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13 Best Limoncello Desserts and Recipes

Give your favorite summer sweets aboozy makeover with these stunning limoncello desserts.

They’re sweet, sour, and sure to brighten any occasion. 

Homemade Blueberry Bread with Lemons and Sugar Glaze
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Limoncello is an Italian liquor made from lemon peels and alcohol. It’s usually served at the end of a meal as a light and zippy digestivo.

Some versions are very tart, thick, and syrupy, whereas others are mellow and creamy.

Either way, it’s lip-smackingly delish and a must-have for anyone vacationing in Italy.

And if you want to bring the taste of the Amalfi Coast home, try these limoncello desserts. They’re not kid-friendly, but they sure are heavenly.

13 Easy Limoncello Dessert Recipes With an Italian Flair

1. Limoncello Cake 

Limoncello cake is a simple yet flavor-packed treat that will leave you smiling.

The bright yellow color and the zippy citrus flavor are the perfect balance of fresh, tart, and sweet. 

The lemon sponge is incredibly moist and has the most fantastic texture. Plus, the limoncello glaze on top is divine!

Make this cake for your next summer soirée, and it’ll be gone in seconds.

2. Limoncello Tiramisu

Limoncello tiramisu is a zesty take on a creamy classic. And don’t worry, there’s no coffee in this version!

Instead, you’ll soak ladyfingers in a wonderful lemon-sugar mixture. And the creamy filling is a blend of mascarpone, lemon curd, and limoncello.

You’ll add whipped cream to lighten it up and finish it with lemon curd right on top.

Make this limoncello tiramisu ahead of time for maximum deliciousness. 

3. Limoncello Lemon Tart

With an unbelievably tasty coconut, Graham Cracker crust, and silky-smooth limoncello filling, this zesty tart is a must-try!

The coconut in the crust makes every bite lightly sweet and just a bit nutty. But it’s the velvety, sweet and sour middle that’ll leave you speechless.

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4. Blueberry Limoncello Trifle

Ready for the best summer dessert ever? This blueberry and limoncello trifle is just as bright and fruity as it sounds. 

And you don’t even have to make cake from scratch! Just grab a store-bought pound cake and soak it in booze.

From there, you’ll need vibrant lemon curd (both straight-up and mixed with whipped cream) and plenty of fresh blueberries.

Layer all that up and get ready to dig in!

5. Limoncello Trifle with Raspberries

If blueberries aren’t your jam, try this limoncello trifle with raspberries instead.

In this version, you’ll dip ladyfingers in a delicious limoncello and orange mixture for a more rounded citrus flavor.

(Top tip: dip them one by one so they don’t go soggy.)

After that comes a layer of sweet and creamy mascarpone, followed by neatly placed raspberries. 

Repeat in a tall glass dish until you reach the top.

Your guests will adore this colorful dessert. And for easy serving, go ahead and assemble the trifles in individual dishes.

6. Limoncello Cake With Mascarpone Frosting

Limoncello cake with mascarpone frosting is a terrific dessert for any party. 

The sponge is wonderfully moist and has an insane amount of lemon flavor.

Meanwhile, the blend of mascarpone, lemon curd, and whipped cream is about as indulgent as it gets.

If you’re looking for a lemon cake to impress, this is it. It’s so wonderfully zesty and sweet. 

Top it all off with white chocolate shavings for a beautiful finishing touch. 

7. Limoncello Cookies

Sweet and lemony limoncello cookies will have you sneaking back to the kitchen for more. 

They’re soft, delicious, and jam-packed with zippy lemon flavor. And the icing is…well, the icing on the cake.

Make these tender and delicious cookies for any party or gathering. Or better yet, whip up a giant batch for holiday gifts. Yum!

8. Limoncello Cupcakes

Bright, sweet, and oh-so-decadent, you’ll love every bite of these gorgeous limoncello cupcakes.

They’re quite dense and pretty boozy, which I adore. But they’re not too dense or boozy – it’s just right.

That said, the sweet and sour frosting has even more limoncello, so they’re not ideal for kids.

Keep this recipe handy if you know a lemon-lover with a birthday coming up. 

9. Limoncello Bundt Cake

Bundts are always a hit, but this limoncello bundt cake might just be my new go-to.

Thanks to the pretty pan, they’re already stunning. So you don’t need a lot of skill to decorate.

Better yet, this lemony cake has a boozy touch that will brighten any party or get-together.

10. Lemon Ice Cream with Limoncello Liqueur

Lemon ice cream with limoncello is the perfect adults-only summer dessert. 

It’s sweet and creamy with plenty of zesty lemon flavor. Plus, it’s surprisingly easy to make at home. 

So break out that ice cream maker you’ve got hidden away in the cupboard!

Sprinkle some toasted pine nuts on top for the ultimate Italian treat.

11. Limoncello Cream Cheese Pound Cake

Not only does this pound cake feature rich and tangy cream cheese, but it’s also brimming with lip-puckering limoncello.

Cream cheese is the key to the moistest, most flavorful pound cake ever. The texture is dense but super soft. 

Meanwhile, there’s a bit of ginger to offset the sharp lemon. And it’s surprisingly pleasant to have them both vying for the front spot on your tongue.

Top this cake with fresh berries for a light summery dessert you’ll crave all year long. 

12. No Bake Limoncello Pie 

The next time you need a dreamy, no bake dessert, give this limoncello pie a whirl.

It starts with a Graham Cracker crust that’s buttery, crispy, and simple. Feel free to use store-bought – I always do!

Then, you’ll whisk together the creamy filling with just four ingredients: cream cheese, sweetened condensed, limoncello, and lemon zest.

Top it all with pillowy whipped cream, and each silky smooth bite will leave you wanting more.

13. Gluten Free Limoncello Icebox Cake 

Icebox cakes are a longtime party classic. It’s a fun and easy frozen layered dessert with tons of flavor and the most spectacular textures. 

To recreate this, you’ll pile creamy limoncello mascarpone over crispy wafer cookies and lemon curd. 

You can make the lemon curd yourself or use store-bought. It will taste just as yummy no matter what.

13 Best Limoncello Desserts and Recipes

Give your favorite summer sweets a boozy makeover with these stunning limoncello desserts. They’re sweet, sour, and sure to brighten any occasion. 


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Limoncello Desserts


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