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25 Best Serrano Pepper Recipes

If you’re a fan of spicy food, then you’ll love these Serrano pepper recipes.

These fiery little peppers are perfect for adding some heat to your favorite foods.

Spicy Homemade Chimichurri Sauce
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From main courses to desserts and even cocktails, they’ll add a little excitement to anything.

So get ready to spruce up your meals and check out these recipes!

1. Restaurant-Style Salsa

When it comes to dips, salsa is king, and this bright, red salsa will grace your dinner table with a flavorful spice!

For one, they’re delicious. They’re spicy, tangy, and salty, with just a touch of smokiness from roasting the tomatoes.

And two, they are incredibly versatile! Use them as a dip for tortilla chips or pile them on tacos and enchiladas.

2. Spicy Serrano Hot Sauce

Spruce up your regular meals with this hot sauce recipe that’ll intensify every dish!

This recipe showcases the spice of fermented serrano peppers. It’s then mixed with vinegar, garlic, tequila, and lime juice to add tang.

Add a dollop of this hot sauce to just about any other recipe you can think of to kick up the flavor. It’s all good!

3. Mexican Pickled Peppers 

Grace your tastebuds with the burst of flavors and textures of these Mexican pickled peppers!

It combines the fiery serrano peppers with fresh, crunchy veggies seasoned in vinegar. 

This recipe is perfect as a side dish or hors d’oeuvre to serve up at a party!

4. Cilantro and Serrano Rice

If you’re like me and you love rice, this recipe is sure to knock your socks off!

Add a flair of Mexican flavors into your plain ol’ rice to jazz up every meal.

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Combine the citrusy flavor of cilantro with the peppery spice of Serrano peppers, then drizzle with olive oil.

This recipe is perfect for adding some spice to BBQ parties or if you simply want to level up the regular weekday meals.

5. Spicy Serrano Pepper Chimichurri Sauce

I’ve always loved the addition of a good sauce in every dish. And if you’re like me, you won’t be able to resist this!

The spicy Serrano peppers and the vibrant flavors of fresh herbs are seasoned and drizzled with olive oil. One taste of this sauce, and you’ll be hooked!

6. Chiles Toreados Recipe: Mexican Blistered Peppers 

If you’ve ever been to a Mexican restaurant, you’ve probably seen these Mexican chiles on their menu.

The Serrano and jalapeño peppers are fried in oil, then flavored with a spritz of lime juice and a dash of salt.

Capture the authentic Mexican flavors with this recipe that goes along with any dish.

7. Salsa Verde Recipe

This salsa recipe is brimming with spicy, bold flavors that’ll surely be a staple in your pantry!

The combination of tarty tomatillos with hot serrano peppers creates an intense burst of flavors. Salsa verde is perfect for enchiladas, tacos, and even eggs.

8. Chunky Guacamole with Serrano Peppers

When it comes to dips and spreads, guacamole is always a favorite. But if you’ve been making it the same way for years, it’s time to tweak things a bit.

This addictive recipe features a spicy ingredient from serrano peppers. It gives the guacamole a kick in the best possible way.

Throw all of your ingredients into one bowl, mash everything up with a fork, and… ta-da! You’re ready to dip anything and everything your heart desires.

9. Serrano Pepper Avocado Toast

Take the classic avocado toast recipe up a notch by adding some heat from serrano peppers.

A bite into this toast creates a burst of flavors and textures that’ll delight your tastebuds. 

This recipe has all the good stuff! The creaminess of the avocado, the smoky flavors of grilled corn, and the spice of serrano peppers—what more could you ask for?

10. Spicy Basil Pesto

Pesto is one of those sauces I love because it’s so versatile. Make it as spicy or mild as you like, and pair it with endless flavor combinations.

This spicy basil pesto recipe will fire up your boring pasta dinner with its fresh and bold flavors.

Using a fresh few ingredients, you’ll be able to pull off this crowd-pleasing dish!

11. Fresh Mango Salsa

Nothing compares to the festival of flavors and colors in this fresh mango salsa recipe!

The zesty, sweet mangoes fired up with chili peppers like Serranos are truly bliss on a plate.

Savor the flavor of this salsa with a tortilla chip or top it over with grilled foods.

12. Grilled Corn Salad

Chill and grill with this corn salad recipe to enjoy summer flavors in under 45 minutes.

