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22 Classic Amish Desserts

These retro Amish desserts are as delightful now as they were then!

Whether you’re craving some old-school desserts or want to introduce your kids to the sweets of yesteryear, these recipes are for you.

Besides the nostalgia, these Amish desserts bring a lovely sensation to the palate.

While each is delectable in its own right, they all have one thing in common: butter. 

Sweet Apple Fritter Loaf Cake
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It gives these desserts have that wonderful melt-in-your-mouth quality. That’s why they leave you wanting more.

No wonder these recipes have been passed down from generation to generation.

In the mood for a culinary trip to Amish country? Let’s get this show on the road, shall we? 

1. Amish Cake   

Let’s kick things off with the Amish cake, a ridiculously moist and buttery delight guaranteed to blow your tastebuds away.

The cake itself is already such a treat, but what sets it apart, even more, is butter, brown sugar, and nut crumble on top.

I know I labeled this article with “desserts,” but this cake is perfect for breakfast too, especially with a hot cup of coffee on the side.

Amish Apple Dumplings are apples wrapped in a buttery, homemade dough and baked in a cinnamon-brown sugar syrup.

It’s one of the best apple recipes to make for a delicious fall treat!

2. Amish Apple Dumplings    

Sweet and crisp apples are embraced by soft, buttery crust and baked in cinnamon-sugar syrup. This is dessert at its finest.

I can’t even begin to express how in love I am with these dumplings. The crisp and flaky crust alone is already delightful.

The apple filling smells and tastes heavenly, and the brown sugar cinnamon syrup goes perfectly with it.

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This dessert truly is a magnificent way to showcase apples.

Sugar Cookies

3. Amish Sugar Cookies  

Simple can also mean spectacular. These Amish sugar cookies are proof.

True, they look basic. I’m pretty sure that if displayed right next to a plate of chunky, chocolate chip cookies, these will be ignored. 

But don’t let the plain appearance fool you. These cookies are crisp around the edges and outrageously soft and chewy in the middle. 

The flavor is absolute perfection. The contrast between sweet sugar and rich and salty butter creates a wonderful flavor profile!

4. Amish Apple Fritter Bread  

Amish apple fritter bread is a quick bread bursting with apples and topped with sweet and cinnamon sugar.

It’s crunchy on the outside and ultra-soft and fluffy on the inside. It’s the perfect combination of textures.

Plus, because there’s no yeast required in this recipe, you won’t have to worry about kneading, rolling, and resting dough, which takes hours.

Caramel Popcorn

5. Amish Caramel Corn 

Enough with the apples, let’s talk popcorn! Caramel corn is my absolute favorite popcorn. 

It’s crunchy at first bite, and then it slowly melts in your mouth as you chew. This drives my mouth crazy all the time!  

The playful contrast between sweet and salty is just on point. It’s this flavor combination that keeps me grabbing more. 

6. Amish Oatmeal Pie 

While most kids dislike oatmeal, I promise you, they won’t say no to this oatmeal pie.

Crumbly and buttery pie crust is filled with a sweet, chewy oatmeal brown sugar filling. If you can’t imagine what it tastes like, think pecan pie.

In fact, this recipe came to be during the Civil War.

There was a supply shortage of pecans back then, so people tried to substitute them with oatmeal. It worked beautifully!

7. Amish Date Pudding

If you’re not a fan of dates, this dessert will convert you.

Amish date pudding is soft and buttery, and oh so delightful.

Drizzled with a brown sugar sauce and finished with whipped cream, it’s a refreshing dessert that’s perfect for summer.

It’s terrific on its own, but if you care to make it extra, skip the whipped cream and top it with a scoop of ice cream.

8. Shoofly Pie

It may not have the most appetizing name, but it’s so delectable, it’ll leave you begging for more.

Shoofly pie has a sweet, chewy, and ooey-gooey filling made of molasses.

With a flaky crust and a crumbly topping, you can just imagine how sensational this pie is.

How did it get its intriguing moniker, you ask? “Shoofly” is actually a brand of molasses from Philadelphia!

9. Amish Apple Goodie

It was originally called the Amish Apple Goodie, but we all now know it as an apple crisp.

Apple slices are bathed in cinnamon sugar syrup, topped with oatmeal streusel, and baked to perfection.

It’s crispy, crumbly, and buttery on the outside, and soft, tender, and sweet on the inside. It’s what every apple crisp should be.

It gets extra points for being so easy to make. It all comes together in one bowl, so cleanup is a breeze. 

