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25 Best Venison Recipes

Meat eaters unite! This list of 25 venison recipes are mouthwatering, hearty, and simple ways to prepare your next cuts of venison. 

When prepared correctly, venison can be tender, juicy, flavorful cuts of meat.

With these recipes, you’re sure to please everyone from the pickiest of eaters, to experienced big game hunters.

Venison Goulash with Chili Peppers and Pasta
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Low in fat and high in protein, these venison recipes will keep you feeling fuller, longer.

Are you experienced with cooking venison and want to try something new? Look no further. This list is full of creative ways to prepare your deer meat. 

Come with me and take a tour of venison recipes from around the world, and find your next favorite meal here!

Whether you’re looking for a classic meatloaf, a sophisticated bourguignon, or a spicy venison barbacoa, I can guarantee you’ll love these 25 venison recipes. 

1. Venison Stew

A hearty classic with a healthy twist! You will love how tender the meat cooks in this delightful recipe. 

If you find yourself in a pinch, you can easily cook this in an Instant Pot as well! 

2. Venison Bourguignon

Picture this: Fork tender vegetables, seared venison, rustic red wine. 

This recipe puts a polished French twist on a classic stew that pairs the power of slow cooking with the richness of red wine. 

3. Venison Stroganoff

Stroganoff is a comfort food staple in my home. This recipe takes comfort to a new high with homemade spatzle in place of egg noodles. 

This recipe will take your stroganoff game to the next level. 

4. Venison Sausage Gravy

I can’t be the only one who grew up loving country sausage gravy, can I?

This recipe uses ground venison sausage rather than pork sausage and it is beyond delicious. 

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I love the “tip” to add marjoram to this recipe. It elevated the aromatic flavor of this gravy beyond expectations. 

Paired with homemade buttermilk biscuits and a hot cup of coffee, you’ll have a smile from ear to ear. 

5. Venison Cream Cheese-Stuffed Crescent Rolls

These delicious little pockets are a fantastic way to cook up ground venison and are packed with flavor. 

I added some jalapeños to the mix and served them with blackberry sauce, and my whole family went in for seconds.

6. Venison Steak

This list would be incomplete without a wonderfully easy venison steak recipe.

Whether using tenderloin or backstrap, I have yet to mess up my venison steaks with this recipe. 

Make sure you let the steaks rest at room temperature before cooking, so you’ll get a perfectly even cook throughout the cut of venison.

7. Venison Marsala

This buttery, mushroom sauce paired with a perfectly cooked venison is beyond incredible. You’ll forget all about chicken marsala after trying this recipe!

8. Slow Cooker Venison Roast

Low and slow, this venison roast recipe produces a perfectly tender roast every time.

While it might take longer to find the finished product, this recipe is worth the wait.

9. Pulled Venison

Yummy pulled venison easily prepared with a pressure cooker? Say no more! 

Mixed with homemade barbecue sauce and red cabbage, this recipe is perfect with tortilla chips, on a bun, in a tortilla, or straight out of the bowl!

10. Ground Venison Tacos

I can go for tacos any day of the week, and these ground venison tacos are incredible!

The detail in cooking the meat really elevates the flavor profile of the ground venison.

11. Hunter’s Casserole With Ground Venison

This savory casserole reminds me of my childhood. Whether it’s a farmer or hunter’s casserole, I’m big game for this easy dinner.

Thank goodness for meals that don’t need to change! You’ll see that this venison casserole is an easy go-to for a family favorite every time.

12. Venison Goulash

Goulash is an easy go-to in our house. With venison in your freezer, you won’t need to leave the house to make this easy, flavorful goulash.

You can do plenty of variations with goulash to fit the needs or desires of your home.

From added veggies to extra spice, venison goulash is easily transformed to fit you!

13. Venison Tuscan-Inspired Soup

I was blown out of the water when I tried this soup, I’m sure you will be, too!

