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30 Mother’s Day Breakfast Ideas (+ Easy Recipes)

These Mother’s Day breakfast ideas can help you start mom’s day off right!

If you’re anything like me, you may get a little nervous about cooking for your mom on Mother’s Day.

My mom is an excellent cook, and I’m always afraid my meals won’t measure up to hers.

Strawberry Crepes
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With these easy recipes, I don’t have to worry about that. They’re quick and simple, and they turn out great every time. 

If you’re looking for a way to pamper mom on Mother’s Day – or any other day of the year –  these dishes are a great way to start. 

Pancake Muffins with Nuts

1. Pancake Mix Muffins

I love muffins, but sometimes they’re just a little too dense and crumbly for me to enjoy.

You’ll make these with pancake mix, though, so they’re light, fluffy, and not nearly as messy.

Aside from the mix, all you’ll need to make them are milk, cinnamon, honey, eggs, vanilla extract, and vegetable oil.

Don’t forget to grab berries, nuts, syrup, or whatever your favorite muffin toppings are.

2. Strawberry Scones

These scones are sweet, flaky, and ready in 30 minutes. They’re so easy to make, and the hardest part is shaping them correctly.

(Spoiler alert: Shaping them correctly isn’t hard at all.)

Don’t forget the homemade lemon icing. That’s what gives them their tart, zesty flavor.

Like all scones, they’re a little dry, so be sure to serve them with a large cup of coffee or tea.

French Toast Casserole with Blueberry Sauce

3. Blueberry French Toast Casserole

If your mom is a fan of blueberry cheesecake and French toast, she’ll love this recipe because it combines those two delicious dishes to create one fantastic treat.

The ingredients list is a little long, but the casserole is surprisingly simple to cook, and it doesn’t take long to prepare, either. 

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It’s a pretty decadent way to start the day, so don’t expect to take Mom on a hike after she’s eaten it.

4. Asparagus Tart

At first glance, asparagus tarts may seem like a bad idea, but they aren’t! They’re phenomenal!

They combine the flaky sweetness of puff pastries with the savory yumminess of cheesy asparagus.

The Dijon mustard also adds a nice touch, and I love garlic on asparagus, so I throw in a little garlic powder, as well. 

Blueberry Muffins with Fresh Blueberries

5. Blueberry Muffins

This recipe for copycat Starbucks muffins is one of my favorite ways to make blueberry muffins. They’re moist, soft, buttery, and incredible. 

Best of all, they take only 20 minutes to cook, and they’ll stay fresh and yummy for two days on the table or a few weeks in the freezer. 

6. Berry Fruit Salad

This tastes so good to be so simple. Mix all your mom’s favorite berries with some honey, lemon juice, and mint.

It’s cool, refreshing, and naturally sweet. Plus, you can make it in 5 minutes!

7. Ham Quiche

Ham and cheese always go well together, and green onions make everything taste better, but who has time to make homemade quiche?!

You do! Just buy a store-bought pie crust, and don’t tell mom about it.

The quiche tastes just as good and is ready in half the time. Mom will never know you cheated with the pre-made crust.

Blueberry Pancakes with Maple Syrup

8. Blueberry Pancakes

Most people know the country music singer Trisha Yearwood, but if you’ve never tried any of her recipes, you’re missing out on some of her best work! 

Start by making these Trisha Yearwood blueberry pancakes.

The pancakes are light and fluffy like pancakes should be, and the blueberries provide a tangy burst of flavor your mom will love.

They’re high in carbs, as most pancakes are, but otherwise, they’re a pretty healthy way to start the day, especially since blueberries are full of antioxidants!

9. Vanilla Corn Cake with Roasted Strawberries

Say what you will about the south, but people there know how to cook.

This vanilla corn cake is one of my favorite southern-style recipes.

It has a somewhat crumbly texture that’ll remind you of banana nut bread, but it’s much sweeter. 

Top it off with some whipped cream and roasted strawberries for a breakfast pastry your mom will never forget. 

Bacon Breakfast Casserole

10. Bisquick Breakfast Casserole

If your mom constantly told you that breakfast was the most important meal of the day, she’ll appreciate this breakfast casserole.

It’s packed full of healthy ingredients, vitamins, and nutrients.

You can make adjustments as needed to fit specific diets, but as-is, the recipe contains everything you need for a well-balanced breakfast. 

With eggs, cheese, veggies, milk, and sausage, it hits most major food groups.

