider.

And you probably know that the only thing better than spiced apple cider is spiked apple cider.

And that’s precisely what this is. Serve it on the rocks with a cinnamon stick for garnish. Yum!

Ingredients: apple cider, bourbon, lemon juice, ginger beer or ginger ale,
apple slice, thyme sprig & cinnamon stick (for garnish

2. Appletini

From the tart, almost sour flavor to that stunning green hue, there’s no doubt that people love Appletinis. 

So if you are one of those people, you’ll need this recipe on hand.

Ready in two minutes, you only need a handful of ingredients, a cocktail shaker, and a martini glass. Easy peasy.

Ingredients: apple juice, lemon juice, green apple schnapps, vodka, ice, green apple slice or lemon twist (for garnish)

3. Honeycrisp Crush

If you enjoy crisp and tart Granny Smith apples, stick to the Appletini recipe.

But if you like sweet and clean Honeycrisps, this is the drink for you. 

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It’s sweet, cinnamon-infused, and has just a hint of ginger. But mostly, it tastes like a Honeycrisp apple full of vodka, which is a tasty combination. 

Ingredients: Honeycrisp juice, Honey crisp syrup, vodka, ginger beer or ginger ale, apple slices & cinnamon sticks (for garnish)

4. Harvest Apple Ginger Smash Cocktail

This perfect fall cocktail takes a little longer to make, but as they say, “good things come to those who wait.” 

And this drink is the very definition of a “good thing.”

It’s rich, flavorful, sweet, spiced and features enough apple and brown sugar to delight a crowd. 

If someone could distill all the very best parts of autumn, this drink would be the result. 

Ingredients: ice cubes, vodka, ginger liqueur, apple spice simple syrup, apple cider, apple slice & rosemary (for garnish)

5. Sour Apple Tequila Cocktail

The color of this light green tequila cocktail is absolutely spectacular. And the lightly sweet lime and sour apple flavor isn’t bad, either. 

It’s just what you need after a long day or for your next St. Patrick’s Day party.

Serve it as is, or add a splash of citrus soda for a few bubbles.

Ingredients: tequila, sour apple liqueur, lime juice, agave syrup, ice cubes, lime wedges & apple slices (for garnish)

6. Spiced Apple Margaritas

These apple-flavored margaritas are sugary, salty, and delightfully spiced.

I love the sugar, salt, and cinnamon mix around the rim. Though Tajin would still be excellent if you prefer more spice.

And while it won’t change the flavor, I highly recommend adding the optional star anise, as well. It looks fantastic in the drink!

Ingredients: reposado tequila, apple juice or cider, lime juice, honey simple syrup, ice cubes, ground cinnamon, salt, sugar, star anise (for garnish)

7. Crown Apple Cocktail

All you’ll need for this potent, bittersweet drink is Crown Royal Regal Apple, cranberry juice, and apple slices for a garnish.

It’s super easy, ready in minutes, and sure to be a hit with pretty much everyone.

Crown Royal is a type of Canadian whisky that’s technically bourbon (due to the mash bill).

So if you can’t find Crown Royal, go for any apple-flavored whisky or bourbon, or use apple brandy if that’s all you have.

Ingredients: Crown Royal Regal Apple (or apple brandy or bourbon), cranberry juice, seltzer, apple slice (for garnish)

8. Caramel Apple Sangria

This four-ingredient sangria is a boozy caramel apple in a glass. And if that doesn’t sound like a little slice of heaven, I don’t know what would. 

And a major bonus: it’s strong!

Usually, in a mixed drink, you get strong, or you get tasty. But this is both!

So if you’re looking for a fall treat that’s sweet and potent, you can’t pass up the caramel apple sangria.

Ingredients: pinot grigio or any mild white wine, caramel vodka, apple cider, apples

9. Apple Cider Mimosa

I know what you’re thinking: another apple cider cocktail?! Yes, but this mimosa is different.

For one thing, it’s much more elegant because Champagne makes everything more elegant. 

Plus, it has festive gold and silver sugar sparkles around the rim. How cute is that?

Ingredients: gold and silver sprinkles, apple cider, Champagne or sparkling white wine, apple slice (for garnish)

10. Apple Whiskey Sour

This cold, slushy drink is another terrific option for fall. And it’s fully loaded with deep, warm whiskey and sour apple goodness.

It calls for just five ingredients and takes only five minutes to make. But the resulting drink is to die for.

There’s some sweet spiciness from the cider and just enough tartness to keep things balanced.

Ingredients: bourbon whiskey, apple cider, simple syrup, lemon juice, ice, apple slice & lime twist (for garnish)

11. Spiced Apple Prosecco

I’m not sure why, but Prosecco and spiced rum just go together.