Delight your tastebuds with the smoky flavor of corn spiced up with Serrano peppers and a mild balance from the zucchini.

This salad recipe will surely be a crowd-pleaser at your next BBQ party!

13. Mexican Style Sunnyside-Up Eggs and Salsa

Start your day with this eggcellent breakfast filled with fun flavors and bright colors. 

The sunny-side-up eggs are served on a fried tortilla and doused with spicy tomato salsa.

Serve this up with beans on the side, and you’ll have a hearty breakfast.

 A plate of this dish captures the authentic Mexican flavors that are sure to delight every palate!

14. Serrano & Jalapeno Pepper Jelly

When you think of jelly, you might instantly picture a sweet, juicy fruit. But this recipe combines serrano and jalapeño peppers in a jar!

This unusual jelly flavor features the delightful fusion of sweetness, tanginess, and spice. It goes well on top of cream cheese and crackers for a tasty snack.

15. Sweet and Spicy Peach Bourbon Chicken Wings

This chicken wing recipe is my go-to on days that call for comfort food. It’s deliciously sweet and spicy with the bold flavor addition of booze.

The chicken wings are baked to perfection and glazed with a savory sauce that makes this dish divine!

16. Southwestern Grilled Chicken Recipe with Lime Butter

Fire up your grill and get your plates ready for some smoky goodness. This recipe is perfect to amp up the regular BBQ chicken!

The chicken is marinated with tasty spices and grilled to perfection that brings out its juicy goodness.

17. Shrimp Pad Thai

Recreate the exotic flavors of Thai cuisine in your own kitchen with this shrimp pad thai recipe.

This stir-fried noodle has a kick of spice from the serrano peppers and some tang from the classic Thai ingredients.

Cook this up and fill your kitchen with the mouthwatering aroma of this dish!

18. Fresh and Easy Shrimp Ceviche 

If you love shrimp ceviche but don’t have time to go out to enjoy it, why not make a batch at home? 

It’s a dish that gives you all of the flavors you crave without weighing you down. 

If you’ve never tried making ceviche at home before, don’t worry. It’s super easy and takes less than an hour to make!

19. Passion Fruit Caprese Salad

Nothing beats the perfect combination of cheese, fruits, and a good dressing—this salad recipe has all the good stuff!

Delight your tastebuds with the fresh flavors of this salad, drenched with the sweet and spicy Serrano-passion fruit dressing.

This recipe makes for an elegant meal that you can serve any time of the day.

20. Homemade Chicago-Style Giardiniera Recipe

I love making homemade condiments, especially this Chicago-style giardiniera. It’s so fresh and flavorful, and I love that it’s so easy to make. 

You can use it on Italian beef sandwiches, on charcuterie boards, or as a side for grilled food!

21. Summer Fruit Salad with Serrano Mint Syrup 

Indulge in the most delicious summer fruit salad that’s also easy to make!

It’s made with watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew, so it’s incredibly refreshing. 

And what really makes it special is the Serrano pepper. The heat gives it this delicious kick that’s unexpected and so tasty!

22. Grilled Corn Pasta Salad with Hot Lime Dressing

This salad is guaranteed to bring the taste of summer to your table.

This fusilli pasta salad brings together the bright, fresh flavors into one big bowl of happiness.

The sweet corn, the creamy avocado, the juicy cherry tomatoes, and the spice of peppers—all the good stuff you’ll want!

23. Mexican Migas

What’s the best part of waking up? Migas!

Migas is a traditional Mexican breakfast loved by kids and adults alike.

This dish comprises little bits of crunchy tortillas in a sea of savory scrambled eggs.

They’re crispy, spicy, and bright, and everything you’ll expect from great Mexican food.

24. Hearty Chili Con Carne

If you love meat and you’re looking for a filling meal that’s super easy to make, look no further than this chili con carne.

With a touch of peppery heat and just the right amount of fresh herbs, it’s perfection on a plate!

25. Serrano-Spiced Paloma Cocktail

If you’re looking for a drink to relax on a Friday night, then you’ll love this grapefruit cocktail!

This one always hits the spot. It’s perfectly balanced between sweet and sour with just enough spice.

25 Best Serrano Pepper Recipe Collection

Try these serrano pepper recipes when you want some extra heat! From salsa to rice to pad Thai, you won’t be able to get enough of these peppers.


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Serrano Pepper Recipes

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