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40 Healthy Low-Calorie Chicken Recipes

Check out these quick and delicious low-calorie chicken recipes if you’re stuck on what to eat tonight.

They’re super easy and incredibly versatile, so you definitely won’t get bored. 

Sweet and Sour Chicken with Peppers and Pineapples
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40 Healthy Chicken Recipes for Weight Loss

Chicken is mild, cheap, and kid-approved, making it one of the best proteins around.

And since the flavor is so mild, you can mix it with pretty much any combination of ingredients.

From sweet and spicy to rich and creamy, these low-calorie chicken recipes span many different cuisines, flavor profiles, and levels of difficulty.

Better yet, each one comes in under 400 calories per serving!

1. Juicy, Healthy, Oven-Baked Chicken Breast (147 kcal)

This dish keeps it simple, and it’s one you should keep in your back pocket.

Seasoned with smoked paprika, oregano, garlic powder, salt, and pepper, this oven-baked chicken is super juicy and flavorful. 

It’s terrific with pasta, rice, and potatoes, or in wraps and sandwiches.

2. Skinny Teriyaki Chicken (203 kcal)

If I had my pick of Asian sauces, teriyaki would win every time. It’s sweet, savory, and full of so much umami goodness that every bite is like heaven.

And it’s especially incredible on chicken!

Unfortunately, takeout teriyaki is ridiculously high in sodium and often has lots of hidden sugars.

That’s where this delicious recipe comes in. It has the same delectable flavors with a fraction of the calories. 

Serve it with rice and steamed veggies, and you’ll never need take-out again.

3. Greek Chicken Bowls (385 kcal)

I love lots of different cuisines, but Greek-inspired dishes might just be my favorite.

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And this dish delivers in spades! It’s healthy, filling, well-rounded, and tastes fantastic. 

Each bowl contains rice (you choose what kind), a fresh cucumber salad, and marinated chicken.

It’s loaded with complex carbs, protein, and healthy fats. So basically, it’s everything good in one bowl.

Also, you get a whole lotta food for a reasonable amount of calories. 

4. Chicken and Vegetables Skillet (257 kcal)

If you have a veggie-hater in your family (or maybe it’s you), try this dish.

Yes, it’s heavy on the veggies. But it’s so good that even your picky eaters will like it. 

It’s saucy, boldly flavored, juicy, and simply scrumptious. And it’s healthy, so you can feel good about eating multiple plates. 

This stuff is great as-is. But if you’re not worried about dieting, feel free to add your favorite sides. Crispy roasted potatoes are my choice.

5. Chicken Florentine in 10 Minutes | Creamy and Low-Carb (295 kcal)

Most people think eating low-cal means eating “rabbit food.” But this recipe is proof you can indulge and stick to a diet.

It’s creamy, cheesy, garlicky… you know, all of the best things.

The meat is moist, and there’s even some spinach in the mix because we do meals well-rounded here. 

If you’re watching calories, serve this with cauliflower rice and extra veggies. If not, go ahead and load your plate up with some pasta.

Either way, it’s delicious. 

6. Cilantro Lime Grilled Chicken Tacos (275 kcal)

Tacos really should be their own food group. They’re perfect no matter what you put in them and are beloved worldwide.

And this grilled chicken recipe is definitely in my top 10 favorite tacos ever. They’re bright, summery, fabulously fresh, and totally tasty. 

Did I mention they’re healthy?

This recipe features grilled chicken infused with a cilantro lime marinade. Can you say yummy?

Serve them with pico de gallo, guacamole, fresh cilantro, and queso fresco. 

Are you doing low-carb, too? Skip the tortilla and serve this over lettuce or cauliflower rice with extra pico or guac.

7. Skillet Chicken and Mushroom Wine Sauce (309 kcal)

This skillet chicken dinner is seriously luxurious. But believe it or not, it’s crazy easy to make.

Every bite will tantalize your taste buds with hints of mustard, thyme, shallots, and garlic.

The wine sauce is robust and creamy, while the chicken is succulent and tender. 

What more could you ask for?

8. Creamy Chicken Mushroom (224 kcal)

Here’s another terrific chicken and mushroom dish that’s low in calories but certainly not low in flavor. 

While the previous dish is a bit more indulgent – calling for white wine and heavy cream – this one is lighter, using low-cal cream cheese instead.

I think this is great for weeknights, but it’s also impressive enough for dinner parties.