That mix of zippy apple and crisp bubbly wine is a match made in cocktail heaven.

And the light pink-peach color is delightful for spring, Valentine’s Day, or date night at home.

Ingredients: spiced rum, apple cider, Prosecco

12. Apple Prosecco Punch

Need a tasty adult-only punch recipe for your next fall party? Try this stunning apple ad Prosecco punch!

It makes enough for several people to enjoy, and you can have it ready in no more than five minutes (excluding chill time). 

Add some apple slices and maybe a few red berries for color, then serve!

Ingredients: cloudy apple juice or apple cider, vodka, lemon juice, Prosecco, ice cubes, green apple slices, lemon slices, raspberries & lemon twist (for garnish)

13. Poisoned Apple Cider Cocktail

Even if this drink wasn’t delicious (it is!), I would still serve it at parties because of how gorgeous it looks. 

This shiny, shimmering cocktail looks downright magical, thanks to the edible luster dust (which you can find at any hobby or bakery supply store).

If the Evil Queen brewed Snow White a drink instead of feeding her an apple, this would be it. No one can resist its glittery charm. 

Ingredients: apple cider, spiced rum, pomegranate juice, Grenadine, edible luster dust

14. Apple Brandy Alexander

The original Brandy Alexander features brandy (of course), crème de cacao, and cream.

And really, this recipe isn’t all that different.

It’s still rich and creamy with delightful chocolatey notes from the dark chocolate liqueur.

But there’s also a wonderful fruity layer, thanks to the apple brandy.

Ingredients: apple brandy, dark chocolate liqueur, cream, nutmeg or cinnamon (for garnish)

15. Apple Bellini

This sparkly orange Bellini with the frothy white top is sure to brighten up any table, whether you serve it for brunch, lunch, dinner, or dessert. 

It has a unique taste that features bright, tangy oranges and sweet apple butter with warm cinnamon.

The combination is odd but pretty hard to resist.

Ingredients: orange juice, ground cinnamon, sugar, apple butter, Prosecco 

16. Frozen Apple Daiquiri

These aren’t the prettiest drinks on the list. (Looking at them, you’d almost think it was pure applesauce.) 

But they are tasty.

They’re cold, slushy, and fully loaded with apple flavor, along with something that’s almost honey-like. 

And thanks to the maple syrup and Amaretto, it’s delightfully sweet and nutty.

Ingredients: ice cubes, apple Butter, apple juice or cider, spiced rum, Amaretto, maple syrup

17. Apple Cider Martini

Grab your favorite martini glass because we’re making apple cider martinis! And there’s a couple of options for you.

If you like it decadent and sugary, mix spiced rum with the apple cider. But if you like it more boozy, go ahead and use vodka.

Butterscotch schnapps will tone down the bite and add a wonderful caramel-like twist to the flavor.

Ingredients: apple cider & Captain Morgan’s spiced rum, or apple cider, vodka& butterscotch schnapps

18. Apple Cranberry Moscow Mule

The lovely purple color of this winter mule will have everyone asking for the recipe.

And after they take a sip, they’ll beg you for it!

It’s a terrific holiday cocktail. But that color looks incredible all year.

If you want it a bit fruitier, try using raspberries or strawberries instead of cranberries. They’ll pair just as well with the apple flavor.

Ingredients: vodka, cranberry juice, ginger beer or apple juice, fresh cranberries and/or apples & rosemary (for garnish)

19. Apple Pie Cocktail

It’s hard to believe that something so simple can be so complex. But this decadent dessert cocktail sure is.

You’ll use apple cider for the fruity flavor. And a bit of brown sugar around the rim helps with the sweetness.

From there, vanilla vodka brings a nice, pastry-like taste. If you can’t find vanilla vodka, try whipped cream vodka.

Or finish it with Cardi B’s boozy whipped cream! Yum!

Ingredients: apple cider, Fireball whisky, vanilla vodka, turbinado sugar, ice

20. Apple Crumble Cocktail

If you like the idea of the recipe above but just can’t handle Fireball, try this version instead.

It’s pretty spot-on as a liquid apple pie substitute. But it uses cinnamon sugar and spiced rum to give you subtle warmth.

This one isn’t quite as strong as the apple pie cocktail above. But it’s just as tasty!

Ingredients: cinnamon sugar, spiced rum, apple juice, vanilla extract, ice cubes, apple slice & cinnamon stick (for garnish)

20 Apple Cocktails to Serve All Year Round

These apple cocktails are perfect any time of the year! From an appletini to a spiced margarita to caramel apple sangria, experience the best flavor of fall in these tasty drinks.


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep an apple cocktail in 30 minutes or less!
Apple Cocktails

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