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What to Serve with Acorn Squash

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Acorn squash is a delightful fall vegetable with a bright yellow-orange flesh and a mild sweet flavor. 

Fall is hands-down my most beloved season. The days get shorter and colder, leaves start to fall from trees, and various crops are ready for harvest.

That’s perhaps what I love most about fall. It’s the season of apples, pumpkins, pears, and my favorite – acorn squash. The mere thought of the many, many fall comfort foods I can make with acorn squash is enough to excite my taste buds!

Acorn squash is so good, you can turn it into the star of your meal or use it as an ingredient to a side or a dessert! You can roast, saute, bake, steam, and even microwave it, and it will still taste fantastic.

It’s got endless uses, too! You can puree it to make a sweet soup or sauce, stuff it with meat, rice, or vegetable fillings, use it to make pasta, and so much more. And, aside from the fruit, you can even eat the seeds and the blossoms as well. Talk about versatile, eh?

Now, when it comes to mains, sides, and desserts to pair with acorn squash, you’ve got a variety of options as well. The key is to find flavors and textures that will complement or contrast the sweetness and tenderness of the vegetable.

Don’t worry though, because acorn squash has such a mild flavor that it can easily be paired with a variety of meats, starches, veggies, and desserts.

But hey, if you don’t have the time to wrack your brain about what to serve with acorn squash, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 14 tasty options that pair perfectly with acorn squash.


1. Spaghetti

Acorn squash is packed with fiber and nutrients. Now, while that’s definitely healthy, it’s hardly a complete dish on its own. Give your acorn squash some starchy goodness by serving it with a classic – spaghetti and marinara sauce. The sweetness of the squash and the mildness of tomatoes work so well together! 

To make roast your acorn squash and slice it into cubes. Add them to your cooked pasta, and you’re done!

Or, you can also make a simple garlic and olive oil dressing to coat your pasta, too. Top that with cubed acorn squash, tomatoes, and onions. Delicious.

Pulled Pork

2. Pork

Since acorn squash has a mild sweetness, it makes a great side dish to any type of meat, pork included. So go ahead and bake some breaded pork chops for a simple yet hearty dinner.

You could even pair your squash with another fall produce – apples – to make a great side to roasted pork tenderloin. The combination of juicy meat and roasted squash and apples is to die for.

Roasted Lamb

3. Lamb 

I love, LOVE lamb. I love its gamy, earthy flavor that no other meat has. And I also love that it tastes great with another favorite of mine – mashed acorn squash.

The sweetness of the mash plus that distinct lamb flavor creates a beautiful harmony that never fails to delight my taste buds. Go ahead, try it! You can thank me later.

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Roasted Chicken

4. Roasted Chicken

Here’s another perfect combination: roasted chicken and roasted acorn squash. Not only do the flavor and texture work harmoniously, but you can also make them simultaneously, reducing your cooking time. Two dishes, one oven. Fantastic.

To make, cut up the squash along with onions and garlic, and sprinkle them with your favorite herbs and seasonings. Pop them in the oven along with the bird and let the oven do its magic.

Chicken and Rice Casserole

5. Chicken and Rice Casserole 

Speaking of chicken, here’s another delicious and hearty dish that screams fall comfort. What I love about it is that while it’s so tasty, it’s also a breeze to make. It’s a one-pot dish, too, so you don’t have to worry about washing a ton of dishes after cooking. 

To make the casserole, just mix rice, onion, chicken broth, and chicken soup in a baking dish. Add some chicken thighs, skin side up, to the rice mix and coat with butter. Season with thyme, garlic, salt, and pepper.

Cover the dish with aluminum foil and bake at 350 for an hour. Remove the foil and bake for another 30 minutes. And there you have it, a fantastic entrée that pairs well with acorn squash.

Easy One-Pot American Goulash

6. Taco Pasta

If you want a Mexican-Italian fusion of flavors to go with acorn squash, then go for a taco pasta! Don’t worry now, because it’s super easy to make.

All you need is to flavor your ground beef with taco seasoning. Add some canned tomatoes and cheese, and you’ve got yourself a delicious pasta sauce! 

Beef Stew

7. Beef Stew

Beef stew is already ridiculously yummy by itself, what with that fork-tender meat and flavorful broth. But it couldn’t hurt to add more to it, right? Give it a touch of sweetness by throwing some acorn squash cubes into the mix.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts With Bacon

8. Brussels Sprouts with Bacon

Brussels sprouts are another fall product that tastes fantastic when cooked to perfection. It could have a slightly bitter taste though, so if you are not a fan of that, you can add some sweetness to it by combining it with acorn squash.

And, for an even better flavor, throw some bacon in there, too! Let them roast in the oven until they caramelize. Beautiful.

Honey Glazed Carrots

9. Honey Glazed Carrots

I normally roast my carrots to bring out their natural sweetness, but there’s another way you can do it. If you glaze them with honey and saute them in butter, you will get a perfectly sweet and delightful dish that tastes amazing with acorn squash.

If you don’t have honey on hand, that’s okay! You can also use maple syrup or sugar. 

Spinach Salad With Goat Cheese

10. Spinach Salad With Goat Cheese

This salad is such a breeze to prepare, but its flavors? Oh my! All you need are 3 ingredients to make this phenomenal salad: spinach, goat cheese, and walnuts. Just mix those three up and coat them in your favorite vinaigrette or oil dressing. Yum.

While the salad already tastes fantastic as is, you could toss in some roasted acorn squash to make it even more flavorful. Got some apples in there? Go ahead, add those to the mix as well for a sweet and crisp surprise.

Blue Cheese And Pears

11. Blue Cheese and Pears

Pears are another fall fruit, so it’s no surprise that it tastes great with acorn squash too. Drizzle your pear slices with a small chunk of blue cheese and drizzle it with some honey for an irresistible appetizer-slash-dessert.

Cornmeal Pancakes

12. Pancakes

The classic breakfast staple already tastes divine with just some butter and syrup, but you can enhance its flavor by topping it with some acorn squash puree! 

Apples With Ice Cream

13. Apples and Ice Cream

And for dessert, how about some good old-fashioned apples and cream? Just saute your apple slices in butter and brown sugar. Then, top that delicious fall dessert with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. A perfect way to end any meal.

Pumpkin Pie

14. Pumpkin Pie

Oh, here’s another dessert that’s in keeping with our fall theme! Picture it: smooth and creamy pumpkin filling infused with fall spices, resting on a bed of flaky and buttery crust. It’s all you need to round out your meal!

What to Serve with Acorn Squash


  • Spaghetti

  • Pork

  • Lamb

  • Roasted Chicken

  • Chicken and Rice Casserole

  • Taco Pasta

  • Beef Stew

  • Brussels Sprouts with Bacon

  • Honey Glazed Carrots

  • Spinach Salad With Goat Cheese

  • Blue Cheese and Pears

  • Pancakes

  • Apples and Ice Cream

  • Pumpkin Pie


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a delicious side dish!
What to Serve with Acorn Squash

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