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20 Easy Walnut Cake Recipes To Try Today

Forget fruity sponges and chocolate desserts because these easy and delicious walnut cake recipes are guaranteed to become your new go-to’s.

From classic recipes to something more indulgent, there’s something here for any occasion.

Healthy Carrot Cake with Walnuts
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There’s nothing like a delicious piece of cake to end a meal. And if that cake is made with walnuts, it’s even better! 

Walnuts have a mild buttery flavor, making them the perfect ingredient for baked goods.

They’re also a great source of heart-healthy fats and nutrients, and while they add some crunchy, they won’t break your teeth!

So, try these walnut cake recipes today.

Best Ever Coffee and Walnut Cake and More!

1. Classic Walnut Cake

Are you ready to experience a little bliss in every bite? Because this classic walnut cake is sure to deliver!

This cake has everything you’re looking for in a dessert: crunchy walnuts, creamy frosting, and a soft, moist crumb that melts on your tongue.

It’s a dessert that will never go out of style and is perfect for any occasion.

2. Walnut Butter Cake

Let’s give banana bread a break, shall we?

With its rich, dense texture and sublimely sweet flavor, this walnut butter cake is the perfect dessert for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

The nuts bring an earthy and nutty taste that blends so well with buttery deliciousness.

Feel free to add a glaze to the top and maybe some mini chocolate chips to the batter!

3. Royal Walnut Cake

A sweet, indulgent dessert is enough to make anyone feel like royalty. And this royal walnut cake never fails to impress!

It features fluffy cake studded with finely chopped walnuts layered with decadent Russian buttercream.

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And to top it all off, you’ll make a dreamy chocolate ganache that’s silky smooth and intensely flavorful.

4. Buttermilk Walnut Cake

This buttermilk cake is so good, you’ll want to eat the whole thing in one sitting.

It boasts light and fluffy goodness with layers of decadent flavors, from sweet and creamy to nutty and buttery.

Make a simple cinnamon frosting, and you’re all set.

5. Coffee and Walnut Cake

We can’t have a list of walnut cake recipes and not include the most quintessential walnut cake of all.

Coffee and walnut is one of the most famous British desserts of all time. It’s almost as beloved as Victoria sponge or lemon drizzle!

There’s walnuts in the coffee-infused sponge, which gets covered in coffee-frosting and a generous helping of crushed walnuts.

It doesn’t get any better than that!

6. Chocolate Walnut Cake

It’s hard not to love a moist chocolate cake with buttery walnuts. If you’ve ever tried one, you’ll know how perfect it is.

The walnuts balance the intense chocolate flavor, leaving you with a moist and dense sponge that’s melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

It’s topped with chocolate frosting and chopped walnuts to make every bite more indulgent.

The best part? It’s effortless to make!

7. Honey Walnut Cake

Here’s a terrific fall cake that’s ideal for anyone who’s not pumpkin obsessed.

It combines the wholesome sweetness of honey with a delicate nutty flavor.

With its crisp outer crust and moist, tender crumb, it’s best served with whipped cream and fresh berries.

8. Walnut Bundt Cake

This walnut bundt cake is like a hug from a friend.

It’s warm and welcoming with just the right amount of crunch. And it’s so easy that even novice bakers can make it!

The rich, moist texture is enough to make you swoon. It’s the perfect pair with a cup of tea on a chilly morning!

9. Maple Walnut Cake With Maple Cream Cheese Frosting

Do you know what’s better than a slice of simple walnut cake? A whole walnut cake with a creamy and decadent maple-infused frosting.

Seriously, one bite of this, and you’ll be hooked. It’ll be at every party and gathering for years to come!

It’s the kind of dessert that’ll make you want to lick your plate clean.

Oh, and you’ll want that fantastic maple cream cheese frosting on everything from cinnamon rolls to your morning muffins.

10. Walnut & Toffee Chocolate Poke Cake

If you like toffee and walnuts, this is the cake for you.

Sweet and slightly bitter toffee with buttery walnuts and chocolate cake is just as tasty as it sounds.

