Home Recipe Roundup 17 Recipes with Turkey Broth (Soups and More)

17 Recipes with Turkey Broth (Soups and More)

Looking for an easy way to take your meals up a notch and add some flavor? Try these easy recipes with turkey broth.

Packed with a rich blend of flavors, turkey broth is a mouth-watering addition to many recipes. It can elevate an ordinary dish into a culinary masterpiece.

Homemade Turkey Stew with Carrots and Potatoes
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Turkey broth is the star of the show in comforting soups and stews. But you can also use it as a base for sauces or an enriching casserole addition.

Stir up some comforting goodness in your kitchen with these recipes with turkey broth!

1. Homemade Turkey Broth

Prepare for a flavorful journey with this homemade turkey broth recipe! 

Bursting with rich, savory goodness, it’ll become your go-to base. 

Start by simmering a combination of turkey bones and fresh veggies. Allow the broth to simmer gently with spices and herbs. This infuses the liquid with deep flavors. 

The result is a golden elixir that lends an irresistible taste to your soups, stews, and gravies. 

2. Southwest Turkey Soup

Transport your tastebuds to the Southwest with this tantalizing creamy, spicy turkey soup recipe! 

This vibrant soup combines the goodness of turkey broth with a flavor fiesta.

The broth is loaded with tender chunks of leftover turkey, corn, and black beans. Plus, it has a tangy, velvety touch from adding cream cheese to the mixture.

It’s a bowl of pure Southwestern bliss. Each spoonful is a soul-warming delight.

3. Turkey Wild Rice Soup

Try turkey wild rice soup for a robust, hearty soup that’s the perfect comfort food

This recipe combines tender turkey chunks, a medley of vegetables, and wild rice. It’s all simmered in a rich turkey broth that has a touch of creaminess. 

This dish makes for the ultimate meal to leave you full and delighted.

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4. Easy Turkey Gravy

Elevate your dinner into a fancy experience with this easy turkey gravy recipe!

Using turkey broth, this recipe produces a flavorful gravy that complements any dish. It’s infused with fresh herbs and flour to thicken it up. This gravy has all the homemade goodness you crave. 

With minimal prep and pantry-staple ingredients, you’ll have a gravy boat full of this delightful sauce.

5. Turkey Chili with Leftover Turkey

Looking for a way to use your leftover turkey from last night’s festivities? Spice up your game with turkey chili. 

This hearty, delicious dish revamps turkey with a savory medley of beans and tomatoes. It’s all seasoned with rich spices and aromatics for the ultimate experience. 

Topped with shredded cheese and fresh herbs, this dish is comfort food at its finest. Serve it with cornbread on a chilly day for a warm and satisfying meal.

6. Mom’s Turkey Soup

With a spoonful of nostalgia in every bite, Mom’s turkey soup is a time-tested favorite. 

Tender chunks of leftover turkey and garden vegetables are gently simmered in a rich turkey broth. It’s seasoned with love and paired with tender egg noodles. 

Serve it with warm, buttered bread for a dining experience that warms the heart.

7. Leftover Turkey Soup

Make the most out of post-feast turkey with this leftover turkey soup recipe!

This recipe is a simple yet flavorful blend of tender turkey and vegetables simmered in broth. It has a fragrant touch from the fresh herbs as well.

It’s a great way to repurpose leftovers into something unique and tasty.

8. Post-Thanksgiving Turkey Vegetable Soup

Put your Thanksgiving leftovers to delicious use with this wholesome turkey vegetable soup. 

It’s a hearty combination of succulent turkey pieces, nutrient-packed vegetables, and a rich broth base. 

The tomato paste adds a brightness that ties all the flavors together. Trust me, you’ll love how this soup extends the festivities to the next day!

9. Creamy Turkey Potato Soup

Luxurious and comforting, creamy turkey potato soup will warm you from the inside out. 

This recipe blends chunks of tender turkey with the heartiness of diced potatoes. It’s simmered with a blend of herbs and spices, enveloped in a rich, creamy turkey broth. 

