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30 Buttermilk Cakes That Are Insanely Moist

Buttery, fluffy, and insanely moist, these buttermilk cakes are the best of the best!

From tender coffee cakes to a super-easy one-bowl chocolate cake, you should try them all.

Buttermilk Lemon Bundt Cake with Yogurt Glaze
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Buttermilk is the liquid leftover over after cream is churned into butter.

It’s pretty acidic, which reacts with the leavening agents in your recipe, giving the sponge lift and moisture.

So, if you have a carton on hand, it’s time to get baking!

After all, who doesn’t love a slice of cake? Especially when it’s as tangy and light as these beautiful buttermilk cakes.

1. Strawberry Shortcake

There’s nothing I love more than devouring summer fruits under the warm sun. And these strawberry shortcakes are my favorite way to do just that.

Crumbly with a slight crust, the buttermilk shortcakes are insanely flaky and tender. But they hold their shape well under all that good stuff on top.

You’ll need a big dollop of whipped cream and fresh strawberries. Feel free to use fresh slices or even strawberry jam.

Either way, these treats are irresistible. So, grab your mixing bowls because you have to try this recipe!

2. Farmhouse Buttermilk Cake

This easy-peasy farmhouse buttermilk cake only needs one bowl. And even better, you don’t need a mixer!

It’s the ultimate lazy day cake recipe

It’s moist, delicious, and comes with a fabulous pecan topping and crisp, candy-glazed edges.

It’s truly swoon-worthy. 

3. Vanilla Buttermilk Cake

Full of warm vanilla flavor, this buttermilk cake recipe is the perfect treat for summer days.

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Layers of airy buttercream turn this cake into a beautiful fluffy dessert.

Throw yourself a tea party just to have an excuse to make this delicious cake. It really is worth it!

4. Perfect Buttermilk Pound Cake

If you’re looking for a simple, signature cake recipe to keep in your back pocket, this it is.

Buttery, fluffy, and simple, it’s pure perfection.

It’s a cake that needs no bells and whistles. Simply dust it with a bit of powdered sugar and serve.

5. One-Bowl Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cake is always bound to please. And this one-bowl chocolate cake is no exception.

Even the minimal cleanup is something to smile about!

Decadent, moist, and fudgy, it’s a chocolate lover’s dream.

Serve this delicious delight at your next family gathering or birthday party. It won’t last long!

6. Lemon Buttermilk Cake

This buttery and moist lemon butter cake has a wonderful sweet and tangy flavor.

The sponge is amazingly pillowy, and every bite is a lemony sensation.

Lemon zest, lemon juice, and lemon extract are a powerful trio that packs a zesty punch.

Serve this Southern favorite with fresh fruits and a glass of cold lemonade. Delish!

7. Raspberry Buttermilk Cake

The simplest cakes are often the best. And this fruity raspberry buttermilk cake proves just that.

It’s light, fresh, and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

The buttermilk gives the sponge a slightly tangy flavor, which is the perfect complement to the sweet raspberries and flaky almonds. 

A big scoop of vanilla ice cream, a hearty slice of this raspberry buttermilk cake, and that’s dessert sorted!

8. Buttermilk Blueberry Breakfast Cake

If you like to wake up to something sweet, this buttermilk blueberry breakfast cake is just the ticket.

Packed with berries, each bite is bursting with fruity goodness. And the insanely good buttermilk sponge is a super-moist and super-delicious.

This crumbly delight is terrific for busy mornings. Grab your coffee, grab a slice, and go, go, go!

9. Lemon Blueberry Buttermilk Cake

Now, this lemon blueberry buttermilk cake is a showstopper.

Light layers of cream cheese frosting parallel beautifully with vibrant blueberries.

The eye-catching purple stripes in this cake are enough to catch anyone’s attention.

It looks so delicate and elegant, and let me tell you, it tastes as good as it looks.

10. Devil’s Food Cake

This decadent cake is so beyond delicious that it’s simply sinful.

The rich cocoa powder sponge is sure to please even die-hard chocoholics. Plus, it has a wonderfully simple buttercream to match.

11. Buttermilk Coffee Cake

Looking for a coffee cake with a little something extra? This buttermilk coffee cake ticks all the boxes and then some.

From the milky frosting to the warm and spicy cinnamon streusel topping, it’s light, buttery, and scrumptious. 

Thanks to the buttermilk, it’ll stay moist for days. That means you can enjoy this delectable dessert all weekend and even for lunch on Monday.  

12. Killer Halloween Cakes

Trick or treat? With these ghoulish killer Halloween cakes, it’s a treat every day!

They’re perfect for any Halloween party or scary movie night.

Mini buttermilk bundt cakes are drenched with red glaze and speared with candy knives.

Not only are these cakes delicious to eat, but they’re also fun to make and serve.

13. Italian Cream Cake

This sophisticated Italian cream cake doesn’t hold back on all the bells and whistles.

Filled with shredded coconut and pecans and coated in a decadent cream cheese frosting, simply delish.

It’s also visually stunning and makes a fantastic centerpiece for any dessert table.

14. Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting 

I love super moist red velvet cake, and this is my go-to recipe.

The buttery, vanilla-cocoa flavor is unique, but the buttermilk tang keeps me coming back for more.

That tang pairs perfectly with silky smooth cream cheese frosting.

It’s the cherry on top!

15. Cinnamon Bundt Cake

Need a new cake recipe to enjoy with your coffee? This cinnamon bundt cake has got you covered. 

Swirled with cinnamon sugar, this coffee crumb cake is mouth-wateringly good.

The combo of coffee and warm cinnamon spices is truly a match made in heaven.

16. Chocolate Pound Cake

This rich and decadent chocolate pound cake is the chocolate dream you need to try.

