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17 Best Recipes for Cookie Cutters

Don’t wait until Christmas to make these recipes for cookie cutters.

From Easter and July Fourth to Halloween and Thanksgiving, they’re always welcome.

Sweet Cut-Out Cookies with Gingerbread and Star Shapes
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15+ Easy Cookie Cutter Recipes to Make All Year

In my house, every season is baking season.

So, I have a ton of cut-out cookies and cookie cutter recipes. Plus about a million cookie cutters on hand.

I’m talking red hearts for Valentine’s Day, cute little chicks for Easter, stars for Independence Day, and more.

There’s no party or occasion that isn’t made better by these recipes for cookie cutters.

And whether you like things classic or a little extra, I’ve got you covered!

Happy baking!

1. Soft Cut-Out Sugar Cookies

Perfect sugar cookies are notoriously difficult to make. They can be too dry, too crumbly, too soft, or too sweet.

But not anymore! 

These soft cut-out sugar cookies are the perfect balance of crisp and soft. The edges are golden, and every bite is sweet buttery heaven. 

And most importantly, this recipe yields the perfect dough for cookie cutters.

It has just the right texture to hold its shape, so your cookies will look like what they’re supposed to.

Instead of (tasty) blobs. 

2. Lemon Cut-Out Sugar Cookies

If regular sugar cookies are too boring for your liking, try these lemon cookies.

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They still have the sweet, buttery goodness of sugar cookies, but they burst with bright citrusy goodness. 

So, they’re even better.

The secret to their lemon flavor is a combination of lemon zest and lemon juice. Top with a citrusy lemon buttercream and you have the perfect summery cookie. 

3. Vanilla Bean Sugar Cookies

Whoever said vanilla was plain didn’t truly understand the complexity of the flavor.

Real vanilla actually has over 250 different flavor and aroma compounds. That’s a lot of goodness wrapped into one skinny bean.

So, let’s not say that vanilla is plain. Let’s call it CLASSIC.

And the classic flavor is highlighted beautifully in these vanilla bean sugar cookies.

You’ll use real vanilla bean paste and not vanilla extract to make them. So the flavor is strong and delicious.

Plus, the cookies get these attractive little specks from the vanilla seeds. They’re fantastic! 

4. Shortbread Cut-Out Cookies with Raspberry Glaze

I love shortbread cookies because they’re so easy to make.

They have the perfect crunchy, but not dry, bite. And they have a wonderfully buttery flavor to match. 

But these ones are extra special because of their delicious raspberry glaze, which is a simple mix of raspberry preserves with powdered sugar and milk. 

The only difficult part of these cookies is waiting for them to set – because you’ll want to enjoy them right away! 

5. Strawberry Sugar Cut-Out Cookies

These succulent strawberry cookies literally scream summer!

They’re like strawberry shortcakes in cookie form, so every bite is soft, buttery, and fabulously fresh. 

Decorate with strawberry icing and fresh strawberry slices for the perfect sweet treat. 

6. Chocolate Sugar Cookies

Although the flavor of regular sugar cookies is fantastic, chocolate holds my heart.

So, these chocolate sugar cookies call to me like a siren to sailors. 

If you’re anything like me, you need to make them. They are everything you love about sugar cookies, but with a delicious chocolatey twist. 

7. Chewy and Soft Gingerbread Cookies

I couldn’t make a list of cookie-cutter-friendly cookies without a recipe for gingerbread.

Gingerbread cookies are probably one of the more iconic cut-out cookies. 

That said, good gingerbread can be hard to come by. The kind you use to build houses isn’t particularly tasty – or teeth-friendly.

Meanwhile, other cookie recipes are often soft, sticky, and tough to work with.

Enter this recipe for soft and chewy gingerbread cookies. They have all the flavor, all the shape-holding-ability, and none of the tooth-breaking toughness. 

8. Molasses Cookies

Though gingerbread is made with molasses, these molasses cookies are definitely different. 

Gingerbread features the punchy flavors of clove and ginger (duh).

This also yields strongly flavored and spicy cookies. But molasses cookies focus more on cinnamon, so they’re a little sweeter and less spicy. 