A dash of heavy cream adds a velvety texture, making this soup a gourmet-level indulgence. Served with a warm dinner roll, this soup is a hug in a bowl.

10. Leftover Turkey Soup with Black Beans and Corn

Picture a steaming bowl brimming with succulent turkey, perfectly complemented by corn and black beans. 

That’s what this leftover turkey soup with black beans and corn precisely delivers! The star of your Thanksgiving feast takes center stage once again in this remarkable soup.

11. Turkey, Sweet Potato, and Black Bean Soup

Looking for a hearty dish that combines comfort and nourishment in one package? This turkey, sweet potato, and black bean soup is just the ticket.

The hearty turkey and sweet potato are balanced with the creamy, earthy notes of black beans. Thanks to the addition of corn, it also has crunch and sweetness.

This soup not only warms your soul but also nourishes your body with its wholesome ingredients.

12. Turkey Pot Pie Soup

Craving the goodness of a freshly-baked pot pie but don’t have time to bake? Here’s an easy, delightful twist to try.

This turkey pot pie soup is a comfort food lover’s dream. It features a creamy, savory broth bursting with tender chunks of turkey and vegetables. 

Pair it with toasted bread or biscuits for a heartwarming dining experience.

13. Healthy Creamy Turkey Mushroom Soup

Dive into a guilt-free bowl with a healthy turkey mushroom soup recipe! 

This robust, earthy soup is filled with tender turkey and flavorful mushrooms. It’s all swimming in a rich and creamy broth made by blending potatoes and cashews.

This hearty soup is the epitome of nutritious food. It’s designed to satisfy your appetite while supporting your health goals.

14. Turkey Tortilla Soup

Embrace the vibrant flavors of Mexico with this turkey tortilla soup. 

Brimming with chunks of turkey in tangy tomato-based broth, this soup offers a delicious flavor kick. 

And don’t forget the crunch. It’s topped with crispy tortilla strips soaking up the soup’s deliciousness. It’s a feast for your senses and a party in a bowl!

15. Turkey Bean Soup with Kale

Nourish your body and soul with this turkey bean soup with kale. 

This rustic soup blends the earthiness of beans and the nutrient-packed punch of kale. The comforting goodness of turkey broth brings a meaty flavor to this soup. 

It’s a soothing, nutrient-rich dish that will become a staple.

16. Turkey Rice Casserole

A fusion of flavors and textures, this turkey rice casserole is an absolute crowd-pleaser! 

The turkey, rice, and veggies are enveloped in a creamy broth. It’s all baked to perfection, allowing the flavors to meld perfectly. 

And the best part? It’s topped with crushed buttery crackers for fantastic texture contrast with every bite.

This is a dish that’ll wrap you in warmth and happiness.

17. Leftover Turkey Pasta Bake

Transform your leftover turkey into a decadent feast with this leftover turkey pasta bake

The succulent turkey chunks and chewy pasta are smothered in a luscious, savory turkey broth. It’s baked until golden, and the cheese coats every ingredient with melty goodness.

Serve it with crusty bread for a hearty, filling meal!

17 Recipes with Turkey Broth (Soups and More)

Try these recipes with turkey broth for meals full of flavor! From soups to gravy to chili, you’ll love each delicious one!


  • Homemade Turkey Broth

  • Turkey Wild Rice Soup

  • Easy Turkey Gravy

  • Turkey Chili with Leftover Turkey

  • Mom’s Turkey Soup

  • Leftover Turkey Soup

  • Post-Thanksgiving Turkey Vegetable Soup

  • Creamy Turkey Potato Soup

  • Leftover Turkey Soup with Black Beans and Corn

  • Turkey, Sweet Potato, and Black Bean Soup

  • Turkey Pot Pie Soup

  • Healthy Creamy Turkey Mushroom Soup

  • Turkey Tortilla Soup

  • Turkey Bean Soup with Kale

  • Turkey Rice Casserole

  • Leftover Turkey Pasta Bake


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  • Prep a recipe with turkey broth in 30 minutes or less!
Recipes with Turkey Broth

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