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20 Best Leftover Lamb Recipes

Don’t waste last night’s dinner! Try these temptingly tasty leftover lamb recipes and breathe new life into your meat.

From pie to pizza, there’s a lot you can do with leftover lamb. Some of these may even surprise you. 

Lamb Gyro with Fries and Tzatziki Sauce
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Ever tried lamb shakshuka? Or lamb moussaka? These leftover lamb recipes come from all corners of the globe.

There’s a hearty Irish pie, a Sicilian sauce, Indian-inspired stews, and a few South American favorites.

Oh, and a little something called ‘lamb burning love’ – which is apparently a thing in Denmark.

So whether you have a craving for curry, a hankering for hotpot, or a penchant for pasta, this list has you covered.

Lamb-lovers, get ready… you’re in for a treat!

1. Leftover Lamb Ragu 

This recipe has rich marinara sauce, tender chunks of lamb, and soft noodles.

If that sounds like your perfect dinner, this easy lamb ragu recipe will tick all your culinary boxes.

This is speedy home cooking at its finest. Simply throw leftover lamb into the veggie-rich ragu and toss with cooked pasta. 

Top with heaps of freshly grated parmesan and enjoy!

2. Leftover Roast Lamb Curry

Want a quick curry to feed your spice cravings on a weeknight?

This easy recipe is an unfussy but delicious dish, ideal for leftover meat.

Garlic, curry powder, turmeric, and tomato paste is stirred into stock and then thickened with flour to create a rich, curried sauce.

Add the lamb, prepare some fluffy rice, and voila – dinner in minutes.

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If you don’t have enough leftover lamb, no problem!

Just bulk out your stew with chickpeas or chunks of butternut squash.

3. Leftover Roast Lamb Gyro with Tzatziki Sauce

These tasty gyros are full of bright, fresh flavor, making them one of the healthiest and enjoyable fast food dinners.

And they come together super quickly, with just a few minutes cooking time.

Most of the work is in the assembly but, if you’re anything like me, putting together warm pitas full of seasoned lamb is a pleasure rather than a pain.

Finish them off with a creamy homemade tzatziki sauce and chopped veggies.

You can also get fancy and sneak in some fresh oregano and tangy feta.

4. Leftover Lamb Stew

Nothing’s more comforting on a winter night than soups and stews.

This hearty lamb broth brings together garlic, celery, carrots, potatoes, and herbs like oregano and thyme.

It’s so rich and satisfying, you’ll want to eat it all the way through spring, summer and fall.

5. Leftover Roast Lamb Shepherd’s Pie 

I always use ground lamb or beef for my shepherd’s pie, but this yummy recipe is inspiring me to try something different.

Leftover roasted lamb is diced and heated in a rich, brown gravy and topped with buttery mash. 

It’s a good way to sneak in extra veggies, too.

If your leftovers extend not just to lamb, but to cabbage, peas, or corn throw them in too!

The kids won’t notice, and everyone else will be too busy asking for seconds.

6. Leftover Lamb Pizza

Leftover lamb will never go to waste with this DIY pizza in your recipe book. 

This unique meal is based on Turkish pizza, where meat is seasoned with rich spices and baked on flatbread.

Save this piquant pizza for a Friday night treat with a glass of red, or make it at the start of the week to beat the Monday blues.

It’s a culinary cure-all for any occasion.

7. Roast Lamb Burning Love

Fancy a bit of burning love for dinner? Cooking goes X-rated with this delightfully-named and delightfully-tasty recipe.

It’s actually a very old recipe, derived from a Danish peasant dish that makes the most of inexpensive ingredients that are naturally nourishing. 

Though traditionally made with bacon, burning love works just as well with leftover lamb (now there’s a sentence I never thought I’d write).

Warm your lamb, toss with fried onions and pile it all on top of a mountain of creamy mashed potatoes.

Serve it piping hot to your beloved family, and voila – burning love.  

8. Leftover Lamb Tagine

Originating in Africa, tagine is a traditional Moroccan stew slow-cooked in a clay pot.

But you won’t need to get a clay pot or spend hours at the stove for this foolproof recipe.

Thankfully, you can still grab those mouth-watering Middle Eastern flavors on the busiest of mid-week nights thanks to DIY leftover lamb tagine.

Chickpeas, onion, and garlic are simmered in a tomato-based broth.

Fresh spinach and coriander add flavor. Oh, and there are apricots in there too, giving a subtle sweetness to the dish. 

Throw in cooked lamb and eat as-is, or serve with your carb of choice.

Couscous, rice, or even boiled potatoes would work well with this aromatic and appetizing stew.

9. Irish Dingle Pie

The Irish are great at pies (it’s like a national superpower) so it’s no surprise that this dingle pie is a rich, savory delight.

Hailing from Dingle in County Kerry, it’s made from succulent meat nestled in a nourishing gravy and covered with a thick, golden brown, pastry crust.

You can almost taste the rolling green hills and fresh Irish air in every bite.

