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10 Best Pastrami Recipes (+ Easy Meal Ideas)

These 10 pastrami recipes are a must-try for any pastrami lover. And seriously, who doesn’t love pastrami, or at least like it? 

It’s a delicious, salty cured meat perfect for sandwiches or eating plain. People don’t talk about it all that often. Even so, they mostly enjoy it.

Homemade Pastrami Sandwich with Pickles and Cheese
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So, if you’re looking for some new pastrami recipes to try, look no further.

I’ve got ten different options for you to check out. Each has its own unique, savory flavor. So go ahead and get cooking.

Your tastebuds will love these dishes!

1. Classic Pastrami Reuben

Traditionally, people make Reubens with corned beef. However, this pastrami-based version is equally delicious.

It’s somewhat drier than corned beef Reubens. 

What it lacks in juiciness, though, it makes up for in flavor. Pastrami is usually coated in a dry rub and smoked, whereas corned beef is boiled. 

The smoky, dry rub flavor of pastrami far exceeds that of corned beef. So if you want the most flavorful Reuben possible, try pastrami instead. 

2. Pastrami Sandwich

Use this recipe if you want even more flavor than a pastrami Reuben. It, too, features pastrami and Swiss cheese.

However, you’ll add plenty of other robust ingredients to this one.

You can adjust as you like, of course. If you stick to the recipe, you’ll add Worcestershire, horseradish, paprika, and more. And that’s just for the dressing!

If you want something that’ll have your tastebuds dancing, this is the one for you.

3. French Dip Pastrami Sandwich

This warm, savory sandwich is cheesy, buttery, and overflowing with salty meat.

The chewy mushrooms add a delightful earthiness, and the beef broth dipping sauce is terrific.

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I don’t know why we don’t dip more things in beef broth. It adds a rich, meaty flavor that’s absolutely out of this world.  

4. Potato Pastrami Soup

What if you aren’t in the mood for a sandwich, though? Are you just out of luck? 

Nope! This potato pastrami soup is hearty, warm, and comforting.

It’s easy to make, includes plenty of nutrient-rich veggies, and tastes delightful.

It has an incredible, ‘home-cooked’ meal flavor. However, it also has a bright zing from the mustard and dill.

It’s an interesting and delectable combination.

5. The Pastrami Burger Bomb

Want something extremely filling and meaty to the max? Try adding a ton of pastrami to an already beefy burger. 

All that meat with a toasted bun and melted cheese is a tough combination to beat.

If you want to brighten the taste some, be sure to add coleslaw.

Many people I know leave it off. However, I feel like the recipe loses a little something without it.

There’s a whole other flavor profile when the coleslaw is there. 

6. Pastrami Irish Mac and Cheese

Pastrami mac and cheese may seem odd at first. Still, think about it for a second.

Have you ever had mac and cheese with ham? How about with bacon crumbles?

Adding pastrami isn’t so different from those recipes. (This one even calls for bacon, too.)

Together, the two meats provide crunch, saltiness, and a bolder flavor.

Of course, using three kinds of cheese and Guinness doesn’t hurt this dish either. 

Even without the meat, it’s one of the yummiest mac-n-cheese recipes I’ve ever tried. It’s the kind that serves as a main dish instead of a side.

7. Hot Pastrami Pizza

Looking for a healthier but still delicious option for pizza night? This hot pastrami pizza could be just the thing.

You can whip it up in less than 30 minutes with minimal ingredients. 

It’s a relatively non-indulgent way to indulge in pizza, too! Each slice has only 150 calories and roughly three Weight Watchers points. 

It’s cheesy, incredibly well-seasoned, and full of flavor. I don’t know what I like more, the scallions or the pastrami.

Fortunately, there’s plenty of both in every slice. 

8. Pastrami Wrap

This simple, no-cook meal makes an excellent ‘quickie lunch’ option. You’ll need wraps, pastrami, cheese, tomatoes, and greens. 

Add some peppercorn ranch dressing, and it’s ready to go. Try it the next time you want a tasty lunch with practically no effort. 

9. Cucumber Sandwich Bites

Need a fun, colorful, and keto-friendly appetizer or lunch option? Easy! Make sandwiches! 

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Sandwiches aren’t keto-friendly!” Well, they are when you use hollowed-out cucumbers as ‘bread.’ 

Simply cut them, fill them with meat, cheese, veggies, and condiments, and voila!

You have a 10-minute appetizer or lunch option with negligible carbs. 

10. Pastrami Reuben Egg Rolls with Russian Dressing

You don’t often see an overlap between Irish and Asian cuisine. These Reuben egg rolls are one of the few exceptions.

They feature crunchy egg roll shells, hearty pastrami, and rich Swiss cheese. Then, you’ll top them off with zingy sauerkraut.

The Russian dressing is a combination of spiciness and tang. To make it, you’ll use horseradish, hot sauce, lemon juice, and more.

They’re truly an unmatched flavor explosion. There’s nothing else quite like them.

10 Best Ways to Use Pastrami

These pastrami recipes are perfect for lunch, dinner, or anything in between! From Reubens to French Dips to burgers, there are plenty of great uses for pastrami.


  • Classic Pastrami Reuben

  • Pastrami Sandwich

  • French Dip Pastrami Sandwich

  • Potato Pastrami Soup

  • The Pastrami Burger Bomb

  • Pastrami Irish Mac and Cheese

  • Hot Pastrami Pizza

  • Pastrami Wrap

  • Cucumber Sandwich Bites

  • Pastrami Reuben Egg Rolls with Russian Dressing


  • Select your favorite recipe.
  • Organize all the required ingredients.
  • Prep a pastrami recipe in 30 minutes or less!
Pastrami Recipes

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