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24 Easy One-Skillet Meals

Looking for some easy one-skillet meals? Take the guesswork out of dinner with one of these delicious recipes tonight!

The worst part about cooking has to be the dishes!

Breakfast Skillet with Eggs, Potatoes and Bacon
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That’s where easy one-skillet meals are here to help. 

I’m not saying I’m lazy, but if I can put together dinner with just one dish?! Sign me up!

And with a good oven-safe skillet, it’s not all pasta and noodles. 

For those days when you just don’t have the energy for something restaurant-worthy, this list of 24 easy one-skillet meals has you covered!

1. Easy Breakfast Skillet

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If that’s true, this breakfast feast will fuel you through dinner!

You’ll need to cook the potatoes first so they have time to brown.

When you add the bacon and sausage, all that flavorsome fat will seep out and into the potatoes, creating a golden crust.

Bake for eight to ten minutes, depending on how you like your eggs. 

Looking for a hash brown alternative? Try using some of those tater tots you have in the freezer!

2. Homemade Hamburger Helper Cheeseburger Skillet

Recreating this childhood favorite is a lot easier than you might think.

Once you’ve browned your meat, drain the excess liquid before sprinkling over the dry ingredients. 

When you add the hot water and milk, the corn starch will start to do its thing and thicken everything up. 

You can add the pasta right in, leaving it to cook in the meat juices.

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Don’t be shy with the cheese! Maybe try serving with a few chilis sprinkled over the top.

3. Chicken Pot Pie

Yes, you read that right. 

It’s not only possible to make a chicken pot pie in your skillet, it might just be better!

Start by softening the old favorites: onion, carrot, and celery with some thyme. Add the garlic after a few minutes so it doesn’t burn. 

You’ll make the sauce right in the skillet, adding the flour, stock, and cream into the pan and whisking until smooth and thick. 

The chicken and biscuit top will bake in the oven until tender and perfect. 

4. Parmesan Pasta

I know I said it’s not all pasta and noodles. But you have to admit that there’s nothing more comforting than a big bowl of pasta.

Although this needs 20-25 minutes to cook, it will only need five minutes of your time to get ready.

Once you’ve melted the butter and cooked the garlic until fragrant, you can add the broth, milk, and cream. 

The pasta will cook right in that sauce before adding a handsome helping of parmesan cheese, which will stir through and melt. 

Since this is so easy to make, why not add a side of homemade garlic bread to really impress?!

5. Skillet Lasagna

Ok, so lasagna is typically layers of meat with sauce and pasta. 

If you’re looking for a short-cut, this is for you!

It uses a great Italian sausage and tomato sauce with broken lasagne noodles that cook in the pot.

If you think you’ll miss the cheese layer, try adding the ricotta and cheese mix with an egg and baking in the oven so it sets on top.

6. Easy Beef Burrito Skillet

In the same way the above recipe incorporates the lasagne noodles into the meat sauce, this recipe does the same with tortillas. 

It’s as easy as cooking off your meat before adding salsa, beans, and taco seasoning. I would also throw in some corn and jalapenos while you’re at it!

Just as it’s finishing up, nestle some strips on tortillas into the skillet and sprinkle with cheese. 

7. Skillet Chicken with Couscous

Cooking chicken in a heavy skillet is a great way to get a deep flavor and a good crust on the skin. 

Once the chicken is nicely seared on the outside, remove it to a plate while you prepare the couscous.

Toast it a little and then add in the broth. Bring it to a boil before putting the chicken back into the dish.

After about 15 minutes in the oven, everything should be tender and ready to devour.

8. Quick and Easy Mexican Shrimp Skillet

The recipe doesn’t say it, but you could cook a batch of Mexican rice in the skillet before cooking the shrimp. 

In the same way the couscous above was cooked, you can add in your favorite spices and make up an easy rice side. 

Since the shrimp only need a few minutes to cook, the rice will still be hot and you can serve it all together. 

9. Chicken Enchilada Skillet

Using rotisserie chicken is fast, flavorful, and nothing to be ashamed of. I don’t know how they do it, but the flavor is always better than anything I can make at home.

Top it off with some taco seasoning and enchilada sauce for a fast family favorite. 

This dish gets tortilla strips nestled in, just like with the burritos. All the same flavor, with half the effort.

10. Easy Chili Faux Mac Skillet

Loaded with ground meat and veggies, this carb-free chili is filling and warming.

You could even make it dairy-free without the sour cream and cheese. 

I love using cauliflower to bulk out a dish. It’s tasty but doesn’t take away from the overall flavor. 

And feel free to add in extra veggies! I always put sweet potato in my chili. 

11. Cajun Asparagus and Sausage Skillet

We’re big fans of spicy food in our house, so this cajun inspired dish is a big hit. 

Other than the spices, there are just six ingredients here. 

The potatoes and carrots will need some time to soften before adding the onions, peppers, and sausage. 

This recipe suggests you boil the asparagus separately, but honestly, I would chop them and add them with the sausage. 

They need the same amount of time and will fry up to be tender but have a slight crunch. 

12. Italian Chicken Skillet

This has been a go-to of mine for years. I love cooking with different kinds of tomatoes, letting the juices seep out and add flavor to the chicken. 

Once browned, you’ll need to remove the chicken to cook the onions and garlic. 

When you put the chicken back in your skillet, add in the tomatoes, basil, and spinach. 

Everything will finish cooking together before you take off the heat and stir through the parmesan cheese. 

