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20 Best Vegan Scone Recipes for Brunch

You don’t need butter and milk to create these drool-worthy vegan scone recipes.

They’re flaky, soft, sweet, and delicious, even without the dairy.

Buttery Vegan Orange and Chocolate Scone with Chocolate Glaze
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With a few simple vegan swaps, you can create chocolatey, fruity, or nutty scones that are perfect for any time of day.

They’re so quick and easy, you can fly through all 20 recipes in one weekend.

So check out these vegan scone recipes if you want to make this week’s breakfast menu a little more exciting.

20 Easy Vegan Scones You Don’t Want To Miss

1. Vegan Blueberry Scones

These tender, buttery blueberry scones give Starbucks a run for its money!

With so many tart and sweet berries, every inch of this buttery pastry oozes bright fruit flavors. 

And while they’re perfect on their own, a bright lemon glaze lifts all those rich flavors right off the plate.

This simple scone recipe is pretty hard to resist. So don’t bother! Just enjoy!

2. Easy Vegan Lemon Scones

I love lemon sweets and treats. And these lemon scones are my newest obsession.

They may be simple, but they pair well with a cup of coffee or tea.

Plus, they don’t require any fancy ingredients. You likely have everything you need just waiting in your pantry. 

With a bright citrus kick from freshly squeezed juice and zest, every inch of this flaky scone pastry packs a tart, lemony punch. 

3. Vegan Scones With Clotted Cream

Delicate, flaky, and a British classic, you just can’t beat scones with clotted cream.

This super simple recipe features flour, vegan butter, and sugar. They’re lightly sweet, straightforward, and superb as is.

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But they need something extra to push them over the edge.

Cue: clotted cream. If you know, you know.

And if you’ve never tried it before, prepare to swoon! This vegan recipe uses coconut milk, vegan butter, and sugar, and it’s a terrific alternative to the real stuff.

Add a generous dollop with some sweet strawberry jam for the ultimate brunch treat. 

The only thing to argue about is what comes first, the jam or the cream!

4. Vegan Strawberry Lemonade Scones

What’s better than a frosty glass of strawberry lemonade on a hot summer’s day?

Strawberry lemonade scones, of course!

They’re light and airy, with plenty of sweet summery goodness from the strawberries. There’s also a nice hit of citrus to keep it from being too sweet.

And since they’re not cloying, you can go ahead and have a couple!

5. Vegan Orange Cranberry Scones

I’ve always loved oranges with cranberries. I was hooked since I first tried Panera’s cranberry orange muffins!

And these dreamy vegan orange and cranberry scones capture the essence of Panera’s addictive muffins but curb the excess sugar and dairy. 

They’re bright, tart, and a fantastic treat to bring to your next holiday party or when you’re hosting the family for Christmas. 

6. Vegan Homemade Raspberry Scones

A few extra minutes in the oven gives these vegan raspberry scones a delightful crunch. It’s such a nice contrast to the tender center.

There’s no need to splurge on fresh raspberries here because frozen work just as well.

They deliver a light, delicate sweetness to every bite that’s amplified by a simple sugar glaze. 

They come together in just over 35 minutes and are a great summer treat with a morning cup of coffee.

7. Vegan Blackberry Lime Scones

If you can’t get enough tart flavors, these blackberry and lime scones are a must-try. 

Blackberries are notoriously tart and bring such a lovely depth of berry flavor you just can’t get with raspberries or strawberries.

Pair those tart notes with lime juice, and you have a scone that will make your mouth pucker in all the best ways. 

8. Vegan Churro Scones

Looking for something a little more cinnamony? Then try these sensational churro scones!

Churros are deep-fried and covered in cinnamon and sugar. And somehow, this scone recipe delivers all that yumminess without a single drop of oil or dairy. 

If you want to incorporate more nutty flavors into this recipe, add chopped pecans or walnuts for an added crunch. 

Topped with a brown sugar and cinnamon crumble, you’ll never look at fatty, deep-fried churros the same way.

9. Chai Spiced Scones With Cinnamon Glaze

Chai is one of my absolute favorite afternoon teas. It’s brimming with fall flavors from cinnamon, cloves, and ginger and is so soothing.

So, it only makes sense to transform those flavors into decedent scones. 

This recipe includes loose-leaf black tea right into the scone batter! So you know it’s as tasty as can be.

10. Vanilla Scones

I hate that people think of vanilla as boring. It’s so sweet and complex and one of my absolute favorite flavors.

This simple recipe incorporates a generous serving of vanilla flavors with bright coconut and lemon juice accents. 

