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30 Best Cut-Out Cookies for Every Occasion

We all know cut-out cookies are popular around the holidays. But I promise you’re gonna want these recipes year round! 

These cookies aren’t just crisp, buttery, and tasty, but also a delight to decorate. 

Best Cut-Out Cookies featuring Apricot Linzer Cut-Out Cookies
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30 Easy Cut-Out Cookie Recipes

Let me present 30 cut-out cookie recipes, ranging from the well-loved to the wonderfully different. 

Some are so delicious, they require no fancy decorations. The cookie is all you need!

And whether you’re a baking pro or a curious newbie, there’s a cookie here for you.

Ready to get started? Let’s make some spectacular cut-out cookies.

1. Best Cut-Out Sugar Cookies

Let’s start with the most classic cookie- basic (but not boring!) sugar cookies.

They’re soft, chewy, buttery, and simply delish. Plus, they hold their shape, making them ideal for decorating.

This recipe also features instructions for a glossy frosting. Wanna know the best part? The recipe makes enough for 3 dozen cookies. 

I highly recommend this blog post if you are new to sugar cookies. You’ll learn all the tips and instructions to make a perfect first batch.


2. Gingerbread Man Cookies

Every holiday season, my family dives right into baking – and devouring – these gingerbread man cookies.

I mean, how can you resist something so fun and festive?

Warm, chewy, and packed with classic gingerbread flavor, these cookies are staple at our gatherings. 

And trust me, once you try them, you’ll understand why we make them every year.  

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It’s not just about the cookies- it’s the Christmas cheer they bring! That said, I like them at Thanksgiving too!

3. Chocolate Sugar Cookies

These chocolate sugar cookies are for all you chocolate lovers out there! 

Imagine this – a classic sugar cookie meets cocoa powder. Et voila! You have a melt-in-your-mouth, chocolatey delight. 

They pair perfectly with hot cocoa, coffee, or tea, especially during the holidays. 

And here is a fantastic tip: dust the cookies with powdered sugar on top. It adds charm and an extra sweet kick.

4. Perfect Chocolate Chip Cut-Out Cookies

What happens if you combine two classic cookie recipes into one? 

A culinary work of art, that’s what.

It tastes like the same beloved chocolate chip cookie but with extra pizazz. Rolling out the dough lets you cut these cookies into unique shapes for any occasion. 

The result? Irresistible chocolate chip cookies with a slightly crisp exterior and a soft interior.

It’s a fun twist on a favorite!

5. Lemon Cut-Out Sugar Cookies

These lemon cookies are thick and tender and so delectable. Honestly, they taste like summer in a bite.

They’re pretty yummy plain, but they are great for decorating! 

For a real treat, though, top them with lemon buttercream frosting. The result is an indulgent cookie-cake mash-up, and it’s too good to resist! 

Plus, it’s the perfect chance to practice your frosting piping skills. 

6. Ginger Molasses Cut-Out Cookies

Looking for a cozy cookie to warm you from the inside out? Meet these ginger molasses cut-out cookies! 

They’re thin, crunchy, and infused with the perfect amount of ginger, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

That means they are not too spice-forward, unlike most traditional gingerbread recipes.

You’d think using molasses and dark brown sugar in the recipe will make them cloyingly sweet. Nope – they are just absolutely perfect.

7. Doughnut Sugar Cookies

Struggling between a cookie and a doughnut for dessert? Try doughnut sugar cookies – a playful twist sure to delight. 

Donut sugar cookies are a sweet mash-up of your favorite treats. And they make for a fantastic family activity.

These cookies are simple to make and so much fun to decorate! 

Frost them with royal icing and decorate them with rainbow sparkles. You won’t be able to tell they’re not real donuts! (Kidding!)

8. Orange Sugar Cookies

How about a bright, citrusy spin on sugar cookies? These orange sugar cookies are zesty, refreshing, and topped with a lovely orange glaze. 

Orange zest is in the cookies and the tangy glaze. So, you’ll enjoy a double dose of citrus goodness in every bite.

Easy yet elegant, they’re perfect for tea parties or brunch. You can shape them any way you like. (But I think the shortbread look the blog post suggested is genius!)

9. Cherry Sugar Cookies

Fancy a burst of fruity flavor? These cherry sugar cookies are a must-try.

These cookies are crisp around the edges and soft and doughy in the middle.

They’re infused with cherry bits and frosted with homemade cherry buttercream. OMG. 

As a bonus, the dough requires no chilling at all. So, you don’t have to wait long before you enjoy these cherry-fic delights!

