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15 Fresh Thai Salads to Spice Up Your Summer

Put down the Ranch and step away from the Caesar because these bright and fresh Thai salads are sure to become your new family faves.

With light and zippy flavors and a fantastic mix of textures, these Thai salad recipes are the perfect way to enjoy fresh produce. 

Thai Noodle Salad with Noodles and Cucumber
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From crunchy peanut dressings to cooling cucumber salads, there’s something for everyone here.

I adore the rainbow salad with mango, so if you’re not sure what to make first, I highly recommend you start there!

That said, each of these Thai salads is delicious and easy. So try them all and let me know which is your favorite.

Easy and Vibrant Chopped Thai Salad and More!

1. Thai Crunch Salad with Peanut Dressing

This is the perfect recipe for anyone who loves Thai food but is looking for a lighter, healthier option.

Made with fresh vegetables, including cabbage, carrots, peppers, and cucumbers, it’s tossed in a light peanut dressing you’ll go nuts for (pun intended).

The result is a delicious and healthy dish that will please even the pickiest eaters.

And best of all, the recipe is easy to follow and can be prepared in just minutes.

2. Rainbow Thai Salad with Mango

Isn’t this salad stunning?

Featuring colorful ingredients, like red bell peppers, red cabbage, green onions, cilantro, and mango, it’s a feast for the eyes and the belly! 

The dressing is a simple mixture of lime juice, soy sauce, and honey, so you can whip it up last minute in seconds.

The harmony of flavors in this recipe is truly impeccable. Serve it with grilled chicken or shrimp.

3. Chopped Thai Salad with Sesame Garlic Dressing

If you always seem to have an abundance of fresh vegetables in the spring and summer, you’ll want to take this recipe for a spin.

Packed with nutrient-rich ingredients like carrots, edamame, kale, and cilantro, it’s a healthy and satisfying option for lunch or dinner.

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The sesame garlic dressing is simple to make and adds a delicious depth of flavor to the dish.

4. Spicy Thai Grapefruit Salad

Get ready to please your taste buds and your Instagram followers.

The key to this dish is in the beautiful balance of flavors, with the grapefruit’s sweetness countered by the chili peppers’ heat.

Plus, there’s a hint of acidity from the lime juice. 

In addition to being delicious, this salad is also beautiful, featuring bright pink grapefruit chunks, vibrant mango, and star anise.

“Wow” is an understatement.

5. Yam Som O (Thai Pomelo Salad)

Made with pomelo, shredded coconut, and shallots, this Thai salad has a fabulous blend of sweet, sour, and spicey.

One minute it’s bright and fresh, and the next, your lips tingle with hidden heat. It’s soo tasty!

And if you can’t find pomelo, feel free to substitute grapefruit or oranges.

6. Green Papaya Salad

Looking for a light and refreshing salad to enjoy this summer? Then you’ll want to try this recipe! 

Between the shredded green papaya, grape tomatoes, beans, and Thai basil, this salad is ideal for a hot summer day.

The best part? It’s super easy to make!

Simply combine all ingredients in a bowl and dress with a spicy dressing. 

So, give this salad a try next time you’re in the mood for something healthy and delicious!

7. Thai Green Mango Salad

Thai food is renowned for its delicate balance of salty, sweet, sour, and spicy flavors.

And this salad is a prime example of this culinary philosophy in action. 

With unripe green mangoes, which are crispy and tart, plus a wonderful blend of brown sugar and chiles, it’s such a fun dish to devour.

It’s also traditionally garnished with peanuts, giving it a crunchy texture.

8. Thai Beef Salad

My favorite thing about Thai food is that it leans towards staying healthy – even when a dish seems indulgent.

And that’s all thanks to fresh ingredients and plenty of fruits and veggies.

This Thai beef salad is no exception and is sure to satisfy health-conscious gurus and hard-core meat-eaters alike.

Thai beef is cooked with a variety of vegetables and a light dressing, making it a perfect meal for any time of day.

9. Crunchy Thai Chicken Salad with Peanut Dressing

This recipe is a healthy and delicious way to enjoy a classic Thai dish.

The salad is made with chicken, vegetables, and various herbs and spices, all tossed in a light and flavorful peanut dressing.

The result is a salad packed with flavor and nutrients that can be enjoyed as a main course or as a side dish.

10. Spicy Thai Shrimp Salad (Pla Goong)

Are you on the hunt for a refreshing and flavorful dish to make all summer? Try this incredible shrimp salad recipe.

You’ll need cooked shrimp, fresh herbs, and a zesty dressing. One mouthful is uniquely sweet and spicy with beautiful pops of meaty goodness.

The salad also includes fresh mint leaves, cilantro, and red onions. These ingredients add a bright flavor to the dish.

And, guess what? It only takes 5 minutes to prepare.

11. Thai Cucumber Salad

This salad has cucumbers, Thai sweet chili sauce, red onion, cilantro, and a yummy dressing.

And while that may sound simple, the flavors are on point.

Between the cool cucumbers and the spicy chili sauce, you get some incredible contrasts. Meanwhile, the sweetness of red onions ties everything together.

It’s a great side dish to any Thai meal, or it can be enjoyed on its own if you like.

12. Vegan Pad Thai Salad

Make pad Thai at home, but extra healthy and vegan!

Noodles, vegetables, and a savory sauce come together in this terrifically tasty dish ideal for lunch or a light dinner.

It’s dairy-free and also packed with nutrients, so you can be sure you’re getting a healthy meal. 

13. Thai Winged Bean Salad (Yum Tua Pu)

If you’ve never cooked with winged beans before, consider this a sign to buy some.

A type of Thai bean with long, flat pods, they’re sweet like peas with a crunchy texture. Some people say they’re similar to asparagus too.

For this simple salad, you’ll cook them until they’re tender. Then, mix them with a variety of other ingredients, including coconut, chilies, and shallots. 

The salad is seasoned with fish sauce and lime juice and served cold or at room temperature.

It’s best enjoyed with a cold beer or iced tea.

14. Yam Khai Dao (Thai Fried Egg Salad)

This is basically an embellished Thai fried egg salad, and it’s so good, you’ll want to put it on everything!

The eggs can be cooked in various ways, but the most popular method is to fry them.

Once they’re cooked, they’re chopped up and mixed with red onions, coriander, chili peppers, fish sauce, and lime juice. 

Serve this with rice or noodles, and be prepared to share the recipe. It’s beyond delish!

15. Yum Woon Sen (Thai Glass Noodle Salad)

Light and refreshing, this wonderful salad is perfect for when you need a make-ahead dish.

Mix some noodles with cooked shrimp, red peppers, baby tomatoes, and peanuts.

For the dressing, all you need is some lime juice, fish sauce, sugar, and chili peppers.

Give everything a good toss, and you’re done! How easy is that?

15 Fresh Thai Salads to Spice Up Your Summer

Put down the Ranch dressing and step away from the Caesar because these bright and fresh Thai salads are sure to become your new family faves.


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