10. Amish Pumpkin Pie Cake 

Is it a pie or a cake? Who cares? What matters is, it’s delicious.

This dessert is for all you pumpkin lovers out there. With layers of buttery cake, pumpkin filling, and pecans, it has all the beautiful flavors of fall.

It also couldn’t be easier to make. In fact, you don’t even need to make a cake batter.

Just sprinkle cake mix over the pumpkin filling and pop it in the oven. 

11. Pennsylvania Shoo Fly Cake 

If you’re more of a cake than a pie person, you’ll definitely love this dessert. It has all the goodness of the Shoofly pie but in cake form. 

The cake is super sweet and moist. Since it contains molasses, it also sports this deep, golden brown hue. 

It’s finished with a brown sugar crumble, creating that wonderful textural contrast.

12. Amish Oatmeal Cookies 

These oatmeal cookies will convert all haters into avid fans. 

Unlike some oatmeal cookies that are mostly crunchy, these ones are soft, chewy, and buttery.

Made even yummier with chocolate chips and peanut butter, I won’t be surprised if these cookies become your newest favorite.

13. Chocolate Chip Amish Sugar Cookies

Classic sugar cookies get some extra lovin’ with chocolate chips.

They’re soft and buttery like sugar cookies, but they’re studded with chocolate chips.

With this recipe, you’ll get the best of both worlds. Why decide between two desserts when you can merge both into one?

14. Pennsylvania Dutch Chocolate Funny Cake

Part cake, part crust, and part chocolate, this dessert is confusingly delicious. With this recipe, you’ll get three desserts in one!

So, here’s how it goes. There’s a buttery crust at the bottom, a moist cake on top, and chocolate in the middle. 

The funny thing about this dessert is that it seems complicated, but it’s actually a piece of cake (or a slice of pie).

15. Pennsylvania Dutch Potato Doughnuts

Have you ever tried using potatoes to make dough? If not, take this as a sign. Do it today, if possible.

These donuts are ridiculously tender and moist. The potatoes are to thank for this dessert’s exceptional texture.

Dunked in a simple glaze and finished with sprinkles, they look just like regular donuts, but they taste so much better.

16. Amish Cinnamon Bread 

Do you have a hankering for sweet and ooey-gooey cinnamon rolls but are too lazy to go through all the effort? Amish cinnamon bread is the answer.

This no-knead quick bread does not rely on yeast, which means it’s super quick and easy to make. The result, however, says otherwise.

It’s soft, buttery, and so tasty you can easily fool people into thinking it took you several hours to make.

17. Amish Friendship Chocolate Muffins

Have you just received an Amish friendship bread starter dough, and you’re not sure what to do with it? This recipe has you covered.

These chocolate muffins are super moist and fluffy, and super chocolatey. You’ll want them for breakfast, snacks, dessert – basically, all day long.

Whoopie Pies

18. Whoopie Pies 

Chocolate cookie sandwiches are stuffed with a fluffy, marshmallow-like filling. These classic sandwiches are such a delight! 

I grew up eating whoopie pies, so this recipe brings some major throwback vibes. I love them now as much as I loved them then.

If you think they’ll be way too sweet, think again. These treats have just the right level of sweetness to make them addictive.

19. Amish Gingerbread Cookies 

I wasn’t fond of gingerbread cookies until I tried these!

They’re soft, buttery, and moist, unlike the tough gingerbread cookies I had as a kid.

The ginger flavor isn’t too overpowering. It’s just enough to provide a touch of spice.

The best part is, you can dress up these men however you please.

20. Lemon Sponge Pie 

This lemon sponge pie is light and airy. It’s not too tart, not too sweet, and has just the right balance of flavors. 

The consistency is also on point. The crust is crumbly and buttery, while the filling is smooth and creamy with a thin layer of moist cake on top.

Together, they create a refreshing dessert.

21. Church Window Cookies 

Its name alone will intrigue you. The first bite will get you hooked.

Church window cookies are no-bake delights of chocolate filled with walnuts, shredded coconut, and mini marshmallows. 

How did it get its interesting moniker? 

Take a look at those colorful marshmallows against the chocolate background!

Don’t they remind you of those stained glass windows found in churches? They’re a feast for the eyes and the tastebuds, indeed.

22. Amish Molasses Cookies

They look so plain, but they’re deceivingly addictive.

Molasses makes these cookies incredibly moist and chewy. They’re wonderfully sweet and buttery, as well, making them impossible to resist.

They’re also a breeze to make, which is great because you’ll crave them again and again.

22 Classic Amish Dessert Collection


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Amish Desserts

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