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20 Best Torani Syrup Flavors To Try

Take your drinks to the next level with these Torani syrup flavors! 

You can add oomph to coffee, hot chocolate, tea, lemonade, sparkling water, and more. 

20 Best Torani Syrup Flavors To Try featuring Bottles of Torani Syrup Flavors: Chocolate Milano, Classic Hazelnut and Vanilla Bean

Torani Syrup Flavors 

I love to add a little excitement to my daily routine. So, I am a long-time fan of Torani syrup-boosted recipes. I especially love it in coffee!

And with so many Torani syrup flavors to choose from, the possibilities are endless. 

Up for some classic vanilla and salted caramel? Torani has it! But they also have unique tastes like macadamia, peppermint, or bourbon. 

Here are 20 of my favorite Torani syrup flavors! 

Bottle of Torani Sugar-Free Vanilla Syrup on Wooden Cutting Board with a Glass Mug of Coffee to the Right and a Vase of Yellow Mini Chrysanthemums to the Left

1. Vanilla

Vanilla is a classic flavor that is beloved by many. 

And for good reason. It is sweet, delicate, and aromatic. Torani syrup captures the delicious essence of vanilla with its smooth syrup. 

Vanilla Torani is the perfect way to enhance your favorite coffee or tea beverages. You can even use it in your favorite cocktails! 

Serve a piping hot latte with a shot of Torani vanilla syrup. Or mix it in an iced coffee for a tasty treat.

Bottle of Torani Sugar-Free French Vanilla Flavor

2. Sugar-Free French Vanilla

This flavor is both indulgent and guilt-free. 

French vanilla usually refers to a custard-making process that uses eggs. This results in a super creamy vanilla custard. 

Somehow, Torani magicked French vanilla into their delicious syrups. Seriously. This sugar-free flavor will transport you straight to a cozy French patisserie.

And it will keep your sugar intake in check. 

It is perfect for adding a touch of sweetness to your morning coffee.

Bottle of Torani Sugar-Free Salted Caramel Syrup with Salted Caramel Candy Squares and Other Caramel Desserts Around the Bottle

3. Salted Caramel

This syrup is a crowd favorite, with its perfect balance of salty and sweet notes. 

It pairs well with a variety of beverages and snacks. 

One fabulous suggestion is to mix this syrup into espresso. The result is divine.

Alternatively, use it as a topping for ice cream, yogurt, or pancakes. Yep! Torani is meant for drinks, but it tastes great on food, too.

Mug of Latte, Bottle of Torani Brown Sugar Cinnamon Syrup, and Cookies on Plate on a Brown Wood Countertop

4. Brown Sugar Cinnamon

The brown sugar cinnamon flavor is a true delight to the senses. 

Warm cinnamon and sweet brown sugar create a harmonious, spiced aroma. Not to mention the taste. It is so yummy! 

I love adding this one to my coffee on chilly autumn mornings. I think it feels like a warm hug in a mug. 

Bottle of Torani Raspberry Syrup

5. Raspberry 

Torani raspberry syrup is so vibrant and luscious- it will instantly awaken your taste buds! 

The raspberry flavor is so pure it tastes like freshly picked raspberries. 

The syrup is perfect for adding to your favorite iced tea, sparkling water, or cocktails. Also, raspberry lattes are underrated. 

You can also use this syrup to make a delicious raspberry smoothie or milkshake.

Bottle of Torani Sugar-free Classic Hazelnut Syrup

6. Sugar-Free Classic Hazelnut

Add this tasty syrup to your coffee to enjoy hazelnuts without the extra calories. 

You can also jazz up your smoothie, tea, protein shake, or milkshake with it. Sugar-free hazelnut syrup is sweet, nutty, and guilt-free! 

I thick it is delicious in hot chocolate. 

Bottle of Torani Syrup Pumpkin Spice Flavor and Pumpkin Spice Latte with Cinnamon Sticks and Coffee Beans

7. Pumpkin Spice

The pumpkin spice Torani syrup is the epitome of fall in a bottle. 

The aroma is warm and comforting. You fragrant cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger in every sip. 

The flavor is smooth and balanced, with just the right amount of sweetness to complement any drink. 

Mix a tablespoon of syrup with hot steamed milk and a shot of espresso. Now, you have a festive pumpkin spice latte!

(And you don’t have to spend the big bucks at Starbucks!)

Bottle of Torani Sugar-free Classic Caramel

8. Sugar-Free Classic Caramel

Looking for a classic caramel flavor that won’t spike your blood sugar levels? 

Look no further than Sugar-Free Classic Caramel Torani syrup!

Experience all the luscious flavor of sweet, buttery caramel without added sugars. 

Drizzle it over your morning coffee or latte for a sinfully indulgent treat. But it will not wreak havoc on your diet!

Bottle of Torani Chocolate Macadamia Nut Syrup Flavor, Glass Mug of Latte and Cookies

9. Macadamia Nut

Sweet and nutty, Torani macadamia nut syrup is the perfect addition to any beverage. 

Mix it with your latte and white chocolate sauce for a delicious dessert drink! But it is also quite yummy over yogurt or ice cream. 

With this syrup, the possibilities are endless.

Bottle of Torani Cheesecake Syrup

10. Cheesecake

This Torani syrup flavor is bursting with creamy cheesecake goodness. 