10. Raspberry Butter Cookies

Want a sweet treat that is also a little romantic? These raspberry butter cookies are just the thing. 

They offer a delightful blend of tart raspberry filling and tender, buttery sugar cookies. 

Shaped like hearts, filled with raspberry jam, and dusted with powdered sugar. They are as pleasing to the palate as they are to the eyes!

These sweet cookies are perfect for Valentine’s Day. Or anytime you want to show someone some love. 

11. Perfect Cinnamon Cut-Out Sugar Cookies

Cinnamon sugar cookies are not a novel concept. But this version? Outstanding.

Every bite features notes of cinnamon and nutmeg. However, what makes these cookies so special is the spiced American Buttercream.


Just the smell of them baking is enchanting! 

Cinnamon cut-out sugar cookies are ideal for your autumn and winter baking adventures. I guarantee they will earn a special place in your recipe book. 

12. Peppermint Cut-Out Sugar Cookies

These peppermint cut-out sugar cookies are as effortless as they are delightful. No need to chill the dough, and shaping is a breeze. 

With crisp edges, soft centers, and candy cane bits, every bite is a Christmas delight. 

I love how they offer just the right hint of peppermint. A pleasant whisper, not a toothpaste-like shout! 

If you, like me, prefer your minty treats subtly flavored, this recipe’s for you. Plus, you can always drizzle them with dark chocolate ganache if you feel adventurous. 

13. Peanut Butter Cut-Out Cookies

Can’t get enough of the peanut butter-chocolate combo? These peanut butter cut-out cookies are made for you. 

These cookies are soft, chewy, hold their shape when baked, and work beautifully with frosting. 

But of course, I recommend you go for chocolate ganache. It’ll be like eating Reese’s Cups but in sugar cookie form!

14. Oatmeal Rolled Sugar Cookies

Not a fan of oatmeal for breakfast? Give it a delicious twist with oatmeal-rolled sugar cookies.

This old-fashioned recipe combines the classic sugar cookie with the chewiness of rolled oats. A touch of almond extract is the perfect finish. 

While the edges turn crispy, the centers stay soft and chewy. Oatmeal has never tasted this good.

Make them extra with a silky buttercream frosting and rainbow sprinkles on top. OR. Sandwich buttercream between two cookies for a homemade Oatmeal Creme Pie. 

15. Old-Fashioned Sour Cream Cut-Out Cookies

These sour cream cookies do not have the Instagram-worthy appearance of classic sugar cookies. But they are far more delicious.

These buttercream-frosted sugar cookies boast a cake-like softness no other sugar cookie can offer. 

With a touch of nutmeg for flavor, these cookies are wildly addicting. Plus, they are incredibly moist, thanks to the sour cream. 

And let’s not forget the pièce de résistance – the decadent almond and vanilla buttercream. 

16. Best Cut-Out Star Cookies

These cookies are soft, chewy, and oh-so-buttery. These shining stars definitely steal the show!

They are slathered in almond vanilla buttercream. So, they have just the right balance of sweetness and richness. 

Say goodbye to overly sugary frosted cookies and hello to pure satisfaction in every bite.

17. Halloween Cut-Out Cookies

These Halloween cookies are the ultimate treat for your upcoming fall party!

They’re soft, sweet, and filled with mini chocolate chips. They are the definition of a perfect cookie to me.

Whether you choose pumpkin, ghost, bat, or cat shapes, they will make everyone smile. No matter their age. 

18. Easter Sugar Cookies

Can we take a moment to appreciate how freakin’ adorable these Easter sugar cookies are? They might be too cute to eat! 

These cookies have a sweet, buttery vanilla flavor with crispy edges and soft centers. Get in my belly.

I know you will love the pastel-colored frostings, as well. They make it easy to create eye-catching designs that make the cookies truly stand out.

19. Polar Bear Cookies

Prepare to have your heart melt with these polar bear sugar cookies. 

If you thought the Easter cookies were cute, multiply that cuteness by five! These polar bear cookies take adorable to a whole new level. 

Unlike traditional recipes, this one focuses on creating the cookies’ look. 

You need ready-made cookies, icing, candy melts, edible markers, and sanding sugar. Then, everything is set for you to bring these polar bears to life. 

20. Cut-Out Shortbread Cookies

These shortbread cookies are so soft, buttery, and crumbly that they melt in your mouth. 

This classic shortbread recipe uses just five simple ingredients. And the result is pure indulgence. 

