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What to Serve With Ham and Cheese Sliders

Ham and Cheese Sliders with Mayo and Poppy Seeds
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Ham and cheese is one of the most iconic duos known to man, and for good reason. This pairing has a wonderful balance of sweet, salty, and creamy!

I love serving this combo up in the form of ham and cheese sliders. Just one bite brings such joy to my heart. 

Since sliders are small sandwiches, they’re great for feeding a crowd. They’re even tastier when served with a variety of delicious side dishes!

I’m sharing 15 super-easy sides that will make your sliders into a complete meal.

Go ahead, pair your ham and cheese sliders with these fantastic foods for the most fabulous feast!

1. Grilled Pineapple

Pair your meaty and cheesy sliders with a sweet and refreshing fruit! You’ll never go wrong with grilled pineapple. 

Sweet, juicy, and tasty, pineapples are already amazing on their own. But when you pop them on the grill for just a few minutes, oh my goodness.

The difference it makes is absolutely phenomenal. 

2. Potato Casserole

Sandwiches and potatoes are always a winning combination since they’re both ultra-rich and cheesy!

Potato casserole is loaded with hash brown, cornflakes, and lots of cheese. It’s super easy to make, too. You just throw all the ingredients in a pan, bake, and bam, you’re done.

3. Hash Brown Casserole

Ham and cheese sliders and hash brown casserole: because you can never have too much cheese.

If you are cheese-obsessed like me, then you will LOVE this combination.

Hash brown casserole is full of shredded potatoes infused and topped with cheese. In short, there’s cheese everywhere!

4. Pineapple Casserole

If you’re looking for something unique for your ham and cheese sliders, look no further. This pineapple casserole is everything you’ll ever need!

This casserole has butter crackers, cheddar cheese, and as you may have guessed: pineapple! It may not make sense to you now, but once you’ve tried it, you’ll understand. 

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Sweet, savory, and spectacular, this casserole is perfect both as a side dish and a dessert. A win-win!

5. Potato Salad

Apart from cheese, I also have a love affair with potatoes. How can anybody not? They’re creamy, dreamy, and downright delicious! Case in point: a classic potato salad.

It’s super-rich and savory! I can’t get enough of that umami flavor. To me, it tastes great with every entrée. Heck, it’s amazing on its own!

6. Italian Pasta Salad

If you want an incredibly filling and nutritious side that pairs well with sliders, Italian pasta salad is the answer.

When you hear the word “salad,” greens and veggies come to mind, which may sound bland and boring. But there’s nothing dull about pasta salad at all.

Loaded with pasta, veggies, cheese, nuts, meats, and your choice of dressing, pasta salad is definitely exciting.

Vibrant and refreshing, it’s the perfect side dish for the summer!

Homemade Chili Corn Carne with Cheese

7. Chili

Soup and sandwiches are always great together. For ham and cheese sliders, though, my personal favorite is chili!

This pairing is comfort food at its best. Creamy, cheesy, and hearty – who can resist this sensational combo?

8. Chips & Dip

You’re already eating sliders with your hands, so you might as well pair them with something else you can enjoy the same way.

Chips and dips are perhaps the most popular finger food there is. You can’t go wrong with crisp and salty chips dipped in a creamy and delectable sauce! 

Together with ham and cheese sliders, you’ll get the ultimate party combo.

9. Veggie Tray

If you want to go the healthy route, you can’t go wrong with a vegetable crudites platter!

Filled with crisp veggies and a tangy or creamy dip, a crudites platter is the easiest (and most nutritious) side that goes well with ham and cheese sliders. 

Carrots, celery, cucumber, bell peppers, cauliflower, and broccoli… just imagine the flavor, the crunch, the color!

Bowl of Mac and Cheese

10. Mac & Cheese

Creamy, cheesy, tasty, and easy: these are the four best words to describe mac and cheese.

It may be number 10 on this list, but it’s definitely number 1 in my heart. Mac and cheese is the ultimate side dish.

Whatever it is you’re serving, you can’t go wrong with this ultra-savory side. 

Sure, you’re pairing another cheesy dish with your cheesy sandwich. But it’s just so darn good, I’m sure no one will complain!

Amish Macaroni Salad

11. Macaroni Salad

If you’re serving ham and cheese sliders to a huge crowd, macaroni salad is the PERFECT side dish. Not only is it tasty and filling, but it’s super easy to make! 

I love the combination of macaroni, mayo, and mustard. Something magical happens when you put those three together in one dish. 

Since it’s best served chilled, you can even make it in advance and serve on the day of your gathering. 

12. Deviled Eggs

The name may not sound appetizing, but they’re definitely heavenly! 

Deviled eggs are incredibly creamy, delectable, and easy to make! Apart from the eggs, all you need are mayo, mustard, vinegar, salt, and pepper. 

How can something so sinful be so simple?

Creamy Coleslaw

13. Coleslaw

Crisp, refreshing, and colorful, coleslaw is another incredible side for sliders.

Shredded cabbage, carrots, and a creamy and tangy dressing. Wow. The union of flavors and textures is just pure love. 

To add a hint of sweetness to your coleslaw, throw in some apple slices!

14. Fruit Salad

If you want a sweet and refreshing contrast to your rich and heavy sliders, fruit salad is the way to go. It may be simple, but it sure hits the spot.

What fruits should you add to your salad? Grapes, watermelon, berries, kiwi – there really is no wrong answer.

Just pick whatever combo you want! The more variety and color, the better!

You can leave the fruit unflavored, but you can also coat it in Greek yogurt for a tangy contrast.

For a sweeter salad, drizzle the fruit with some honey or maple syrup.

15. Apple Crisp

Finally, for dessert, nothing goes better with ham and cheese sliders than a sweet and tart apple crisp.

Apples, brown sugar, cinnamon, and butter – those ingredients are already pretty fantastic. Then you top it with a sweet and buttery crumble. How epic is that?!

What to Serve With Ham and Cheese Sliders


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What to Serve With Ham and Cheese Sliders

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