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10 Best Persimmon Recipes

You may be wondering, “Are there really that many persimmon recipes?” It’s a fair question. 

For the longest time, all I really knew about persimmons is that they have “weather-predicting” forks, spoons, or knives (figuratively speaking) inside them. 

Homemade Persimmon Bread with Raisins
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I also knew they had a sweet and rich, but somewhat earthy flavor and that I liked them well enough. 

In short, persimmons just weren’t something I’d ever considered cooking with in the past. 

Then one day, I was enjoying brunch with a friend, and she’d made some of the best muffins I’d ever had.

They had this interesting flavor that was sweet and full of spice.

I could taste the cinnamon and ginger, but I couldn’t figure out what she’d used to add the underlying sweetness. 

Spoiler alert: It was persimmons! 

That was when I learned that you could do more with these fall fruits than enjoy them by themselves and predict the weather.

So I started experimenting with them.

This list contains my 10 favorites of all the things I tried.

1. Persimmon Bread

This sweet and perfectly spiced persimmon bread is similar in texture and appearance to banana nut bread, but instead of over-ripe bananas, you’ll use over-ripe persimmons.

The cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves give the bread a distinctly winter/holiday flavor and aroma that’ll have you thinking of cool weather, sweaters, and roaring fires in the hearth.

It’s dense and crumbly, and the persimmons on top make it look absolutely gorgeous.

Whether you’re eating it for yourself or giving it as a gift, you won’t be disappointed in the outcome.

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*Note: Many of these recipes could be described as “sweet and perfectly spiced.” There’s just something about persimmons that pairs flawlessly with cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and cloves.

2. Persimmon Cookies

Persimmon cookies are some of my favorite cookies to make for fall and winter parties.

They taste incredible and are pretty and festive, thanks to the glaze.

The cookie is soft and moist. It has the honey sweetness of persimmons, the slight tanginess of raisins, and the tingly spiciness of nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves.

The walnuts add a bit of crunch, and the sweet orange glaze is so delicious, you’ll want to put it on every dessert you make. 

3. Persimmon Risotto With Pancetta and Goat Cheese

If you’re looking for a more savory option, try persimmon risotto instead. It’s rich and filling, and you can make it in less than 30 minutes. 

The risotto itself is mild, but the shallot, persimmon, and goat cheese add a vibrant burst of flavors ranging from garden-fresh to sweet to tart. 

4. Persimmon Jam

With all the fruit canning and jelly- and jam-making people do throughout the year, I’m not sure why more people don’t think of making persimmon jam.

It has a lovely yellow-orange color, and its consistency is somewhere between apple sauce and jelly.

It has a pleasant sweetness that tastes fantastic on toast or in cakes, pies, or tarts.

5. Easy Spiced Persimmon Muffins

These insanely good muffins are, in fact, the very muffins that turned me onto cooking with persimmons in the first place. 

They look and feel just like any regular muffins, but that complex combination of sweetness (persimmons, brown sugar) and spice (cinnamon, ginger) makes them entirely unique.

The closest comparison I can make is to say they’re like spice cakes in muffin form, but even that isn’t precisely right. They are, however, phenomenal.

6. Easy Persimmon Crumble Pie

You can have this scrumptious crumble pie ready for the oven in only 5 minutes, and you’ll only need nine ingredients to do it. 

The crust is buttery and crumbly; the persimmons are soft and honey-sweet, and the apples are sweet and just a bit tart. 

Serve it while it’s still hot with a dollop of whipped cream on top. Yummy!

7. Persimmon Pudding

Persimmon pudding is more like bread pudding than a pudding cup, and it tastes amazing.

It has a unique flavor with hints of honey (from the persimmons), fruit, vanilla, and cinnamon. 

The edges are crispy, but the inside is soft and unbelievably moist.

It tastes best when served hot with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. 

8. Crockpot Persimmon Applesauce

If you love trying the different applesauce variations from Motts, you must make your own persimmon applesauce. 

You’ll only need five ingredients – apples, persimmons, lemon juice, vanilla extract, and water – and it takes about 10 minutes to prepare it for the Crockpot.

After that, leave it alone to cook for a few hours. Then you’ll have some of the sweetest, most flavorful applesauce you’ve ever tried. 

If you enjoy a bit of spice with your applesauce, add a dash of cinnamon, ginger, or cloves to the mixture.

Don’t go overboard, though. As written, the recipe already has a ton of flavor. 

9. Autumn Salad With Persimmons and Apples

Desserts and bakery items are where persimmons shine. However, I’d be remiss if I left this absolutely stunning salad off my list of favorites. 

The green of the spinach provides a beautiful backdrop for the orange persimmons, red pomegranate arils, white pumpkin seeds, and goat cheese.

Plus, the salad perfectly combines sweet, fresh, and tangy, making it a tantalizing treat for your tastebuds. 

10. Cardamom and Persimmon Cobbler

If you have family from the south – or have spent any amount of time there – then you know the southern dessert of choice is a cobbler. 

Cobblers provide the best combination of warm, crunchy, but tender crusts, sweet and tangy bursts of pure fruit, and rich, gooey sauces (usually a mixture of melted fruit and sugar). 

For this cobbler, you’ll use persimmons and whole green cardamom pods.

The persimmons add a lovely orange color to the cobbler, making it the ideal dessert for fall holiday gatherings.

The cardamom pods add a fascinating, complex flavor that’s both sweet and peppery but also citrusy and zesty at the same time. 

Together, the ingredients make something that’s just about perfect. There isn’t any other dessert out there that tastes quite like it.

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Persimmon Recipes

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  1. I made the persimmon muffins yesterday and again today and the recipe is perfect. I added pecans in one batch and walnuts in the other. Thank you.

  2. Hi, I’m Alex, 62 year old retired, but still working woman, who has never even tried a persimmon. My friend gave me one today and thus the search for recipes. Thank you for sharing yours. They look like something I can do and are FAB! I could try them at parties. Any way thank you and good luck with your website. i will follow.


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