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20 Just Egg Recipes for the Best Vegan Brunch

Whether you’re vegan by choice or because of intolerances, these Just Egg recipes will make breakfast and brunch a little more enjoyable.

I mean, there are only so many overnight oats a gal can eat, right?

20 Just Egg Recipes for the Best Vegan Brunch featuring Breakfast with Scrambled Just eggs, Tomatoes, and Avocados
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Of course, Just Egg recipes are also ideal for people with egg allergies who like to indulge in real butter, milk, and cream.

Either way, it’s easy enough to swap certain ingredients to make something rich, tasty, and super satisfying.

Let’s dive in!

Easy JUST Egg Recipes Ideas

1. Vegan Breakfast Scramble With Just Egg

This vegan breakfast scramble is hearty, flavorful, and easy to make. It uses only eight ingredients and takes less than 20 minutes to pull together. 

You can adjust the recipe however you like; that’s the beauty of a scramble, after all. 

However, if you want this exact version, you’ll need onions, potatoes, bell peppers, oil, Just Egg, baby spinach, salt, and pepper. 

2. Just Egg French Toast

French toast is a bit too decadent to eat for breakfast every day, but it’s a wonderful treat for special occasions. 

Plus, if you make it with vegan butter, plant milk, and Just Egg, it’s not as indulgent as it might have otherwise been.  

It still features all the warm flavors of cinnamon, nutmeg, and maple syrup, though.

3. Easy Vegan Quiche With Just Egg (With Gluten-Free Crust)

Not all Just Egg products are totally vegan. Some actually use milk to make it more creamy.

With that in mind, you’ll want to double-check the carton before making this yummy vegan quiche.

It takes a bit longer to make than some of the other breakfast options on this list, but it’s full of ooey-gooey cheese, fresh, flavorful veggies, and features a buttery, flaky crust. 

Between the salty cheese or herby flavors of garlic and pepper, there’s no doubt you’ll be coming back for more.

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4. Spinach Artichoke Frittata Using JUST Egg 

If you prefer frittatas to quiche, this recipe is the one to try. (Personally, I’ll devour either one if you set it in front of me!)

It’s a hearty, veggie-packed breakfast that needs just 30 minutes of your time. 

It’s also the better option if you want something that’s brimming with herbs and spices.

5. JUST Egg Omelet

With a bit of Just Egg, a few common kitchen ingredients, and just 17 minutes, you can have this vegan-friendly omelet on the table and ready to eat. 

It’s light and fluffy like every good omelet should be, and you’ll stuff it with shallots, garlic, mushrooms, spinach, vegan cheese, and more.

It’s a quick, totally filling way to start the day. 

6. Egg Muffins

These faux-egg muffins are fluffy, flavorful, and full of veggies. They’re a great on-the-go option for breakfast, but they also work well for brunch.

Beng low-calorie (less than 100 per serving) and low-carb (three total carbs per serving), they fit in with a variety of dietary restrictions, so nobody will feel left out.

7. Vegan Buttermilk Waffles

Vegan buttermilk waffles have the same fantastic texture as regular Belgian waffles; crispy edges and soft, tender centers that practically melt on your tongue. 

They taste almost just like “regular” Belgian waffles, too, especially if you top them with maple syrup, powdered sugar, and berries. 

Best of all, you can make half a dozen of these thick, fluffy delights in just 20 minutes. 

8. Vegan Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict without eggs seems like a stretch, and it probably was before Just Egg hit the market.

With Just Egg, though, you can make a delectable Eggs Benedict in just 35 minutes.

It’s easy to make and filling enough to keep you going at least until lunchtime – maybe even longer! 

With the fantastic vegan hollandaise sauce, thick slices of tempeh bacon, and more, this one is hard not to love.

Even my non-vegetarian friends as for seconds. 

9. Veggie-Loaded JUST Egg Scramble

Here’s another veggie-packed Just Egg scramble for those of you who like a bit more spice in the morning. 

Along with the standard veggies for scrambles – onions, mushrooms, etc. – this one also includes habanero peppers. 

If you’re not vegan, go ahead and add a generous handful of shredded cheddar jack cheese too.

10. Vegan Latkes (Potato Pancakes)

These crunchy, oniony vegan latkes are a savory, hearty way to start your morning off right.

The recipe calls for Bob’s Red Mill egg replacer, but Just Egg works wonders, too. 

With this recipe, you can make more than a dozen in half an hour, and they’re 100% vegan-friendly. Perfect for your next vegan Passover.

