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10 Easy Kielbasa Appetizers

Can anyone resist kielbasa appetizers at a party? Nope!

You don’t have to be from Poland or a connoisseur of Polish cuisine to be familiar with (and even love!) kielbasa. 

And if for some reason, you aren’t already familiar with it, you certainly will be after checking out this list of 10 of the best kielbasa appetizers. 

Sliced Kielbasa Bites with Onions
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The term “kielbasa” means something different to people in the states than it does to Polish people. In Poland, kielbasa simply means “sausage.”

However, here, we only call the U-shaped smoked sausages kielbasa. 

So, for the purposes of this list, think of kielbasa in the Americanized way: U-shaped smoked sausages you can buy at the store. 

10 Best Kielbasa Sausage Appetizer Recipes

1. Bacon-Wrapped Brown Sugar Glazed Kielbasa

There aren’t many things that don’t taste incredible if you wrap them in bacon and slather them in brown sugar. Kielbasa is no exception. 

These six-ingredient baked bacon-wrapped bites have no right to taste as good as they do, but they go right ahead and do it, anyway. 

The bacon-wrapped outside is crunchy and salty, while the kielbasa centers are tender and juicy.

The brown sugar gives everything a slight sweetness that’s hard not to love. 

These are an absolute win. 

2. Candied Kielbasa Bites

The thing I love most about these three-ingredient candied kielbasa bites is that they look so much more gorgeous and elegant than they actually are. 

The reddish chili sauce and grape jelly glaze give them a lovely candied appearance that makes them suitable for any formal occasion, especially if you dress up the platter and table.

However, underneath all that shiny prettiness is nothing more than a slice of kielbasa, albeit a delicious one. 

Garnish them with fresh chives for a splash of color and an extra bit of herb flavor. 

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3. Kielbasa Cups

These cute kielbasa cups are crunchy, smoky, and just a little bit sweet, as well.

If you’ve ever had anything covered in apricot-Dijon sauce, you’ll already have an idea of how these taste. 

You’ll make each one with flour, puff pastry dough, kielbasa (you can also use regular sausage), your favorite jam (the recipe calls for orange; I enjoy apricot), Dijon mustard, and parsley. 

It takes 30 minutes to make two dozen, and they’re as bright and colorful as they are flavorful. 

If you’re looking for a wholly addictive appetizer that’ll have people begging you for more, these are the way to go. 

4. Apricot Kielbasa Slices

Speaking of apricots, these apricot kielbasa slices are also phenomenal.

They’re basically just sausage slices glazed with the apricot-Dijon sauce I mentioned above. 

To make the sauce, you’ll mix apricot preserves with lemon juice, Dijon mustard, and ginger.

Then, you’ll simply coat each slice in the mixture and finish cooking them. 

They are freaking fantastic, and I don’t say that about many kielbasa-based dishes, as it isn’t my favorite meat. 

Pro Tip: You can use that same apricot-Dijon sauce on ribs, pork chops, chicken legs, or just about any other meat.

Baked chicken legs taste fabulous with that particular glaze. 

5. Glazed Kielbasa Bites

All you’ll need to pull together these delicious teriyaki-glazed kielbasa bites is kielbasa, pineapple chunks, teriyaki sauce, cocktail (or chili) sauce, and honey. 

It takes about half an hour to make 30 of these individual bites, and aside from mixing and pouring the glaze, assembling the skewers, and popping them in the oven, there’s not much to do.

Each one is a sweet and tangy mouthful of deliciousness, making them ideal as appetizers or side dishes for a summer barbecue. 

6. Puff Pastry-Wrapped Kielbasa Bites

As easy as the glazed kielbasa bites are to make, these two-ingredient bites are even easier. They’re a meatier, flakier version of pigs in a blanket. 

Instead of cocktail wieners and crescent rolls, you’ll use puff pastry dough and kielbasa.

The result is a thick, flaky, buttery treat that tastes absolutely fantastic when you dip it in Dijon mustard. 

Oh, and did I mention that you can prepare over a dozen of them in just 5 minutes and that they’ll be finished baking about 22 minutes after that? 

Yeah. These are the perfect last-minute appetizers! 

7. Kielbasa and Veggie Kabobs

If you prefer to enjoy some smoky, grilled veggies with your kielbasa, check out these kielbasa and veggie kabobs. 

You can substitute whatever veggies you like best, but the recipe calls for the sausage, red peppers, zucchinis, red potatoes, onions, and mushrooms. 

Cover all of it in an Italian dressing marinade for extra zestiness, and cook them on the grill for about 20 to 30 minutes. It doesn’t get much simpler than that. 

8. Kielbasa Chips with Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce

These kielbasa chips are succulent and juicy with slightly blackened and crispy edges.

You can make them with four simple ingredients: kielbasa, mayo, spicy brown mustard, and honey. 

That combination gives them an almost sweet and sour flavor that’ll have your taste buds doing the tango. 

Eat them by themselves for a protein-heavy snack, or spear each one with a salty pretzel and dip it into a tangy honey mustard sauce.

Either way, they’re a real treat. 

9. Kielbasa Dip

If you’re a fan of rich, cheesy, decadent dips, then this kielbasa dip recipe is the one for you.

It takes only 15 minutes to make and requires no more cooking than heating things in the microwave.

It’s a thick and creamy dip featuring cream cheese, sour cream, milk, mayo, Worcestershire sauce, kielbasa, green onions, and parmesan cheese. 

It’s insanely cheesy, delightfully gooey, and is almost like sausage and Rotel dip, only without the Rotel (though that might be worth trying, too). 

Serve it with tortilla chips, crackers, toasted bread, or even your favorite veggies for a more low-carb-friendly option. 

10. Kielbasa and Cucumber Crostini

Here’s another option for an appetizer that looks so much fancier than it actually is.

There are three main layers to this one: the bread, the spread, and the toppings. 

All you’ll do for the bread is cut, butter, and toast it. Then, add your homemade spread (cream cheese, green onion stalks, dill, garlic, and black pepper). 

Be sure you get that part right. Since that’s where most of the flavor comes from, it’s crucial.

Finally, top it with a few pieces of kielbasa and a cucumber slice. 

It’s a light, refreshing treat that everyone will love.

10 Easy Kielbasa Appetizers

These kielbasa appetizers are guaranteed to please! From bites to cups to kabobs, your guests will gobble these snacks right up.


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Kielbasa Appetizers

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