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23 Easy Rice Cooker Cake Recipes

Thanks to these rice cooker cake recipes, you can finally put that one-hit-wonder appliance to good use.

Because you can only make so much rice, right?

Sweet Japanese Cotton Cheesecake with Powdered Sugar, Raspberries and Sauce
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I love my rice cooker! It makes perfect rice every time and keeps it fresh for days.

But I don’t have rice every night of the week. So, I went looking for recipes to make the most of this terrific cooker.

And I think I struck gold!

Rice cooker cake recipes are fluffy, sweet, and pretty much to die for.

And whether you’re looking for a fancy birthday cake, something sweet for breakfast, or a unique cheesecake, I’ve got you covered. 

Best Ever Rice Cooker Fluffy Cheesecake Recipe and More!

1. Japanese Cheesecake  

There are few recipes as exciting and delicious as Japanese cheesecake. It’s a super fluffy version of your favorite dessert but sweeter and lighter.

It’s also much less cheesecake and way more cake-cake. As in, it’s spongey and airy, not dense and creamy.

This one is cooked in a rice cooker which ensures it has the most luxurious texture. 

It may not be like the Cheesecake Factory, but it’s equally as delicious. Try it and see for yourself!

2. Rice Cooker Orange Upside-Down Cake

This rice cooker orange upside-down cake follows the same principles as a typical upside-down dessert. 

You’ll arrange the oranges on the bottom of the pan and cover them with cake batter.

When it’s done cooking, flip the cake over so the oranges are on top and all the juices seep back into the sponge.

This is definitely an impressive-looking dessert. So it’s ideal for your next dinner party.

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3. Rice Cooker Pandan Chiffon Cake | Bánh Bông Lan Lá Dứa

Pandan chiffon cake is a lovely airy sponge with a lightly sweet flavor and pastel green color.

You’ll need pandan extract, which comes from Pandan leaves. It has a slightly grassy flavor with hints of vanilla.

It’s used in many sweet and savory dishes in Asia and is a little like matcha – only not quite as strong. 

This cake is delicious with a cup of coffee or tea as an afternoon pick-me-up. Or serve it with bright berries and a dollop of whipped cream for dessert.

4. Rice Cooker Sponge Cake 

For birthdays, Sunday dinners, bake sales, or book club, everyone needs a basic sponge cake recipe.

And this one is moist, sweet, and the perfect base for any flavors you might want to add. 

In fact, with a few layers of buttercream and a fruity filling, nobody will believe this was made in a rice cooker.

5. Rice Cooker Ketupat – Rice Cooker Rice Cakes

Rice cakes are just as they seem – cakes of sticky rice. 

They’re a traditional side dish in Indonesia and are usually wrapped in woven palm leaves.

This recipe keeps it simple for those of us who don’t have access to banana leaves. And thank goodness, because they’re so scrummy!

You only need three simple ingredients, and it can be made at a moment’s notice. 

Serve them as a side to beef stew, spicy curry, or even with coconut milk and mango for dessert.

6. Caramel Cake

Caramel cake is always a hit in my house.

Between the fluffy, tender cake and the dreamy, sweet caramel sauce, it’s as close to perfect as it gets.

This rice cooker version is no exception. It’s moist, tasty, and even dairy-free if you use almond milk.

Pair it with vegan caramel, and it’s ideal for everyone at the table.

7. Tofu Chiffon Cake 

As the name suggests, this yummy cake features tofu. Silken tofu, to be exact.

It provides a nice hit of protein and ensures a smooth and creamy taste without the added calories of butter or oil.

You’ll also use pancake mix, so it’s super simple to throw together.

And if you use dairy-free milk and mashed bananas instead of eggs, it’ll be totally vegan.

8. Banana Cake in Rice Cooker 

There’s no need to waste overripe bananas or suffer through a soggy, mushy snack.

Instead, save those flavor-packed fruits and make this incredible banana cake!

It’s overflowing with banana flavor and beautiful spices. And it’s surprisingly light, to boot!

Serve it with chocolate shavings, a drizzle of caramel, or a tasty sweet cream cheese glaze. Yum!

9. Rice Cooker Chocolate Cake

Rich, luxurious chocolate cake without an oven? Yes, it’s possible, and it’s oh-so-decadent!

Not only is this chocolate cake delicious, but it’s also vegan-friendly.

Top it with powdered sugar, coconut milk chocolate ganache, or fresh berries and whipped coconut cream. 

Anybody would love to have this cake on their birthday. Just add a few candles and get to singin’!

10. Eggless Black Sesame Sponge Cake (Rice Cooker or Oven)

Try this sensational black sesame sponge if you’re in the mood for something a little more unique.

It’s eggless, but still super light and fluffy thanks to the blend of cake flour, baking soda, and baking powder.

You’ll use yogurt and oil to ensure it stays moist.

But it’s the black sesame seed paste that does the heavy lifting! It’s nutty, fragrant, and super unusual in a cake.

I love it, and I know you will too!

11. Calamansi Yoghurt Cake in Rice Cooker

Lemon cui (the Philippine lime or calamansi) is a small citrus fruit that packs quite a punch.

You only need a little of this baby to get a powerful kick of lemon-lime-orange flavor.

This calamansi yogurt cake has a unique yet familiar texture. It’s delightfully spongy with a hint of tang from the yogurt. 

