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25 Fun Thanksgiving Desserts for Kids

From apple cakes to turkey-shaped candies, these cute Thanksgiving desserts for kids will add oomph to any holiday celebration.

They’re not just wonderfully sweet, these Turkey Day treats are extra adorable, to boot.

Sweet Pumpkin Cake Pops for Thanksgiving
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If you want something special for the kids this Thanksgiving, I’ve got 25 insanely cute recipes right here.

I’m talking caramel apples, cookies, brownies, and more!

They’re all crazy easy to make and super fun. And trust me, you’ll want to make extra because they won’t last.

So get the little ones involved and make these fun Thanksgiving desserts.

They’re so yummy, you might forget all about the pie!

25 Cute and Delicious Thanksgiving Treats for Kids

1. Candy Acorns 

Candy acorns are straightforward treats that’ll be a big hit with the kids.

You only need some chocolate kisses, Nilla wafers, and a little bit of melted chocolate to glue them together. 

In just a few minutes, you and the kids will have the cutest and sweetest candy acorns that’re perfect for the kids’ table. 

Your kids will love them, and they’ll be the talk of the party.

2. Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Turkeys

Bet you never thought you could make a turkey from a fresh strawberry. I didn’t either!

This idea is pure genius – though it is a little time-consuming.

Luckily, the instructions are easy to follow, and there are pictures to make it super clear.

And they’re more than worth the effort, don’t you think?

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3. Cornucopias

One of the most recognizable symbols of Thanksgiving is the cornucopia, also known as the Horn of Plenty. 

But for kids, these cornucopias are so much more than just a pretty display.

They’re sugar cones filled with fruit-flavored candies! What could be more fun than that? 

Again, it’ll take a bit of time to make the candies. That said, if you can find some ready-made, this’ll be ready in minutes.

4. Mini Pumpkin Pie Pops

From the cute shape to the sweet filling, your kids will go nuts for these mini pie pops.

Use a store-bought pie dough to make it quick, and choose any shaped cutter you like.

The pumpkins are obviously adorable, but you could use leaves if you prefer.

Be sure not to overfill the middle, and press the edges firmly to seal them.

Finished with sweet glaze, you might find the grown-ups fighting for a share!

5. Candy Corn Cupcakes 

Making cupcakes is always fun, but it’s even more fun when they’re themed! 

These candy corn cupcakes are perfect for Thanksgiving and Halloween, and they couldn’t be easier to make. 

Simply start with a white cake mix and split it in half. Next, you’ll color one bowl orange and the other yellow, then layer the batter carefully in the liners.

Finally, top them with white buttercream frosting and garnish with candy corn and sprinkles.

The kids will love decorating them, and they’ll go nut when dessert rolls around!

6. Turkey Candy Brownies

These turkey brownies are almost too cute to eat but too yummy not to! What a dilemma, amirite?

Use a boxed mix and let it go cold. Then cut it into circles – and eat the rest!

Decorate them with candy corn and candy eyes to give the turkeys some feathers and a face. 

If you’re feeling extra creative, you can even add some chocolate chips for the feet. 

7. Pumpkin Pie Rice Krispies Treats

As yummy as pumpkin pie is, I know plenty of kids that won’t touch it. But they’ll devour this fun and inventive faux pie in seconds!

I mean, even I want a slice.

The pumpkin pie spice is optional, but I think it makes it extra special. And the orange is a no-brainer for the pie effect.

Top it with a dollop of whipped cream, and the ‘slice’ is complete!

8. Turkey Cake 

Want something unique and festive to serve for Thanksgiving dessert? Why not give this turkey cake a try? 

It looks like a turkey, but it tastes like a heavenly cake.

Despite looking so intricate, though, the recipe is super simple. All you’ll need here is a boxed cake mix, some candy melts, and an easy buttercream frosting!

9. Apple Pie Cookies

These apple pie cookies look and taste exactly like an apple pie but smaller!

There’s something about these babies that just screams Thanksgiving. And the kids will love them!

From the warm, cinnamony filling to the flaky crust that crumbles perfectly when you take a bite, you’ll love them too.

These cookies are a must-try, whether it’s Thanksgiving or not.

10. Thanksgiving Cookies (Pilgrim Cookies)

There are so many creative designs to choose from when it comes to Thanksgiving cookies.

And it’s always fun to see what new creations people come up with each year. 

Some of my personal favorites are these pilgrim hat cookies. 

All you need are some fudge-striped cookies, marshmallows, and melted chocolate to recreate them!

11. Indian Corn Cakes – Harvest Corn Cake 

Here’s another festive Thanksgiving dessert you can whip up with just a few simple ingredients.

All you’ll need is a box of cake mix, peanuts, a can of vanilla frosting, and Reese’s pieces. 

Once the cake is ready (and cold), cut it into the shape of an ear of corn. Then, frost it and add the nuts and Reese’s pieces to form the corn kernels.

It’s perfect for Thanksgiving, easy to make, and so darn delicious!

12. Pretzel Turkey Jar with Chocolate Covered Pretzels

How fun is this turkey jar idea?