Venison, white sweet potatoes, kale, onions, and broth come together in this satisfying soup.

I paired this soup with toasted crostini bread. 

14. Venison Chili

This venison chili makes its way on our menu at least once per month. The homey flavors and flexibility of chili make it easy to make ahead or in a hurry.

I love having a big bowl of this venison chili on a baked potato, too!

15. Venison Meatloaf

Contrasting to many meatloaf recipes, this recipe is created with the flavor of venison in mind.

I’ve found that adding the sage really elevates the venison, and makes this meatloaf unforgettable.

This meatloaf with a fresh green salad and roasted potatoes is a plate cleaning dinner if I’ve ever seen one!

16. Venison Philly Cheesesteak Sliders

This twist on Philly cheesesteak sliders will be a touchdown for your next football party. Oh, who am I kidding? 

These will be a hit no matter when you make them!

17. Venison Burgers

Similar to a meatloaf, these burgers will be juicy, flavorful, and perfect however you like your burger! No need to slather with condiments, these burgers are best on a toasted bun with fresh veggie toppings!

Be sure you’re using ground venison with added fat. We prefer 80/20 with pork fat for our burgers.

18. Venison Bolognese

Rather than sauce with meat, bolognese is meat with sauce.

My family loves the wholesome nature of this venison bolognese recipe, with added veggies and of course healthy venison!

You can use whatever pasta you like, or even serve it over spaghetti squash for a low carb, high protein dinner. 

Or, if you’d like to, introduce your venison bolognese with Caprese and win your crowd over with this Italian staple.

19. Venison Mushroom Pappardelle

Do you love easy, filling, and comforting dinners? Look no further.

This recipe pairs traditional pappardelle pasta with yummy venison ragu and will fill your soul.

You’ll love this meal topped with parmesan and married with a glass of rich red wine.

20. Venison Lasagna

A well-balanced lasagna is a staple in all cookbooks. This venison lasagna uses acidic notes to balance the natural flavors of the ground venison. 

You can double this recipe and prepare in a foil pan to freeze and share or save for later!

21. Venison Swedish Meatballs

As delicious as Italian meatballs are, Swedish meatballs take first place for me.

This venison Swedish meatball recipe might not be the healthiest, but it is definitely one of my favorites.

I like to serve Swedish meatballs on mashed potatoes or rice pilaf rather than egg noodles if you’re looking for something new!

22. Venison Barbacoa

Some may argue that a good barbacoa is made with the seasonings, while others will argue that the meat is the key to a great barbacoa. 

Whatever side you’re on, we can all agree this venison barbacoa recipe has the secret down!

In our house, we like to have our venison barbacoa served on corn tortillas, similar to tostadas, but this venison is fantastic no matter how you serve it!

23. Chicken Fried Venison

Chicken fried venison will, hands down, be one of your go-to recipes after the first time you try it. 

Rather than requiring a more tender cut of meat, like loin or backstrap, this recipe is great with tougher cuts of meat from your deer.

The buttermilk in this recipe works well with the flavor of venison as well.

If you feel your deer is too gamey, you can soak the meat in buttermilk before tenderizing.

24. Venison Jerky

Delicious venison jerky is easy to prepare in your oven! This recipe goes to show you don’t need a dehydrator or smoker to prepare flavorful venison jerky. 

You can use different seasonings to prepare your meat, and make this recipe your own!

We love using a pairing of brown sugar and chili powder on our venison jerky.

If making in large quantities, make sure you store the dried jerky in an air-tight container for it to last.

25. Venison Schnitzel

If you’ve never made authentic schnitzel before, you’ll have to try this simple venison schnitzel recipe.

Whether a German or Austrian inspiration, the breaded venison goes great with just about anything!

I found that sprinkling the schnitzel with lemon after pan-frying (before serving) is a step you won’t want to miss.

25 Best Ways to Cook Venison


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Venison Recipes

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