They have a crumbly exterior with tender insides that pair perfectly with your favorite latte

Just be sure you have decent vanilla. Essence is synthetic and gross, so go for extract or paste!

11. Vegan Strawberry Scones

If you can’t get enough of summer strawberries, this simple scone recipe is made for you.

There’s nothing better than a fresh strawberry right out of the garden. It has a juicy sweetness that’s begging to be baked into something yummy.

With a hint of maple syrup, these summertime scones are a little sweeter than other options on this list.

But it’s not too much – especially if you add a smear of vegan butter. Still, it’s ideal for anyone with a sweet tooth. 

12. Vegan Chocolate Chip Scones

Calling all chocolate chip cookie addicts!

These chocolate chip scones capture the magic of your favorite cookies, so you can feel good about indulging first thing.

They take it easy on the sugar and earn a creamy pop of sweetness from mini chocolate chips that grab every bite. 

They’re the perfect way to tame your inner cookie monster before you finish your morning cup of coffee. 

13. Vegan Triple Chocolate Scones

Still with me, Chocoholics? Or did you race off to make the recipe above?

Either way, you’ll want to stick around for this one, because it’s got a triple dose of chocolate to curb your cravings.

These insanely indulgent triple chocolate scones include cocoa powder in the mixture for a rich dark chocolatey color.

They’re also lightly sweetened with chocolate chips and topped off with a gooey chocolate glaze. 

They’re nowhere near healthy. But do we really care?

14. Vegan Apple Cinnamon Scones

Speaking of healthy: these vegan apple and cinnamon scones aren’t exactly healthy, but they are health-adjacent.

This recipe doesn’t use butter or oil. Instead, you’ll use applesauce to achieve that perfectly moist center while infusing rich apple flavors. 

Topped with coconut sugar and cinnamon, they’re the perfect fall treat when your calorie budget is reserved for pumpkin-spiced lattes. 

15. Starbucks Copycat Vegan Pumpkin Scones

Pumpkin spice lattes aren’t the only fall treat Starbucks whips out every September. 

Their pumpkin scones are just as delicious as their lattes! But, unfortunately, they aren’t exactly vegan-friendly. 

Luckily, this copycat recipe incorporates a ton of pumpkin flavor into the batter. And that rich and creamy sugar glaze is to die for.

Is it better than Starbucks? Absolutely!

16. Vegan Maple Walnut Scones

Move over, pumpkins; there’s a new fall flavor in town. 

While pumpkin gets all of the attention in the autumn, maple and walnuts are a dynamic duo you shouldn’t underestimate.

And this recipe is all the proof you need!

These vegan maple and walnut scones are slightly sweet with a rich nutty crunch from walnuts.

Pair them with a hot cup of coffee, grab your favorite sweater, and a good book. It’s time to get cozy.

17. Savory Vegan Scones

Scone batter isn’t just for sweet treats, you know?

This savory vegan scone recipe is a great way to use those excess herbs growing in your garden. 

They earn a smoky burst of flavors from sun-dried tomatoes. They play so well with the fresh herbs in the mix. 

This scone recipe isn’t fussy. So, use whatever herbs you have on hand.

18. Vegan Cheese Scones

How can you make vegan cheese scones, you ask? By reaching for a block of your favorite vegan cheese (or making your own). 

These savory buttery scones earn a pop of fresh flavors from fresh chives and mustard powder.

But the vegan cheese mixed into the batter is the real star.

They offer a crunchy outside and a soft, flaky interior that puts pre-packaged dinner rolls to shame. 

And if you want to give them a boost, try adding sliced jalapeños to the mix!

19. Vegan Marzipan Cherry Scones

Marzipan is a mixture of finely ground almonds with sugar, corn syrup, and egg whites.

It’s blended until it resembles a paste and is impossibly sweet and decadent. 

When mixed into a light, buttery scone recipe, marzipan delivers intense nutty flavors that work so well with delicate cherries. 

It’s a little bit sweeter than your average scone but perfect for those with an insatiable sweet tooth!

20. Coconut Scones

These vegan coconut scones are a coconut lover’s dream.

From the creamy coconut milk to the coconut oil, they deliver very light coconut flavors with a subtle sweetness. 

Go ahead and use coconut sugar, too, if you want to add a deeper, almost caramel-like flavor too.

This recipe only requires six ingredients that are likely waiting for you as we speak in your pantry. 

Serve them with whipped coconut cream and some tasty mango jam. Yum!

20 Best Vegan Scones for Brunch

You don’t need butter and milk to create these drool-worthy vegan scone recipes. They’re flaky, soft, sweet, and delicious, even without the dairy.


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Vegan Scone Recipes

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