9. Low-Calorie, Healthy Chicken Wraps (364 kcal)

Wraps are such a terrific lunch option. They’re easy to make, easy to modify, and even easier to eat.

I love these chicken wraps because they’re healthy, delicious, and filling.

Featuring a light, flavorful chicken salad and lots of crunchy veggies, they’re just what you need to beat the mid-day slump.

10. Greek Yogurt Chicken Salad Lettuce Wraps (111 kcal)

Speaking of chicken salad: this delicious recipe takes the lunch classic for a lighter spin.

Typically, chicken salads can be pretty heavy, thanks to all the mayo. And when you put them in wraps (even whole wheat ones), they’re full of carbs too.

This recipe subs mayo for Greek yogurt, so it’s light and tangy. And you’ll use lettuce wraps to keep things carb-free.

But don’t worry, it has all of the other delicious things found in chicken salad. It’s sweet, savory, and full of lots of textures. Yum! 

11. Chicken Teriyaki with Easy Sticky Sauce (350 kcal)

This dish is sweet, slightly sour, and full of healthy, delicious goodness.

It features tender chicken, a honey-based sticky sauce, your favorite veggies, and rice. 

It might just be the easiest way to enjoy Asian-inspired food during the week. And it’s a whole meal under 400 calories!

12. Tex Mex Chicken and Zucchini (323 kcal)

They say you should eat the rainbow for the healthiest, most well-rounded diet. Well, this colorful dish has you covered!

It’s low-cal, low-carb, nutrient-dense, and BIG in flavor. Also, it’s effortless to make – everything is done in one pan! 

Every forkful gives you juicy chicken, zucchini, bell peppers, corn, black beans, and tomatoes. Plus alliums, of course.

And what’s more, it’s also smothered in cheese! So, each bite is dripping with melted, cheesy goodness.

Finish off with some lime, and you’re good to go. 

13. Chicken Broccoli Stir Fry (325 kcal)

Beef and broccoli is one of my favorite takeout dishes. But this chicken and broccoli stir fry is totally on par!

It’s ideal if you’re looking to cut down on red meat or if you just want a leaner protein. 

Mushrooms impart the robust feeling of beef without the added calories. So, really, it’s a win-win. 

14. Healthy Chicken Alfredo Zoodles (243 kcal)

Zoodles (zucchini noodles) are a fabulous way to bulk up a meal without adding extra calories.

Take this healthy chicken Alfredo for instance! Zoodles have only five calories, whereas one serving of regular fettuccine contains a whopping 59 calories. 

And you get more nutritional benefits!

No, they don’t taste the same as pasta, but they’re perfectly slurpable. I love their color too!

Serve them with juicy chicken in a creamy homemade Alfredo sauce, and you won’t miss the pasta one bit!

15. Healthy Kung Pao Chicken (303 kcal) 

Asian meals are one of the best ways to eat healthier at home. That’s because they’re chock full of veggies, lean proteins, and delicious flavors. 

Sure, premade sauces have a lot of added sugars and preservatives. But luckily for you, they’re easy to mimic using much healthier, whole ingredients. 

And that’s how we get this delicious and healthy Kung Pao chicken.

It’s loaded with succulent chicken and tender veggies in a sweet, spicy, and scrumptious sauce. 

It’s the kind of dish that feels good on every level. 

16. Chicken Fajita Stuffed Peppers (259 kcal)

Stuffed peppers are a highly underrated dish. They’re colorful, brimming with nutrients, and super easy to make.

And this Tex-Mex twist on the Italian-inspired classic proves it. 

It’s kind of like the love child of fajitas and tacos. Except the taco shell is a bell pepper.

Stuffed with protein, veggies, and whole grains, it’s healthy, flavorful, and filling. Just what you need for dinner tonight!

17. Grilled Huli Huli Chicken (288 kcal)

Say aloha to your new favorite dinner. Every bite of this Hawaiian classic is sweet and savory with a beautifully balanced flavor. 

With notes of pineapple, soy sauce, ginger, and garlic, you can’t escape the tropical flavors. It’s amazing.

A bit of green onion adds a little extra brightness I know you’ll love. 

Serve this with brown rice or quinoa and grilled veggies. 

18. Instant Pot Chicken Tinga (188 kcal)

Take your family on a trip to Mexico with this delicious chicken tinga recipe. It’s bold, spicy, and seriously flavorful. 