What makes it so wonderful? This syrup features real cream and natural flavors. It is the perfect addition to your morning coffee or latte. 

Drizzle it over pancakes or waffles for an indulgent breakfast treat. Or mix it into your favorite cocktail for a sweet twist.

Bottle of Torani Peppermint Syrup and Torani Dark Chocolate Syrup with a Festive Holiday Background

11. Peppermint

Peppermint Torani syrup is a refreshing flavor that tastes like a crisp winter breeze. 

The flavor is pure and stimulating, with a hint of irresistible sweetness.

Add some to your hot chocolate or latte to create a chilly, refreshing twist.

Bottle of Torani Sugar-free Chocolate Syrup

12. Sugar-Free Chocolate

This decadent flavor is perfect for your morning coffee or hot cocoa. 

Just a pump or two is all you need. And you will transport to a dreamy chocolate paradise. 

Add it to ice cream, yogurt, or pancakes for a yummy treat.

I mean, who doesn’t love chocolate? Especially when you can enjoy it guilt-free!

Bottle of Torani Peach Syrup and a Glass of Refreshing Peach Drink Garnished with Peach

13. Sugar-Free Peach

Thanks to this syrup, you can enjoy a deliciously sweet and juicy peach flavor without guilt! 

Drizzle it over Greek yogurt or oatmeal for a healthy yet satisfying breakfast. Or mix it into your favorite beverage for a fruity kick. 

I love making Italian sodas with peach syrup and sparkling water. They are so light and delicious! Add a splash of cream to make it French.

(You can do this with all of the fruity flavors!)

Get creative and experiment with this irresistible sugar-free peach flavor in your kitchen!

Bottle of Torani Sugar-Free Strawberry Syrup and Ice Cold Strawberry Drinks with Strawberries and Lemons in the Background

14. Strawberry

Strawberry is a delightful Torani syrup flavor that bursts with sweetness. 

It captures the essence of fresh strawberries in every sip. 

This syrup flavor is perfect for adding to milkshakes, smoothies, or cocktails. 

Heck, you can even add it to a cake! Mix it into the batter or the frosting. Now, your cake will be a strawberry sensation. 

Bottle of Torani Sugar-Free White Chocolate Syrup

15. White Chocolate

White Chocolate Torani syrup is a dream come true for dessert lovers. 

This option has a luscious flavor- perfect for lattes, milkshakes, and hot chocolate. And texture-wise, it is incredibly creamy. 

Love to experiment?

This flavor pairs well with raspberry, caramel, and hazelnut syrups.

Bottle of Torani Bourbon Caramel Syrup

16. Bourbon Caramel

Let me introduce the rich flavor of Bourbon Caramel from Torani. 

Savor the distinct notes of bourbon and sweet caramel with every sip. 

Obviously, this syrup will taste fantastic with coffee. But you can add a splash to your cocktails for an unforgettable twist. 

And if you want to up the ante, try it over vanilla ice cream. Talk about a luxurious dessert experience.

Bottle of Torani Pomegranate Syrup

17. Pomegranate 

Torani pomegranate syrup tastes just like the ruby fruit! 

You enjoy a harmonious blend of tart and sweet notes with each sip. It feels dark and sensual. And honestly, this stuff is just plain delicious! 

I love its hints of grenadine and red fruit flavors.

Bottle of Torani Cane Sugar Sweetener

18. Cane Sweetener 

The cane sweetener is perfect for adding a touch of sweetness to your favorite drinks. 

I love it because it saves me the time and effort of making simple syrup. 

Cane sweetener is also excellent for experimenting with new cocktails and mocktails. And it pairs perfectly with all of the other flavors! 

Bottle of Torani Sugar-free English Toffee Syrup

19. Sugar-Free English Toffee

We usually associate toffee with a bunch of sugar. But Torani has a sugar-free version, allowing you to enjoy it guilt-free!

This is one of my favorite flavors because of its buttery, nutty taste. Pair it with the chocolate syrup for the ultimate combo.  

Torani English toffee syrup will be your new go-to ingredient.

Bottle of Torani Cherry Syrup

20. Cherry

The cherry Torani syrup is one of the most popular flavors in their lineup. And there is a reason for that. 

This delicious fruit syrup delivers the perfect balance of sweet and tangy.

The luscious cherry flavor is fantastic in cocktails. I like to pair it with chocolate syrup and a coffee- a Black Forest latte. 

And it makes one tantalizing Italian soda. 

Try it out for yourself, and don’t be afraid to experiment!

20 Best Torani Syrup Flavors To Try

Elevate your next beverage with these Torani syrup flavors. With options like caramel, toffee, or raspberry, you can take your drink from good to GREAT!


  • Vanilla

  • Sugar-Free French Vanilla

  • Salted Caramel

  • Brown Sugar Cinnamon

  • Raspberry

  • Sugar-Free Classic Hazelnut

  • Pumpkin Spice

  • Sugar-Free Classic Caramel

  • Macadamia Nut

  • Cheesecake

  • Peppermint

  • Sugar-Free Chocolate

  • Sugar-Free Peach

  • Strawberry

  • White Chocolate

  • Bourbon Caramel

  • Pomegranate

  • Cane Sweetener

  • Sugar-Free English Toffee

  • Cherry


  • Select your favorite Torani syrup.
  • Add it to your beverage for a delicious burst of flavor!
Torani Syrup Flavors

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