However, these molasses cookies are just as rich, warm, and comforting.

9. Holiday Cut-Out Sugar Cookies

Use your favorite festive cookie cutters to make these classic cookies.

They’re soft, buttery, and perfect for rolling. And the royal icing recipe included is ideal for decorating. 

Whip out the snowflake, Santa, and Menorah cutters for the winter holidays. Hearts are perfect for Valentine’s Day. And nothing is cuter than a duck or a bunny for Easter. 

No matter the shape, you’ll make bakery-quality cookies that the whole family will love. 

Linzer Cookies

10. Linzer Cookies

Is there anything more nostalgic than a butter cookie filled with sweet jam? These are a holiday must-make!

Featuring almond flour, cinnamon, and cloves, it’s not a traditional shortbread recipe, but it tastes pretty close.

It’s also got eggs in the mix, which is more sugar cookie-like.

Still, they’re insanely buttery, and that raspberry jam filling is flawless!

11. Key Lime White Chocolate Cut-Out Cookies

Holy cow, these key lime and white chocolate cookies are utterly scrumptious! Say hello to the perfect treat for summer parties. 

Each cookie is filled with lime zest, extract, and white chocolate. And they’re so tasty on their own, you don’t even need icing. 

But, of course, icing is always a good idea. I recommend a simple lime glaze or a thin white chocolate ganache. Yum! 

12. Red Velvet Sugar Cookies

These cookies are as fun as they are delicious (which is VERY)!

Like any good red velvet anything, they have a vibrant red hue you’ll see from across the room.

Plus, they taste a bit like chocolate and cream cheese with a dreamily tender texture.

13. Best Almond Flour Sugar Cookies

Dear gluten-free readers, I have not forgotten you!

You need your sugar cookie fix, too. And that’s where these almond flour cookies come in! 

They’re made with a mix of almond and coconut flour, resulting in a super soft and chewy cookie.

Better yet, they roll out really easily and bake super well.

From the delicate buttery flavor to the glaze on top, they’ll be a hit at any party.

14. Perfect Cinnamon Cut-Out Sugar Cookies

Not to be confused with snickerdoodles, these cinnamon cookies have an identity all their own.

And while I love snickerdoodles, these are far more refined.  

They’re soft and buttery, but they hold their shape well. So they’re perfect for cutting and decorating.

Which is why I think they’re a bit more elegant than snickerdoodles. 

As for taste, there’s warm cinnamon, gentle vanilla, and bold nutmeg in every bite.

Topped with deliciously spiced buttercream, they’ll leave you wanting more. 

15. Peanut Butter Cut-Out Cookies

These are far from your average peanut butter cookies.

A typical peanut butter cookie recipe could not stand up to a cookie cutter. But these ones do! 

And the taste is tantalizingly delicious.

Each bite is nutty and rich, with incredible sweetness. And they’re topped with a luxe chocolate ganache that might change your life. 

So if you love peanut butter, make these, and thank me later.

16. Old-Fashioned Sour Cream Cut-Out Cookies

If you love really soft sugar cookies, then these bad boys are the way to go. 

Sour cream is an underrated baking ingredient that adds moisture to your bakes. It brings plenty of softness without adding extra liquid.

Plus, it adds more fat which also helps with tenderness too.

The result is a soft, pillowy cookie that will melt in your mouth. Top with rich buttercream, and you have the ultimate indulgent treat. 

17. Perfect Cream Cheese Sugar Cookies

These cream cheese sugar cookies are game changers. Make them once, and you may never return to regular sugar cookies again.

Not only is the dough easy to work with, thanks to the cream cheese, but it’s also tangy and perfectly balanced (read: not super sweet).

The blend of vanilla and almond extracts with lemon zest is unique and complex. It’s not quite one or the other, but just the right amount of each.

17 Best Recipes for Cookie Cutters

Don’t wait until Christmas to make these recipes for cookie cutters. From Easter and July Fourth to Halloween and Thanksgiving, they’re always welcome.


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Recipes for Cookie Cutters

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