You can even make it a day ahead of time and heat it up when you’re ready to serve it. 

11. Savory Scones with Bacon, Cheddar, and Chives

I never considered making savory scones until I found this recipe. Now, I make them all the time.

It yields 16 flaky, cheesy scones in under an hour. 

The bacon adds a nice, salty flavor, and the chives round out the whole dish.

These aren’t just great for Mother’s Day. They’re a year-round favorite in my house.

Cinnamon Rolls

12. Cinnamon Rolls

Is there anything more decadent and delicious for breakfast than cinnamon rolls?

They’re like pure melted sugar in your mouth, and there’s nothing wrong with that! 

The trick to making these warm, gooey cinnamon rolls is Bisquick.

It makes perfect cinnamon rolls in less than an hour every time. They have crispy outsides and soft, sticky insides.

You’ll make the homemade glaze by heating milk and powdered sugar.

It’s so tasty, you won’t want to leave even the tiniest amount in the bowl. 

13. Strawberry Crepes

Many of my friends shy away from making crepes because they’re afraid they’ll mess them up.

I tell them, if you can make pancakes, you can make crepes!

The filling is just strawberries, strawberry puree, and sugar. The crepes are just super thin, rolled-up pancakes.

They’re easy as pie, and you can make them in less than 15 minutes.

Strawberry Banana Granola Parfait

14. Strawberry Banana Granola Parfaits

These layered treats are perfect for breakfast, brunch, or dessert. I even pack them for lunch occasionally! 

All you have to do is layer your homemade granola, Greek yogurt, bananas, and strawberries in a cute dish or Mason jar. 

If you’re in a crunch for time, you can buy store-bought granola and have these done in 5 to 10 minutes tops.

15. Bacon and Apple Muffins

Nothing beats dishes full of sweetness and salt, and these muffins have plenty of both. 

The apples, brown sugar, and cinnamon contrast perfectly with the bacon’s crunchy saltiness.

You can add some pecans if you want even more crunch and salt.

French Toast with Banana Toppings

16. French Toast

Looking for a five-star hotel breakfast idea that takes only 30 minutes to make? Try this copycat French toast recipe. 

You’ll use brioche bread, eggs, vanilla, flour, cinnamon, and just a pinch of salt. The result is perfectly crispy IHOP French toast. 

Top it with maple syrup and bananas, or use whipped cream and your mom’s favorite berries. Either way, she’s sure to love it. 

17. Olive, Ham, and Cheese Loaf

This lovely, colorful loaf is one of those odd things that doesn’t seem like it would taste good but does. 

Thanks to the mint, Gruyere cheese, ham, and olives, it has a unique taste that’s hard to describe. Suffice it to say, it’s yummy!

Chai Latte with Cinnamon in a Cup

18. Chai Tea Latte

All you need for this yummy drink is milk and chai tea latte concentrate.

You can add a bit of cinnamon if your mom likes the spice. 

It takes less than 10 minutes to make and tastes every bit as good as the chai tea latte from Starbucks.

19. Blueberry Dutch Baby

If you’ve never had one, Dutch babies are like giant baked pancakes, and they’re easier to cook because you don’t have to worry about flipping them. 

This one is a particular favorite of mine because I love blueberries.

Dutch babies are chewier and less fluffy than traditional pancakes, but they also seem to have more substance.

They’re thicker and denser, but they’re just as delicious.

To make this one, you’ll need butter, eggs, milk, powdered and granulated sugar, vanilla extract, flour, cinnamon, nutmeg, and blueberries.

You can use fresh or frozen blueberries; either taste just as good. The whole thing is ready in about 25 minutes. 

Pumpkin Muffins

20. Pumpkin Muffins

Does mom love Starbucks’ seasonal pumpkin muffins? Help her enjoy them with this copycat recipe. 

They’re warm and cinnamon-y, and you can add mom’s favorite nuts for additional flavor and crunch.

Top them with a little icing, and you’ll have the real deal, only much less expensive.

21. Honey Ham Biscuits

Is there anything better than a warm, flaky, buttery biscuit? They’re pretty hard to beat. 

However, stuffing them with provolone cheese, ham, and honey mustard, then topping them with warm, melted honey might do it. 

These biscuits perfectly combine the sweet with the savory, and there’s enough protein in the ham and cheese to make them a healthy start to the day.