13. Skillet Shepherd’s Pie

A classic shepherd’s pie contains ground beef, onion, tomato pastes, Worcestershire sauce, and a handy dandy vegetable medley. 

I like my gravy quick thick before adding the vegetables. This is because they are usually frozen and will add liquid as they thaw and cook. 

Top everything with as much mashed potato as you can fit in the skillet!

I would suggest putting a baking tray under the skillet to catch anything that might leak. 

14. Meatballs in Marinara Sauce

This recipe is for tender meatballs in a tomato and cheese sauce that is to die for!

You’ll need another pot if you want to serve it with pasta.

Or grab some crusty bread and make meatball subs!

I love using ground turkey in my meatballs. It’s leaner, and I can’t really tell the difference. 

Be careful not to over-mix the meat and try to encase the cheese inside, so that when you bite into these, the cheese will ooze out. 

15. Mexican Beef and Rice Skillet

Being able to put a skillet full of amazing and filling food on the table in less than half an hour is such a flex. Way to go!

Mix cooked ground beef with rice, salsa, seasonings, beans, and corn. 

Cover the entire thing with cheese and bake for 10-15 minutes. 

Serve with plenty of guacamole and some crispy fried jalapenos. Dinner is done!

16. Easy Sausage and Vegetable Skillet

Have you seen the different kinds of sausage they have now in the store?

This recipe calls for andouille or kielbasa, but I would try out something fun, like chorizo or spicy chicken.

The sausage and pasta need to be cooked separately here.

Once ready, you can cook your veggies before adding it together with cream and mustard for a smooth sauce with a little kick. 

17. Sante Fe Chicken Skillet

This dish is so colorful and is a great carb-free dinner. 

Cook your chicken until golden before removing and cooking the vegetables.

The chicken will finish cooking covered in cheese.

If you’re looking for a good side, try these spicy sweet potato fries

18. Cheese Beef Tortellini Skillet

As if pasta wasn’t already perfect, they went and stuffed it with cheese, spinach, and ham!

I love stuffed tortellini for the texture and added flavor it gives your dish. My favorite has to be bacon and cheese stuffed pasta in a chicken carbonara. 

But this cheese and beef dish might be a close second. 

This recipe uses ground beef, but I think sliced steak would be an indulgent upgrade. 

The great thing about tortellini is you can sneak spinach in there and nobody will know!

19. Easy Cream Cheese Chicken

The beauty of chicken is that it basically goes with anything. It compliments most sauces and additions so well and when cooked right, is juicy and delicious. 

For this recipe, the chicken gets cooked with onions and mushrooms before being smothered in a cream cheese sauce that you will need to make extra of. 

It’s so easy. Just add the cream cheese and broth and let it melt together. 

20. Sweet Potato Dinner Skillet

I know what the title says, but I have to say, this would be great as a breakfast dish!

The shredded potatoes will cook faster and leave a wonderful crust around the edges. 

If you’re not a fan of chard, add in some spinach and tomatoes instead. 

The feta is a nice addition here, and I would suggest broiling for about five minutes to cook the egg whites but keep the yolk nice and runny.

21. Garlic Butter Steak

If cooking steak at home makes you nervous, this recipe will ease your fears. 

It all starts with a good cut and a good skillet. 

I like to go to the butcher and have them cut my steaks at least two inches thick. 

Sirloin, rib-eye, and strip are all great options. Look for something with some fat marbled through it.

Pat the steaks and season both sides with salt and pepper. You’ll also want to oil the steak and not the pan. 

Heat your skillet to high and add the steak, leaving it to cook for a good few minutes. Turn and cook for another three to four minutes, depending on how thick it is. 

Always leave your steak to rest for at least five minutes. 

For the garlic butter, add it on top once you take the steak off the heat so it will melt over and not burn.

22. 30-Minute Skillet Beef Pot Pie

Another magically fast dish, this pie is full of savory beef, onion, and mushroom. 

Quite similar to the shepherd’s pie, it doesn’t have the Worcestershire sauce but uses balsamic vinegar instead. 

For a pretty pie lid, you can cut and bake the store-bought dough on a sheet tray. 

If you’re feeling more rustic, just lay it over the beef filling and bake for 10 minutes until it becomes golden brown. 

23. Easy 15-Minute Ranch Chicken and Vegetable Skillet

Did I say 30-minute meals are magic? I take it back! This 15-minute dish is crazy good and crazy easy.

Yes, I am one of those people that puts ranch on everything. 

The powder is such an amazing way to incorporate flavor, and when mixed through, this recipe is full of flavor and pretty healthy. 

Between the chicken, broccoli, zucchini, and spinach, you can have a guilt-free dessert once you’ve cleared your plate.

24. Skillet Beef and Broccoli Ramen

As with many Asian-inspired dishes, the ingredient list can look a little intimidating. 

Don’t panic! You probably have everything already in the cupboards. 

Marinating the steak is kind of essential here. Cut it into strips and let it sit with the flavors for at least six hours, if possible. 

You’ll need to cook the beef in batches, so it can all touch the pan and sear perfectly. 

The sauce will thicken in the cornstarch residue and everything gets tossed together. 

Serve with a sprinkling of sesame seeds and some chopped chilis for a kick. 

24 Easy One Skillet Meal Collection

Looking for some easy one skillet meals? Take the guesswork out of meal planning and make cleanup a breeze with one of these delicious recipes!


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Easy One Skillet Meals

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