It’s melt-in-your-mouth-amazing and super easy to dress up if need be.

Enjoy it plain, or coat this cake in a gooey ganache. Even a simple sprinkle of powdered sugar works well. 

17. Black Magic Cake

Now, this cake has the magic touch. The rich, decant, chocolaty flavors in this recipe are unmatched.

It’s incredibly moist and simpler to make than you might think. In fact, all you need to do here is dump, mix, and bake.

This recipe is actually a take on a Hersey recipe and has a secret ingredient: coffee.

It richens the chocolate flavor without leaving a coffee after taste. As I said, it’s pure magic!

18. Banana Cake

Everyone loves banana cake, right? I know I do!

I go bananas for the moist, sweet treat and happily eat it all day long – for breakfast, a mid-morning snack, and an after-dinner treat.

This recipe offers unique baking and cooling methods to ensure the result is as moist and delicious as can be.

What’s the secret? Cook the banana cake at a low temperature of 275 degrees Fahrenheit. Once it’s done baking, pop it in the freezer to cool down.

Pretty cool, right?

19. Coconut Cake

Flaky, sweet, and loaded with flavors of the tropics, there’s so much to love about coconut. And this cake is the ultimate coconutty experience.

Sweetened shredded coconut folded into the cake batter adds a lovely hint of flavor.

Once baked and cooled, you’ll add a cover of snowy cream cheese frosting.

It’s light, airy, fluffy, and 100% delicious.

20. Coca-Cola Cake

I know what you’re thinking; did I read that title right? Yep, you did!

Coca-Cola cake is the fudgy and moist chocolate cake you never knew you needed. 

A rich, decant sponge is slathered with an equally chocolatey pecan frosting. There are even a few marshmallows in there to take it over the top. 

Why Coca-Cola? The soda adds a great deal of flavor and structure. It also enhances the chocolatey flavor and even helps the cake rise as it cooks.

21. Zucchini Cake

Sticking to the trend of unusual ingredients, this zucchini cake is a thing of wonder.

By adding shredded zucchini to the cake batter, you create the moistest sponge possible. And the buttermilk adds so much richness.

Load this cake up with goodies like nuts, coconut, and pineapple for an utterly irresistible dessert. Delish!

22. Kentucky Butter Cake

Are you looking for an easy, foolproof cake recipe? This Kentucky butter cake is a breeze to make, so it’s perfect for newbie bakers.

Moist, buttery, and deliciously decadent, it’s impossible to say no to. This cake is genuinely worth every calorie. 

The secret to this cake’s success is its coated with a rich and delectable butter vanilla sauce.

Be sure to poke little holes in the sponge to ensure all that buttery goodness soaks in!

23. Mocha Cake

I absolutely adore mochas. In fact, chocolate and coffee is one of my all-time favorite combinations.

That’s why this cake is a thing of beauty.

Packed with chocolate and coffee flavor, each bite of this cake is a dream come true.

Between each cake layer, you’ll find mocha buttercream, chocolate ganache, and chopped chocolate-covered espresso beans. Wow!

24. Louisiana Crunch Cake

If you’re anything like me, you can’t pass up a slice of cake. And this Louisiana crunch cake is simply addictive.

Featuring both sour cream and buttermilk, it has an extra moist crumb that just melts in your mouth.

And the icing on the cake? A sensational vanilla glaze. Yum!

25. Orange Buttermilk Pound Cake

Your next tea party needs this citrusy orange buttermilk pound cake. Fresh and full of tart flavors, it’s light, bright, and surprisingly delish.

A combo of orange zest and orange juice makes this cake so bright and delicious.

Fruity and fresh, it’s the perfect dessert to enjoy with a hot cup of tea. 

26. Buttermilk Black Forest Cake

This mouthwatering buttermilk black forest cake is rich, decadent, and can’t-stop-eating-it delicious.

Trust me; I know!

You’ll sandwich pillowy cream inside the fluffy chocolate sponge and then top it off with chocolate ganache.

It’s absolutely stunning. 

27. Orange Slice Cake

Can’t wait for Christmas? This festive treat has got you covered. So, swap out your traditional fruit cake recipe for this citrusy sensation.

Packed with dates, shredded coconut, and pecans, it’s full of flavor and texture.

Plus, chewy orange candies add a pop of color you’ll love.

Hot Tip: This cake actually tastes even better the day after baking. So, be sure to make it 24 hours ahead of time.

It’s worth the wait!

28. Cinnamon Sugar Apple Cake

In need of warming, sweet, comfort food? This cinnamon sugar apple cake is the perfect cozy dessert to snuggle up with.

Loaded with fresh apples and finished with a cinnamon-sugar crispy topping, what’s not to love?

Serve it with a scoop of ice cream or a big dollop of whipped cream for utter perfection. 

29. Key Lime Glazed Buttermilk Pound Cake

This key lime glazed buttermilk treat takes traditional pound cake to the next level.

Flecked with key lime zest and coated in a sticky lime glaze, you just can’t say no. 

Plus, it only takes 15 minutes to whip up the cake batter. Then all you have to do is throw it in the oven and watch how it turns to a golden-brown sensation. 

30. Pumpkin Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

One bite of this spiced pumpkin cake, and you’ll feel like fall is knocking on your door.

A light, fluffy pumpkin sponge is covered in a sweet cream cheese frosting. Delish. 

It’s perfect for Thanksgiving or when you’re craving delicious fall flavors.

It’s so much better than a pumpkin pie. Give it a try and see for yourself.

30 Buttermilk Cakes That Are Insanely Moist

Buttery, fluffy, and insanely moist, these buttermilk cakes are the best of the best! From coffee cake to one-bowl chocolate cake, you should try them all!


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