Add an infusion of dreamy pudding and a heavenly chocolate frosting, and this is downright addictive.

The final touch? A few crunchy walnut pieces on top for satisfying texture contrast.

11. Cinnamon Walnut Coffee Cake

Make chilly mornings cozy with this cinnamon and walnut coffee cake.

The smell of cinnamon and coffee wafting in the house is one of life’s greatest joys. And that’s what you’ll experience when you bake this hearty cake!

It features gentle spice and earthy walnuts in a subtly sweet batter.

Topped with chopped walnuts and a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar, it’s the best way to start your day.

12. Carrot Walnut Cake

Carrot walnut cake is everything you love about carrot cake but with a nutty twist.

It’s warm, rich, and flavorful – you’ll taste the blend of carrots and walnuts with every bite.

The best part? It only uses a handful of ingredients, and it’s a breeze to make.

So let’s get baking!

13. Cinnamon Walnut Loaf

Cake for breakfast is my jam. And this spiced walnut cake is a dream come true.

The moist, dense loaf packs a satisfying nutty crunch with just the right amount of cinnamon.

Best of all, it has a tantalizing aroma that’ll wake your taste buds and your sleepy teens!

14. Banana Walnut Cake

What’s better than a simple banana cake? How about this banana and walnut cake with a dreamy cream cheese frosting?

The cake has a rich flavor that’s naturally fruity and sweet, thanks to the overripe bananas.

Plus, it has an earthy touch and satisfying crunch from the walnuts.

To be honest, the frosting is optional. This is just as tasty without it!

15. German Apple Walnut Cake

Warmly spiced and loaded with tart apples, this German apple walnut cake is a thing of beauty.

Featuring a soft, fluffy cake base topped with warm, juicy apple slices, you also get delicious nuttiness to balance the flavors.

Once you smell this apple cake baking, it’ll be all you can do to let it cool.

16. Pumpkin Nut Cake

Need a spiced and nutty treat to celebrate the start of fall? You just found it!

It’s like taking a bite of pumpkin pie but with more crunchy nuts and less sugar. Doesn’t that sound like the ideal pumpkin dessert?

Sweet, rich, and deliciously spiced, this is for my fellow PSL lovers. Serve a big slice with your morning coffee, and you’re good to go.

17. Apple Walnut Cake With Caramel Glaze

Is there anything more autumnal than a spiced apple cake with crunchy walnuts?

Maybe, but I can’t think of it right now. I’m too busy drooling over this incredible recipe for apple walnut cake!

Combining sweet, tart apples with crunchy walnuts in a moist, dense cake batter is just as yummy as it sounds.

But then, it’s topped with a decadent caramel glaze that makes every bite ooze with deliciousness.

18. Chocolate Chip Walnut Cake

Nothing beats the classic pairing of chocolate and nuts. And while I’m partial to peanuts and chocolate, this walnut cake is fabulous.

It’s a nutty and decadent treat that will be a hit with kids and grown-ups alike.

You’ll love the texture of the nuts with the super tender sponge. And the chocolate chips create pockets of melty goodness that’ll weaken your knees.

Serve it with a scoop of ice cream and caramel drizzle for the sweetest taste sensation!

19. Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake With Streusel Topping and Walnuts

If you’re anything like me, you love a coffee cake. It can make sipping a plain cup of coffee feel like a luxury.

And this chocolate chip coffee cake is a moist, dense explosion of sweet, buttery goodness. 

It’s topped with a streusel made from mini chocolate chips, walnuts, and a touch of cinnamon.

What more could you ask for?

20. Date Coffee Cake with Walnuts and Espresso Glaze

If you liked the idea of that coffee and walnut cake, but don’t need something as showy, give this fantastic loaf cake a try.

With the added dates, it’s kind of a cross between sticky toffee pudding and coffee walnut.

Two terrific British treats in one? Yes, please!

20 Easy Walnut Cake Recipe Collection

Forget fruity sponges and chocolate desserts because these easy and delicious walnut cake recipes are guaranteed to become your new go-to’s.


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Walnut Cake Recipes

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