Mint Grapefruit Mimosa

22. Mimosa

I don’t care how old I get; I love sharing a fruity drink with my mom. It makes me feel so grown up and adult. 

FYI: I’ve been a grown adult for years, but I never feel as grown as I do when sharing a drink with my mom.

This mint grapefruit mimosa is one of our favorite drinks.

The honey and the prosecco mask the bitterness of the grapefruit, and the whole thing has a light, sweet flavor that’s just delightful. 

Feel free to use club soda or sparkling grape juice to make non-alcoholic mimosas.

23. Blueberry Sweet Rolls

These are like cinnamon rolls, only dialed up to 11. They’re amazing!

It takes a few hours for the dough to rise, so be sure you plan ahead with these. They aren’t something you can whip up in 15 minutes. 

Waffles with Chicken and Syrup

24. Waffles

If you want to know the secret to making delicious breakfast recipes, 99% of the time, it’s Bisquick.

Seriously, I use Bisquick for everything, including these amazing 10-minute waffles.

As long as you have some Bisquick, an egg, milk, and vegetable oil, you can make these thick, crispy, but fluffy waffles in no time.

Of course, a waffle iron would help, too.

25. Strawberry Donuts

If you’ve ever dreamed of a healthier, less greasy way of making donuts, try baking them instead of deep-frying them. 

These baked donuts take about 15 minutes to prep and 12 to bake. 

You’ll want to add chopped strawberries into the batter and save some for the strawberry glaze, which you’ll make from strawberries, strawberry powder, and icing. 

If mom has a sweet tooth and loves strawberries, these will be a huge hit.

26. Avocado Toast

Want a nutritious, filling breakfast idea that takes less than 10 minutes and requires no cooking other than sticking bread in a toaster?

Avocado toast is the way to go. 

All you must have to make it is bread and an avocado or two.

You’ll toast your bread until it’s nice and crunchy, mash your avocados in a bowl, and spread them across the toast. 

That’s it. You’re all done. 

However, if you want to jazz it up a little, there are all kinds of ways to do that.

Top the avocado toast with your favorite things, such as garlic, onions, tomatoes, fried eggs, or whatever you like.

My favorite toppings are slices of fresh garden tomatoes, a little garlic salt, and a drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette or extra-virgin olive oil.

Garlic, chopped red onions, and scallops are a good option, too. 

27. Strawberry Cream Cheese Toast 

If you’re looking for a sweeter alternative to avocado toast, try this strawberry cream cheese toast instead. 

The only thing that takes any time is making the strawberries, so you may want to make them earlier.

The longer they have to sit in the sugar, the sweeter and tastier they’ll be, anyway.

Once they’re ready, toast your bread, spread the cream cheese, and top the whole thing with strawberries and some fresh basil. 

If you’re hesitant about the basil, you can leave it off, but I’d give it a try. It adds a fresh, almost minty taste to the toast.

Banana Bread with walnuts

28. Banana Bread

Of all the homemade sweet breads, banana bread has always been a favorite of mine, and this recipe is one of the best I’ve found to make it. 

It’s soft and moist, and the walnuts add a delightful crunch.

If you’re looking for banana bread like your grandmother used to make, this is the recipe you want.

Breakfast Potatoes with Peppers and Onions

29. Parmesan Breakfast Potatoes

If your mom prefers a warm, hearty breakfast to a sweet one, make her these parmesan breakfast potatoes instead. 

They’re full of delicious herbs and spices and fried with garlic, parmesan cheese, onions, and peppers.

They only take about 30 minutes to make, and they’re perfect with tenderloin or country ham.

30. Bacon, Egg, and Potato Hash

This one, too, takes only 30 minutes to prepare, and it has everything mom could want on a breakfast plate.

The hash contains eggs, bacon, scallions, cheese, and potatoes. Like all good hash, though, it’s flexible.

You can customize it to fit specific dietary needs.

If your mom’s a vegan, leave out the eggs and bacon and go heavier on the veggies. 

If you need to fix a low-carb version, skip the potatoes and double down on the protein with extra bacon, sausage, or ham.

30 Best Mother’s Day Breakfasts That Say, “I Love You”

These easy Mother’s Day breakfast recipes will start mom’s day off right! From muffins to quiche to cinnamon rolls, celebrate mom with a delicious meal.


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  • Prep a Mother’s Day breakfast in 30 minutes or less!
Mother’s Day Breakfast Ideas (+ Easy Recipes)

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