11. Healthy Vegan Breakfast Tacos (with JUST Egg)

These breakfast tacos combine sweet potatoes, black and refried beans, Just Egg, onions, jalapeños, avocados, cheese, salsa, and more for one entirely unforgettable breakfast.

You can make several of them in just 30 minutes, and while they may not be the most traditional way to start the day, they’re certainly one of the most flavorful. 

I like to add some cilantro and squeeze a bit of lime juice on mine, but you enjoy your yummy breakfast tacos however you want. 

12. Full English Breakfast

A full English breakfast isn’t something you can eat every day; there’s just way too much of it! It would be pretty impossible to stay in shape if this was on the menu day after day.

When you want to treat yourself, though, a full English breakfast is the ideal choice – and you shouldn’t miss out on it just because you’re a vegan. 

Luckily, with Just Egg, some vegan bacon and sausage, and all the beans, veggies, and toast you want to add, you won’t have to miss out! 

13. Vegan Breakfast Casserole

This vegan breakfast casserole takes a bit of time to pull together, but it’s so delicious, and it’ll fill you up like no other breakfast will. 

It’s absolutely overflowing with veggies, hash browns, herbs, spices, and vegan sausages for that little extra pep in your step. 

If you’re looking for something super savory and hearty to the max, it’s hard to beat this vegan casserole

14. Vegan Egg Fried Rice

So far, we’ve focused primarily on breakfast and brunch dishes, but Just Egg isn’t strictly a breakfast food.

You can use it anywhere you’d use eggs, and this vegan egg fried rice is a great example.

It has all the flavor and texture of any fried rice you’ve ever had; in fact, unless someone tells you they used Just Egg in the recipe, I’m not sure you’d even know the difference.

Plus, it takes only 30 minutes to prepare and cook.

15. Easy Vegan Buddha Bowl with Gamja Jorim (Sweet and Salty Glazed Potatoes) & Just Egg

This sweet and salty dish is Asian food at its finest, and it’s a fantastic choice if you’re looking for an adventurous (but easy to make) brunch, lunch, or dinner.

Buddha bowls are bright, loaded with goodness, and so easy to modify. 

This vegan version is filling enough on its own, but if you want an even larger meal, pair it with the vegan fried rice above.

16. Kathy’s Vegan Breakfast Sandwich

This yummy sandwich takes 10 minutes to make and features vegan sausage, avocado, strawberry jam, Just Egg, vegan cheese, and baby spinach on an English muffin. 

Yes, you read that right: vegan sausage, cheese, and strawberry jam.

It’s a warm, savory breakfast with just a hint of sweetness from the jam that I think you’ll love. Of course, if you don’t like combining sweet with savory, leave the jam off.

17. Just Egg Sundried Tomato Feta Muffins

These sundried tomato feta muffins have a wonderfully zesty flavor from the feta, which pairs perfectly with the Just Egg, onions, tomatoes, and herbs. 

You’d think feta wouldn’t fit with all of those ingredients, but it’s actually the ideal complement. It perfectly enhances the overall flavor of the muffins without being too overpowering. 

18. Vegan Lemon Curd

All you’ll need to make vegan lemon curd is Just Egg, water, sugar, fresh lemon juice, cornstarch, vegan butter, sea salt, lemon zest, and about 15 minutes. 

It’s tart and tangy, has a wonderfully smooth texture, and tastes great by itself or drizzled over those waffles from above. You could even fill a batch of vegan cookies!

19. Easy + Delicious Crème Brûlée

Let’s be honest: crème brûlée is just plain fun.

It’s fun to make and fun to eat, and I’m not sure there’s anyone out there who doesn’t enjoy it. 

This recipe teaches you to make your own with six simple ingredients: water, full-fat coconut cream, Just Egg, sugar, vanilla extract, and sea salt. 

It’s dairy, egg, peanut, and gluten-free, and you can whip it up in just 30 minutes. How’s that for an easy vegan dessert?

20. Vegan Corn Pudding

Call it corn pudding or corn casserole, but either way, this dish is a holiday staple in households all across the country. 

This recipe lets you whip it up in just over an hour with fewer than ten ingredients. It has the same incredibly soft, creamy texture you’re used to, but it’s entirely egg-free and vegan-friendly.

So, if you’re headed to a holiday dinner with a bunch of non-vegans, go ahead and make two because everyone is going to want seconds, vegan or not. 

20 Best Just Egg Recipe Collection

Make your next brunch a vegan feast with these Just Egg recipes. Between the French toast and buttermilk waffles, they’re tasty, rich, and super satisfying.


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Just Egg Recipes

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