Tinga is a shredded chicken dish featuring chipotle flavors. So it’s brimming with spicy, smoky goodness!

Serve it in tacos, enchiladas, or over rice in a bowl. You really can’t go wrong.

19. Sheet Pan Greek Chicken (354 kcal)

One bite of this dish, and you’ll think you’ve died and gone to Olympus.

It’s heavenly and a beautiful example of what Mediterranean cuisine has to offer. 

Plus, it’s all done on a single sheet pan, so prep and clean-up are a breeze! 

This dish features roasted EVERYTHING- peppers, chicken, onions, tomatoes, artichokes, garlic, olives, and feta!

It’s seasoned with typical Greek flavors, so you know it’s good.

20. Air Fryer Whole Chicken | Rotisserie Style (271 kcal)

Cooking an entire chicken can be intimidating. But with the Air Fryer, there’s no need to fret!

It’s as easy as seasoning the chicken and cooking it for an hour. You’ll get crispy skin and succulent meat EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. 

21. Grilled Moroccan Chicken (344 kcal)

If you’re scared of flavor, you might want to keep scrolling. But for those of you with taste buds, I suggest you try this delicious dish.

Because it is flavor-FULL

This Moroccan chicken combines everything you know and love about North African cuisine.

It’s sweet, spicy, savory, and a little smoky. Basically, it’ll take your mouth on a ride. 

Serve it with eggplant salad, potato cakes, or couscous. Delish!

22. Lemon Rosemary Chicken (343 kcal)

Light, herby, and wonderfully citrusy, lemon, and rosemary chicken is perfect for any night of the week.

You’ll make a quick marinade with lemon, rosemary, garlic, salt, and pepper. Then, let the chicken sit for at least 30 mins before roasting. 

Add your favorite veggies to the same pan and let it go until the chicken is done. It’s simple but impressive. 

23. Chicken Cacciatore (288 kcal)

When I think of Italian food, I think of comfort. It’s homegrown, made with love, and always a winner.

And this chicken cacciatore is no exception.

It features juicy chicken thighs, meaty mushrooms, and bright peppers braised in a flavorful tomato sauce. 

This meal will satisfy both your taste buds and your soul.

As for what to serve with chicken cacciatore, keep it light with a plate of buttered zoodles.

24. Detox Southwest Chicken Soup (252 kcal)

The body is naturally detoxing on a daily basis. That’s what your kidneys are for!

But if you’ve had a few days of indulging, it’s nice to try something light and full of nutrients to give your gut a break.  

And soups like this are ideal!

Loaded with chicken, chilis, tomatoes, carrots, cabbage, broccoli, and a whole lot of spices, it tastes like a trip to the southwest.

Add some avocado to the top, and enjoy!

25. Best Grilled Chicken (289 kcal)

This recipe was made for summer nights, barbecues, and good company.

You’ll need a few pantry staple ingredients and just a few minutes of prep – five minutes, to be exact.

After a 30-minute marinade, it’ll cook for around 20 minutes. The result is a sweet, totally savory, and surefire crowd-pleaser.

Serve it with all of your favorite BBQ sides.

26. Grilled Tropical Chicken Bowls (396 kcal)

You’ll adore this dish if you love the juxtaposition of sweet and savory.

Now, it does have the most calories of any dish on the list. But it’s worth every single one, I swear!

Lime, honey, mint, pineapple, coconut… those are just some of the flavors in this dish.

And together, they create a party in your mouth! 

27. Healthy Orange Chicken (257 kcal)

Like teriyaki chicken, orange chicken tends to have lots of added stuff. Stuff you probably don’t want in your body when you’re trying to eat healthily.

So, this recipe is here to save the day!

It tastes just like the takeout you love, but without the unhealthy extras – or the hefty price tag. 

28. Healthy Fried Chicken (316 kcal)

So, this chicken isn’t really fried. It’s baked.

But if you can’t get enough of flavorful skin and juicy chicken, you’ll love it. 

29. Chicken Detox Soup (91 kcal)

Warm broth, tender veggies, and insanely good flavor? Yup, this soup has it all.

It’s incredibly healthy, so you can eat your fill without worrying. In fact, at under 100 calories a bowl, you could eat the whole pot without overindulging.

30. Slow-Cooker Cuban Chicken with Citrus (239 kcal)

Cuban food is up there with some of my favorite cuisines. Like most Latin American dishes, it is super fresh and flavorful.