You can add some fun color and extra sweetness with homemade royal icing. The cookies hold their shape well. So, don’t worry about them crumbling to pieces as you decorate.

21. Wedding Cake Sugar Cookies

You will want to say, “I do” to these wedding cake sugar cookies. 

These delightful cookies are shaped like miniature wedding cakes. They’re frosted with white royal icing, creating a simple yet elegant white-on-white look.

They’re great for serving at an engagement party, a bridal shower, or wedding related celebration!

22. Italian Sour Cream Cookie Cut-Outs

These Italian cookies are so tender and cake-like, that they’re impossible to resist. 

Made with sour cream, they have a delightfully sweet flavor with a hint of tanginess. Infused with cinnamon and almond extract, they have a subtle warmth.

Every bite feels like a giant hug. 

Top them with buttercream and sprinkles, or enjoy them plain. Either way, they are guaranteed to satisfy.

23. Gluten-Free Coconut Flour Sugar Cookies

Going gluten-free doesn’t mean saying goodbye to cookies. 

In fact, it opens up a world of delicious possibilities. Take these grain-free, gluten-free sugar cookies made with coconut flour, for example.

Prepare to be amazed! Coconut flour works like a charm, lending its nuttiness to create a satisfying gluten-free treat. 

These cookies have a delightful buttery flavor and crisp texture-perfect for making cut-out cookies.

And if that wasn’t enough, they are glazed with heavenly vanilla icing. Irresistible. 

24. Linzer Cookies

Linzer cookies are delectable almond shortbread sandwich cookies with a jam filling. 

With their fun-shaped cutout in the center, they bring a whimsical touch to any gathering. 

I used raspberry jam for mine because it is classic. But apricot and blackberry are yummy, too! You can choose any flavor that tickles your taste buds. 

Any jam adds a fruity sweetness that complements nutty and buttery cookies. 

25. Christmas Cut-Out Sugar Cookies

Christmas is not complete without festive sugar cookies. These ones are not only delicious but also a blast to make.

And they are even better when you make them with family and friends. 

This foolproof recipe ensures the cookies hold their shape beautifully after baking. This makes them perfect for decorating with icing. 

26. Hanukkah Sugar Cookies

Celebrate the Festival of Lights most sweetly with these sugar cookies! 

These Hanukkah sugar cookies are as crisp, buttery, and delicious as any traditional sugar cookie.

But for an bonus, they come adorned with beautiful Jewish designs. Thanks to the magic of royal icing. 

Festival of Lights in the sweetest way with these sugar cookies! 

These Hanukkah sugar cookies are just as crisp, buttery, and delicious as any traditional sugar cookie 

But for an added bonus, they come adorned with beautiful Jewish designs, thanks to the magic of royal icing. 

27. Birthday Sugar Cookies with Icing

Celebrate like royalty with these exquisite birthday sugar cookies! 

Shaped like crowns and glazed in pastels, these cookies are fit for a QUEEN.

Treat yourself or make someone’s birthday special with these easy sugar cookies.

28. Pink Sandwich Cookies

Here’s another sugar cookie that’s pretty in pink! 

This recipe features sweet sugar cookies dyed a delightful shade of pink. But it doesn’t stop there. 

Sandwiched between two cookies is a silky vanilla buttercream. Every bite is filled with fun and fabulousness. Elle Woods would approve. 

The only thing that would make them better? Roll them in colorful sprinkles so the edges burst with a tasty rainbow. 

29. Red Velvet Sugar Cookies

One look at these heart-shaped red velvet sugar cookies will brighten even the gloomiest days. Just wait until you take your first bite!

These delightful treats are soft, delectable, and boast a vibrant burst of color. 

They feature a hint of cocoa and the subtle tang of cream cheese. These tasty heart cookies capture the iconic red velvet flavor everyone goes crazy for. 

30. Spring Carrot Sugar Cookies

Get ready for a whimsical Easter treat with these carrot sugar cookies! 

These bright orange, carrot-shaped treats are absolutely Easter Bunny-approved. 

To be clear, they don’t contain carrots, and they don’t taste like them, either. Instead, they’re sweet and buttery, with a delightful crispness and a soft center.

Ready, set, indulge.

30 Best Cut-Out Cookies for Every Occasion

Cut-out cookies are so much fun to make and to eat! From classic sugar cookies to chocolate to lemon, you’ll find a cut-out cookie for every occasion.


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  • Pink Sandwich Cookies

  • Red Velvet Sugar Cookies

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