10. Leftover Greek Lamb Moussaka

The Greeks love their moussaka. And what’s not to love about creamy bechamel sauce, juicy meat, and tender eggplant?!

This indulgent casserole is all the things a good moussaka should be – cheesy, rich, meaty, and satisfying.

You can make it ahead of time if you’re on the clock, or make a big batch and freeze in individual portions for expert-level meal planning.

11. Leftover Lamb Biryani

Biryani is a good choice if you want a tasty dish that won’t blow your budget, or eat into your time.

This thrifty curry combines cooked basmati rice with spiced meat and fresh veggies.

There’s sweet chutney in there too for a hint of fragrant flavor. 

Serve it all in one bowl with buttery naan bread on the side.

12. Leftover Roast Lamb and Winter Vegetable Soup

Root veggies are a stew favorite.

Not only do they add flavor and nutrition, but they’ll also release starches when cooking to thicken the broth into a rich sauce.

Here, leftover roast lamb is simmered with chopped swedes, parsnips, carrots, and potatoes.

It’s healthy, hearty, and will leave you with a satisfying warm glow on the coldest nights.

13. Leftover Lamb Korma

Korma is a mild curry that’s delicately nutty, very creamy, and oh-so-rich.

But don’t worry if you’re on a dairy-free diet.

You can still indulge with this healthy version that uses zero cream or butter.

That dreamy korma flavor is provided by coconut milk instead.

Ginger, garlic, and onion are sauteed until fragrant then seasoned with spices and tossed with cooked lamb.

Add the coconut milk and simmer to create a yummy bowlful of Indian comfort food.

14. Leftover Lamb Sliders

Sliders are basically burgers, so this meal is perfect if you have burger-loving kids in the house.

Little ones will love the tasty combo of pickled red onion, thinly sliced lamb, and feta cheese.

Pile it onto a soft floury bun and serve with a creamy herb sauce.

With this flexible recipe, even picky kids can find a version they enjoy.

15. Lamb Fajitas

Make your next meal Mexican with these lamb fajitas that are bursting with south-of-the-border flavors.

Shredded lamb is lightly fried with spicy seasoning and colorful bell peppers to make a mouth-watering fajita filling.

Once you’re done with the meat, you can get creative by playing around with your sides.

Chopped lettuce, fresh cilantro, sour cream, and salsa are optional but highly recommended.

Oh, and cheese. Never. Forget. The. Cheese.

16. Leftover Lamb Pasta Sauce with Eggplant

If you spent your Sunday slow-cooking a perfectly tender lamb leg, and it’s now Monday night but you’re too tired to cook, you need this recipe.

Take your leftover lamb, shred it up, and add it to this wonderfully fragrant caponata-style dish. 

Inspired by the fresh flavors of Sicily, this pasta sauce is made with onion, eggplant, and a whole lot of love.

The secret ingredient here is a spoonful of cocoa powder.

You won’t taste it, but you’ll definitely appreciate the smoky sweetness it lends to the dish.

17. Leftover Roast Lamb Hotpot 

Hotpots are a big thing in Britain where rainy winters call for crazy-delicious casseroles to banish the blues.

In case you’re not familiar, they’re a slow-cooked stew – designed to provide hard-working folks with a hearty meal at the end of a long day. 

In the 19th century, hotpots were mostly made with mutton, a cheaper meat, but they work well with lamb.

It even works with cooked lamb that’s been sitting in the fridge for a few days.

Carrots, parsnips, and potatoes add bulk to this healthy one-pot meal. Both your belly and budget will love this one.

18. Leftover Lamb Shakshuka

Shakshuka comes from North Africa and the Middle East where it’s served at breakfast time. 

Yep, lamb for breakfast. It’s different, but it works. 

Basic shakshuka is a dish of poached eggs served in a tangy tomato sauce, flavored with cumin, paprika, and chili. 

This inventive recipe adds more protein with a generous helping of shredded lamb.

If you want to turn it into a crowd-pleasing brunch, serve in a big pot with warmed pita bread on the side. 

19. Lamb Tacos

These lamb tacos, served with avocado , pomegranate, and feta, are the perfect combo of both Mexico and Middle Eastern cuisine.

A fiesta feast, this is one of those meals where you prep the different components and then let everyone dive in to create their own taco to taste.

The lamb is definitely the centrepiece of this mix and match meal though.

Shredded and tossed in a Mexican-inspired marinade, it’s just the right amount of spicy, tangy, and tasty.

20. Greek Lamb Baguette 

If you thought the French were best at baguettes, you clearly haven’t tried this amazing Greek version.

It only takes a minute to assemble this colorful sandwich that bursts with zesty flavor.

Simply slice the lamb, add a pinch of oregano, some crumbled feta, and stuff into a crusty baguette with chopped onion, red pepper, and lettuce.

20 Best Leftover Lamb Recipes

These easy leftover lamb recipes will help you turn your excess meat into delicious dinners, snacks, and sides. From pie to pizza, there is so much you can make with leftover lamb.


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Leftover Lamb Recipes

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