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17 Easy Vegan Noodle Recipes for Dinner

The next time you need something quick, easy, and meat-free, try one of these yummy vegan noodle recipes.

They’re so hearty and delicious, you won’t miss the meat one bit.

Thai Drunken Noodles or Pad Kee Mao
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It doesn’t matter what you’re in the mood for because there’s something here for everyone. 

From simple sesame noodles to dairy-free ramen, these yummy vegan noodle recipes are ideal for any occasion.

And you can always throw on some chicken or shrimp for the hard-core meat eaters at the table.

Not that you’ll need it, though! These meals are more than enough to keep you full all day.

Best Ever 15-Minute Vegan Garlic Noodles and More!

1.​ 15 Minute Vegan Garlic Noodles

I don’t know about you, but I have a straightforward motto when cooking: the more garlic, the better! 

And yes, that goes for just about everything, vegan noodles included. 

These buttery, garlicky noodles have plenty of umami flavor, and you’ll only need five ingredients to whip them up.

Better yet, they’re ready in just 15 minutes.

What can I say? There’s a reason these were number one on this list. 

2. 30-Minute Vegan Stir-Fry Sesame Noodles With Chickpeas & Basil

These stir-fry vegan noodles are chock-full of healthy, hearty ingredients. I’m talking broccoli, peppers, carrots, onions, and more!

They also feature a rich, sweet-savory-and-spicy sauce that gives them a phenomenal flavor.

And even with all those ingredients, it still takes just 30 minutes to make. 

3. Vegan Drunken Noodles

Drunken noodles are a spicy, flavorful Thai stir-fry dish I just can’t get enough of. And this vegan version is just as insanely addictive.

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It contains all the bold heat and rich flavors of the original. The difference is it features big chunks of tender tofu instead of meat. Yum!

4. Vegan Dan Dan Noodles

These spicy, veggie-packed dan dan noodles are one of my favorite options on the list.

They have a robust, savory flavor that’s impossibly tasty. They’re rich, nutty, and take less than an hour to pull together.

The recipe does call for some specialty Asian ingredients, though. So be aware of that before you start cooking. 

You don’t want to get 15 minutes in and realize you’re missing half of your ingredients, right?

Luckily, you’ll find most of what you need in Asian supermarkets or online.

5. Garlic Sesame Noodles

These 20-minute noodles are more than just vegan-friendly. They’re also gluten-free and protein-heavy, ensuring you stay full longer.

Jam-packed with lots of veggies and just enough sesame seeds for extra texture, they’re a robust, garlicky dish that’ll make your house smell amazing.

6. Vegan Singapore Noodles

Here’s another simple, plant-based meal with plenty of protein.

The tofu gives it added texture, flavor, and nutrients. Meanwhile, there’s plenty of crunch from the veggies.

Ready in 30 minutes or less, you’ll love its peppery flavor. It’s also one of the prettier dishes on the list. I mean, just look at those vibrant colors.

7. Easy Vegan Ramen

There’s much more to ramen than boiling hard noodles in the microwave. That’s the Americanized version of ramen, and it pales in comparison to the real deal.

Authentic ramen is so much tastier. 

For one thing, it comes with tons of veggies. There are also lots of herbs and seasonings to better the taste.

Sounds great, right? So what’s the downside?

Well, real ramen takes a bit longer to cook. Luckily, it’s an easy process that doesn’t require much hands-on work.

8. Vegan Japchae

These slippery Korean noodles are garlicky, veggie-packed, and gluten-free. They’re the perfect noodles for slurping up Lady and the Tramp style.

They have a light, garden-fresh taste and are ready in 30 minutes or less.

If you want a new go-to Asian meal, this one’s hard to beat.

9. Vegetable Lo Mein With Crispy Tofu

Forget ordering takeout. This vegetable lo mein is some of the best you’ll ever eat. (And that’s with or without the crispy tofu!)

It has a warm, sweet-n-spicy sauce and plenty of tender noodles. The crisp veggies are where most of your flavor comes from, though. 

Make it with the tofu if you like, or enjoy it purely with veggies. You’ll appreciate it either way.

10. Simple Hoisin Tofu Noodles

These are the meatiest meat-free noodles you’ll ever try.

They’re dense and filling, full of tasty, fragrant ingredients, and impossible to resist. 

The sauce on this one is a particular favorite of mine. It has a bold, rich flavor, combining spicy sweetness and umami goodness in every bite. 

It’s a tricky sauce to describe but an easy one to love. So check these out if you’re in the mood for lots of flavor. 

11. Vegan Pad Thai

Pad Thai usually has eggs and lots of meat.

Obviously, this vegan version doesn’t include either. But that’s all it lacks, I promise!

There is so much color and flavor in this one simple dish. Not to mention the textures and aromas!

It’s a genuine cornucopia of deliciousness. 

Toss in some extra peanuts for crunch, and enjoy! You won’t want to stop until your bowl is empty. (And then you might be tempted to lick it clean!)

12. Vegan Crack Chili Tofu Noodle Bowl

This gluten-free, nut-free tofu bowl takes just 25 minutes to prepare. It’s veggie-packed, protein-rich, and one helluva flavor bomb. 

Unfortunately, these noodles are a bit high in carbs. So keep that in mind if you’re on a low-carb or ketogenic diet. 

13. Vegan Rice Noodles

Need something simple you can pull together in 10 minutes or less? You’ll definitely appreciate these vegan rice noodles

It’s a simple, seven-ingredient dish with a mild, bright flavor.

Serve it as a yummy side dish, or have it as a main course. It’s hearty enough to be an entree and takes just eight minutes to complete. 

Who can say no to that?

14. Vegan Yaki Udon

This 30-minute meal is a lot like vegetable lo mein.

It includes plenty of scrummy veggies and has a sweet and savory sauce that adds plenty of flavor. 

Most of the ingredients are soft and chewy, but the broccoli and peppers retain their crunch.

It’s a tasty but unassuming dish that’s very easy on your stomach. 

15. Mediterranean Zucchini Noodles

This light, bright Mediterranean dish is a juicy, flavorful treat. And it’s probably the most unique item on the list. 

Bursting with tomatoes, artichoke hearts, hummus, and more, there’s a plethora of colors and tastes in every bite. 

It’s a delightful dish straight from the Mediterranean Basin. It also incorporates plenty of Middle Eastern flavors.

So, if you like bright, zesty recipes, you’ll love it. 

16. Classic Vegan Chicken Noodle Soup

Chicken noodle soup is the most comforting of comfort foods. And no one should have to give it up, even if they don’t eat meat.

That’s why I love this vegan “chicken” noodle soup so much. 

It looks, smells, and feels just like authentic chicken noodle soup. Best of all, it tastes like it, too.

The only thing it’s missing is the chicken. Trust me, though; you’ll never even know it’s gone. 

17. No-Boil Chickpea Noodle Casserole

Want something creamy and a little bit indulgent? Check out this recipe for chickpea noodle casserole.

It’s a rich, cheesy (but cheese-less) casserole the whole family will love. 

It may be dairy-free, but it makes up for that in sheer decadence. And thanks to all the veggies, it’s pretty good for you, too. 

If you need to entice your kiddos to eat more veggies, this casserole can help.

17 Easy Vegan Noodle Recipe Collection

The next time you need something quick, easy, and meat-free, try one of these yummy vegan noodle recipes. They’re so hearty, you won’t miss the meat!


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