If you have a glass jar and a bit of creativity, you can recreate this with ease. And it makes a terrific centerpiece for your turkey day table.

Fill it up with chocolate and sprinkle covered pretzel rods, and it’ll be the talk of the table. Gobble gobble!

13. Dirt Pudding 

This next dessert may be more appropriate for Halloween, but it’s so cute and tasty, you should definitely serve it for Thanksgiving, too.

The Oreo crust and fluffy cream cheese pudding are a delicious combination, and the crushed Oreos on top give it that adorably creepy look. 

Stick with the gummy worms if you like. Or try to find some fun, festive sweets instead.

You can even use different flavors of Oreos. I think the pumpkin-spiced ones would look extra cute!

14. Harvest Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

No kid can resist a thick chocolate chip cookie – especially when it’s covered in chocolate and candy corn!

This is so easy to make – you can even use store-bought cookie dough if you’re in a pinch.

Press it into a round pan and bake until firm at the edges. Then, cover it with chocolate frosting or ganache and add the candy corn.

You can even get the kids involved – though you might not have enough to cover the whole cookie pizza!

15. Chocolate Caramel Turkey Legs 

While this dessert seems a bit complex, I promise it’s a breeze!

If you look closely, it’s just pretzel rods disguised as turkey legs.

Marshmallows, chocolate, sprinkles, nuts, and caramel disguise the rods and make them look like yummy turkey legs. How fun!

16. Pumpkin Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting 

Unlike most recipes I’ve featured, there are no gimmicks in this next dessert. Instead, they’re just pure, unadulterated cupcakes.

But just because they’re simple doesn’t mean they taste basic. Quiet the opposite!

The sponge is infused with pumpkin and spice, giving it a delightfully warm finish.

They’re smothered with a silky cream cheese frosting with a subtle tanginess that complements the cupcakes beautifully.

This is one everyone at the table will appreciate.

17. Oreo Cookie Balls 

So you want to serve the kids cake pops this Thanksgiving, but you don’t want the hassle of baking a cake and making frosting.

Well, I have good news for you! These Oreo cookie balls are cake pops made easy. 

All you need is a package of Oreos, some cream cheese, and melted candy!

Simply combine crushed Oreos and cream cheese, roll them into balls, dip them in melted chocolate, and enjoy! How easy is that?

18. Adorable Candy Pretzel Turkey Bites 

These Thanksgiving-themed treats are easy to make and are sure to be a hit with kids and adults alike. 

For this dessert, you need pretzel twists, Rolos, Reese’s Pieces, and candy corn.

When done right, they look like little turkeys!

Best of all, they can be made ahead of time, so you can relax and enjoy the holiday.

19. Pumpkin Cookies with Cream Cheese Frosting 

Here’s another simple yet spectacular Thanksgiving dessert everyone at your party will want to try.

These pumpkin cookies are so soft they melt in your mouth. And the cream cheese frosting makes them all the more indulgent.

Once you’ve tried them, you’ll be hooked forever.

20. Pumpkin Pie Bombs 

These pumpkin pie bombs are flaky, buttery pastries with a sweet, spiced pumpkin filling.

Topped with a luscious cream cheese glaze, they really are the bomb!

They’re also a cinch to whip up and can be made ahead of time.

21. Reese’s Candy Turkeys 

These Reese’s candy turkeys are another fun dessert to add to your Thanksgiving dessert table.

They’re highly adorable, and let’s be honest – any dessert with peanut butter cups is a sure win.

To make them, use Reese’s peanut butter cups for the face, candy corn for the feathers, and candy eyes for the, well, eyes. 

Glue them together with melted chocolate, and boom, you’re done.

22. Chocolate Covered Caramel Popcorn Balls

All kids love popcorn. And what better way to serve it than on a stick covered in chocolate?

You’ll use caramel candies to keep things easy and feel free to make the balls smaller if that’s easier.

Either way, I think they look best only half-dipped, so you can see the popcorn.

Sprinkle them with fun, festive sprinkles, and enjoy!

23. Pumpkin Cake Pops 

Featuring pumpkin spice cake mix and cream cheese frosting mashed together to form a soft dough, these cake pops are impossible to resist.

Roll that into balls and dip them in orange candy melts for a fun pumpkin-like effect.

24. Caramel Apple Slices

Most kids can’t sit through an entire holiday feast. So if you need something for them to eat on the move, try these fun caramel apple slices.

With that thick slice of apple, they’re probably the healthiest recipe on the list.

Of course, you’ll smother it with chocolate, caramel, and candies, so…it’s about balance!

25. Mini Turkey Donuts 

Mini donuts are fantastic for your turkey-themed dessert table! 

They’re made with store-bought, chocolate-covered mini donuts covered in chocolate jimmies. 

Decorated with Reese’s pieces and candy eyes, they look like little turkeys.

You can use other candies to decorate them or keep it simple with just the chocolate glaze. Either way, they’re sure to be a hit with the kids.

25 Fun Thanksgiving Desserts for Kids

From apple-flavored cakes to turkey-shaped candies and confections, these cute Thanksgiving desserts for kids will add oomph to any holiday celebration.


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Thanksgiving Desserts for Kids

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