It’s also influenced by the Caribbean, so it’s fabulously tropical, too! 

And this chicken does not disappoint.

Flavors like orange, lime, garlic, bay leaf, and onion burst along your tongue. It’s delicious served with mashed plantains and rice.

31. Balsamic Chicken and Mushrooms (322.4 kcal)

If you love earthy and tangy flavors, then buckle up for a fantastic ride. This balsamic chicken and mushroom dish features all that and more. 

It has a sweetness from the balsamic reduction and a bit of sugar to keep things balanced.

Every mouthful is buttery, slightly creamy, and wonderfully herbaceous. 

Serve it with mashed cauliflower and extra veggies for a super filling, utterly irresistible meal! 

32. Chicken Lo Mein (372 kcal)

This lo-calorie, lo-hassle Lo Mein is NOT low in deliciousness!

Featuring chicken, veggies, and noodles tossed in a savory, salty sauce, it’s about as dreamy as homemade takeout gets.

And it’s done in only one pan! 

33. Grilled Chili Cilantro Lime Chicken (203 kcal)

To keep low-calorie eating fun, you gotta have good chicken marinades. Luckily, this sweet, spicy, and super fresh marinade is just the ticket. 

It tastes like the epitome of summer with sugar, chilis, cilantro, and lime. I guarantee this will be the star of your next barbecue. 

34. Foil Pack Cajun Chicken and Veggies (154 kcal)

Get a little taste of Louisiana with these sensational Cajun foil packs.

The seasonings are, by far, the star of this dish. Every forkful gives you a smoky kick that’ll knock your socks off. 

And just a little PSA: these are fantastic for camping. So gather around the campfire, and let’s feast!

35. Chicken Chimichangas (263 kcal)

Juicy chicken, gooey cheese, fresh salsa, and creamy beans all in one chimichanga? Yes, please!

And yes, it’s just as amazing as it sounds. 

Typically chimichangas are deep-fried until golden and crispy. And while that’s beyond divine, it’s not exactly low-calorie.

But these are pan-fried or baked, so you get all the taste at a fraction of the cost. 

36. King Ranch Chicken Casserole (310 kcal)

Hold on to your Midwestern britches; there’s a Tex-Mex casserole coming through!

One bite of this creamy, gooey, boldly-flavored dinner will send you straight to flavor town. 

Multiple bites will lead to multiple slices. And multiple slices will lead to you loosening your belt.

But trust me, it’s so worth it!

37. Aloha Pineapple Chicken Rice Casserole (325 kcal)

Hawaiian-inspired dishes are always a good idea in my book.

Sweet, tropical, savory, they’re a little of everything in each bite. And you’re gonna love this yummy pineapple chicken casserole!

To cut down on the calories even further, bake this without the grains and serve with cauliflower rice instead.

38. Stuffed Chicken Breast (226 kcal)

Chicken, goat cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, and spinach in one neat little parcel? I’ll take two, please!

All that sounds amazing, and I’d happily devour the plate for dinner. 

But it gets better because this chicken is crusted with Panko and parsley, making every bite crunchy and scrummy.

39. Goat Cheese and Spinach Stuffed Chicken Breast with Caramelized Onions and Mushrooms (239 kcal)

Make this delicious chicken if you’re looking for a meal that will impress your guests.

It’s a terrific way to stick to your diet while eating like a millionaire. 

The meat is tender, the cheese is creamy, and the spinach is robust. Plus, it’s all served with umami-laden caramelized onions and mushrooms. 

Oh, excuse me! My mouth is watering. 

40. Healthy Chicken Pasta Salad (324 kcal)

Looking at that picture, I wouldn’t blame you if you thought I’d gotten my recipes mixed up.

I mean, how can something loaded with pasta and cheese be healthy?

Well, not only is this pasta salad low in calories, it’s also bright, chock-full of fresh ingredients, and wonderfully filling.

You’ll use spinach instead of lettuce for a nice kick of fiber. And the mix of chicken, pasta, feta, tomatoes, and almonds is deliciously textural.

At 324 calories per serving, this is ideal for a light lunch or dinner.

40 Healthy Low-Calorie Chicken Recipe Collection

Check out these low-calorie chicken recipes if you’re stuck on what to eat tonight. They’re easy and super versatile, so you definitely won’t get bored. 



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Low-Calorie Chicken Recipes

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