If you don’t have calamansi, you can easily substitute it with lemon or lime (i use both).

The citrus juice makes this cake a refreshing and satisfying dessert or snack. 

12. Rice Cooker Apple Cake

As soon as the leaves start to change, it’s time to pull out your favorite fall recipes.

And while I love all things pumpkin, this apple cake is at the top of my must-make list.

Full of fantastic spices and chunks of apple, this lovely cake can be enjoyed at breakfast or with your mid-morning coffee. 

Serve it with a drizzle of maple syrup or a light cinnamon glaze, and it’s game over.

13. Steamed Carrot Cake

If you prefer carrot cake, this steamed rice cooker version is a surefire winner!

A heavenly mix of carrots, pineapple, and cinnamon, this is as flavorful as it is textural.

The spiced cake is studded with pineapple and moistened with carrots, so every bite has some crunch and chew.

Meanwhile, the whole thing is covered in a tangy cream cheese frosting that’s just irresistible. 

Sprinkle some chopped walnuts over the top if you want even more texture!

14. Honey Glazed Upside Down Apple Cake in Rice Cooker

It’s almost unbelievable that this elegant cake was made in a rice cooker…but here we are!

Cooked in cinnamon and honey, you’ll line the tasty apples on the bottom of your cake pan. Then smother them in a tasty cake batter.

And as you may have guessed, that cake batter features whipped egg whites. So, it’s about as light and fluffy as they come!

I guarantee you’ll love this rice cooker cake. 

15. Matcha Adzuki Bean Cake 

This matcha and adzuki bean cake is soft and pillowy with a touch of sweetness. 

Matcha is made from green tea leaves and has a subtle, sweet earthiness with hints of spice and vanilla.

Meanwhile, adzuki beans are surprisingly nutty and sweet. They’re often used in Japanese desserts and are a matcha made in heaven with this sponge cake.

If you love matcha, you’ll love this cake. 

16. Rice Cooker Version Purple Sweet Potato Hair Cake Baby Food Supplement

This purple potato cake recipe is studded with sweet raisins and is so fluffy and moist you won’t believe it was made in a rice cooker. 

Beautifully light and wonderfully flavored, this cake is a treat for all.

The raisins add a bit of a texture contrast that works spectacularly. But let’s be honest, this one is all about that color!

17. Halloween Kabocha Cake Made in a Rice Cooker 

How cute is this simple kabocha cake?

It’s made with a pancake mix base for ease and flavor. And the kabocha squash has such a lovely taste – much like sweet potatoes.

It has the same natural sweetness and is a lovely addition to this cake recipe. It also packs a ton of moisture, so every forkful is better than the last.

Create a design on top with powdered sugar and a stencil to make this rice cooker trick a guaranteed treat!

18. Rice Cooker Pear Upside-Down Cake

Here’s another fabulous upside-down cake that’s ideal for any party or gathering.

The pears are cooked in brown sugar and butter, making them sweet, rich, and dreamy.

It doesn’t get much better than that!

Try this pear upside-down cake in your rice cooker, and you’ll be blown away. It’s got tons of flavor, but it’s not overly sweet.

19. Rice Cooker Blue Velvet Cake

Move over, Red. This blue velvet cake is the new show-stopper in town!

Okay, okay. So this is essentially just a red velvet cake with blue coloring. It includes the same tangy cocoa flavor and creamy frosting.

But you have to admit the color is spectacular!

Serve this stunning cake at any birthday celebration or holiday party, and everyone will go nuts.

20. Fluffy Rice Cooker Mocha Castella Cake

I know it doesn’t look like it, but this sponge is made with coffee and chocolate flavors.

It’s a fluffy and moist cake with a subtle hint of mocha from the instant coffee and cocoa powder.

So, it’s not overpowering and has just the right amount of sweetness. 

Of course, you can boost those flavors with frosting or glaze. That’s totally up to you!

Serve this cake with a cup of coffee for a delightful treat. 

21. Blueberry Cheesecake in a Rice Cooker 

Cheesecake is one of the last things I thought you could make in a rice cooker. But this recipe proved me wrong!

All hail the mighty rice cooker! There’s nothing it can’t do!

Seriously, this creamy cheesecake has all the right flavors, and it’s even topped with jammy blueberries. It’s a superb dessert for any occasion.

22. No Bake Strawberry Chocolate Cake

Need a simple yet show-stopping dessert? Give this strawberry and chocolate cake a whirl.

It’ll make any celebration a decadent one!

The chocolate cake is moist and delicious. On its own, it’s super yummy.

But you’ll layer it with tons of strawberries and whipped cream for a cake that looks like it’s straight out of a bakery. 

How amazing is that?

23. Vanilla Rice Cooker Cheesecake With Pecan and Gingersnap Crust  

We’re finishing off the list with another dreamy cheesecake that’s absolutely divine!

Bye-bye, Graham Crackers! This baby is sitting on a base of flavorful pecans and scrumptious gingersnaps.

Plus, the cheesecake has a lovely vanilla flavor the whole family will love. 

This cake will be welcome at any gathering but be warned: it won’t last long!

23 Easy Rice Cooker Cake Recipe Collection

Thanks to these rice cooker cake recipes, you can finally put that one-hit-wonder appliance to good use. Because you can only make so much rice, right?


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Rice Cooker Cake Recipes

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