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20 Best Keto Mexican Recipes

If you love Mexican flavors but hate carbs, take a look at this list of tasty but healthy keto Mexican recipes.

The ketogenic diet is known as an easy-to-follow diet thanks to its emphasis on protein and fats.

Chicken Tortilla Nachos with Cream Sauce
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And things just got even easier with these delicious keto-compliant recipes.

You can go keto and still enjoy all the dazzling sweet, spicy, sour, and aromatic flavors of Mexico with these dishes.

Best of all, nothing on this list tastes remotely like diet food!

1. Keto Taco Seasoning

A jar of homemade taco seasoning goes a long way.

Sprinkle it onto meats, stir it into ground beef, add to salsa, soups, or stews – just a pinch will instantly elevate your plate.

This DIY blend is a fragrant combo of classic South American spices like cumin, chili, and paprika.

With a few tablespoons of this in the mix, every night can be Taco Tuesday!

2. Low-Carb Nachos

A diet that forbids nachos is nothing short of foodie fascism.

So try these keto-friendly nachos for crave-worthy snacks that won’t derail your dietary efforts. 

Made from crispy baked cheese, they’re perfect for a low-carb game day treat.

3. Keto Tacos

Grated cheddar cheese is baked until solid and formed into a taco to create this fun keto dish.

With all that rich, cheesy goodness encasing your usual taco yumminess, these might even be better than the traditional tacos. 

4. Keto Mexican Hot Chocolate

Sweet treats are still allowed on the keto diet, especially when they’re as wholesome as this dreamy hot chocolate.

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A rich blend of warming cinnamon, cream, and cocoa powder, it’s a hug in a mug. 

That hug does come with a kick, though. Look out for a hint of chipotle pepper, adding spice to every sip.

5. Keto Horchata

Horchata is a refreshing Mexican beverage made with sugar, spices, and soaked rice.

This version skips the rice to be more keto-friendly but keeps all the yummy, creamy taste.

It’s made with heavy cream, but you can always sub in your favorite nut milk if you’re dairy-free.

6. Keto Guacamole

Forget about keto for a second, as this healthy guacamole deserves some recognition on its own merits.

Chunky, thick, and packed with flavor, it’s the only guacamole recipe you’ll ever need. 

And it’s really easy to make too! There are only four steps between you and this delicious dip – chop, stir, serve, and eat.

7. Chicken Fajita Bake

This bake has all your favorite fajita flavors in a single casserole. Comfort food doesn’t get much better than this.

This skillet dinner is the perfect weeknight meal. Saute the chicken, season it with Mexican spices, mix in the onions, peppers, and plenty of cheese, then bake. 

I like to serve this one with a simple green salad or eat it straight from the pan with a spoon.

8. Keto Chicken Enchilada Soup

Quick, easy, and very satisfying, this is my kind of soup.

It’s great for beating the winter blues, with plenty of veggies, chicken, cheese, and spices.

This is a cozy bowl that’ll warm both body and soul.

9. Keto Instant Pot Carnitas

One of the best things about cooking with the Instant Pot is the way it transforms even the toughest cuts into tender juicy goodness in no time.

These melt-in-your-mouth carnitas are an amazing timesaving meal that’ll wow a crowd.

The pork steams in its own juices and flavorful Mexican spices, turning it irresistibly soft and spicy.

10. Keto Pico De Gallo

Fresh, zesty, and piquant, you’ll fall in love with this versatile pico de gallo.

It’s so delicious, you may find yourself eating it non-stop and turning into a full-bowl pico addict. 

This blend of ripe tomatoes, fresh herbs, and tangy red onion goes with everything. Consider yourself warned.

11. Keto Chicken Quesadillas

The secret to these insanely good quesadillas is the cheesy tortilla.

Made entirely with shredded cheddar, they’re baked and formed into gluten-free, low-carb wraps. 

These cheesy tortillas are then filled with peppers, onions, chicken, and avocado until perfectly crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside.

12. Keto Queso

Queso is a South American classic, usually enjoyed at parties and big family dinners.

It’s a pot of bubbling, melted cheesy dip thickened with flour.

You’ll skip the flour and use just three ingredients in this keto-approved recipe – cheese, cream, and spices. 

It’s the same rich queso taste you know and love, but without the carbs you don’t!

13. Keto 7-Layer Dip

Seven-layer dips are what you serve when a hungry crowd turns up at the house and you can’t be bothered with making dinner.

Easy, fun, and very tasty, they’re a little bit of everything.

This keto version is bursting with healthy veggies and lots of bright and spicy flavors.

It replaces the refried beans with taco meat to keep things low-carb and very delicious.

14. Sopa De Lima

Also known as Yucatan chicken chili lime soup, sopa de lima is a warming bowl of Mayan comfort food.

Spicy, zesty, sweet, and sour, it’ll definitely wake up your tastebuds!

15. Roasted Tomatillo Salsa Verde

Tomatillos are basically tomatoes’ smaller, daintier, firmer cousins.

They work well in salsas and condiments, thanks to their crisp texture and delicate taste.

Here, tomatillos are roasted and blended with jalapeno, onion, lime, spices, and herbs to make an amazing dip for your next Mexican meal.

16. Keto Beef Tamales

These keto (and paleo) beef tamales use almond flour instead of corn to keep things low carb.

They’re just as delicious as the real thing, so you can enjoy all that fiery, meaty taste without the next day’s carb hangover.

17. Keto Empanadas

Spicy ground beef, wrapped in a flaky pastry pocket, and deep-fried – need I say more?

The pastry dough is a mix of mozzarella, cream cheese, and almond flour, making it keto and totally delicious.

18. Mexican Cauliflower Rice

Ready in 30 minutes, low-carb, and vegan, this healthy side dish is one to keep on hand.

It’s flavored with spices, fresh herbs, and bright veggies for a nutritious dish. Pro tip – make extra and use the leftovers for burrito bowls during the week. 

19. Keto Taco Soup

This tasty taco soup contains just 5 ingredients and takes 20 minutes to get on the table.

It’s perfect for when you want to mix up Taco Tuesdays. Serve this for a lighter version that still contains all your favorite Mexican flavors.

20. Keto Tortillas

It’s a miracle! You can enjoy soft, chewy tortillas on a keto diet!

They’re surprisingly easy, too. You’ll need just four ingredients for these treats – almond flour, coconut flour, psyllium husk, and baking soda.

Simply whisk these together with a little oil and water and pan-fry the batter until golden. 

The hardest part is deciding what delicious fillings to stuff into your gluten-free, keto-approved, homemade tortillas.

20 Best Keto Mexican Recipe Collection

Enjoy all of your favorites with these keto Mexican recipes! From nachos to tacos to quesadillas, these low-carb dishes are sure to please.


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Keto Mexican Recipes

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