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15 Best Jamaican Desserts

Looking for the best Jamaican desserts?

From fried plantains to sweet potato pudding, take a trip to the islands with these traditional treats.

Fried plantains
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When you think of Jamaica, what comes to mind?

Let me take a guess… Reggae, beautiful tropical destinations, and Usain Bolt? 

I’m sure you thought of at least one of those. 

They’re all definitely amazing and are proudly Jamaican, but what if I could make you think about desserts every time you think of Jamaica?

That’s right. If you’ve never tried Jamaican desserts, you’re in for a treat!

They’re bursting with unique flavors thanks to Jamaican people’s love for aromatic spices, fresh fruits, and brown sugar.

And they’re so easy to make at home!

1. Gizzada

Gizzada has a sweet coconut filling that’s covered in brown sugar and aromatic spices. It’s definitely a burst of summer and autumn flavors!

You can use fresh or store-bought coconuts. Oh, and there’s no need to bake the filling! Simply mix all the ingredients while the crust is baking.

These open tarts are shaped like the sun, which reminds me of good times and happy days. Try making this coconut tart recipe for an instant mood booster!

2. Grater Cake 

Crusty and chewy, grater cake is actually more of a candy. This traditional Jamaican dessert is so simple and easy to make. I highly recommend you try it.

Thanks to the coconut base, this treat is sweet, rich, and creamy. There’s a hint of ginger there as well to offset the sweetness.

The layers of white and bright pink are such a pretty combination. You’ll find yourself grabbing one after another.

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3. Fried Plantains

You only need plantains, salt, and oil to make this quick and easy snack! It doesn’t get easier than this. 

It’s so simple and so good for the soul and body! Plantains offer a decent amount of potassium, fiber, as well as vitamins A and K.

Keep in mind that as more black spots appear on the peel, the sweeter it gets.

So if you want them to be really sweet, wait until they’re black. You can also cook them while they’re still yellow.

4. Coconut Drops 

A coconut lover’s dream, the diced coconut is boiled and coated in syrup to make these drops. 

The syrup is made from brown sugar and vanilla, but you can also opt to add in some powdered ginger!

Jamaicans love their coconut, sugar, and ginger combination, and for good reason. They just go so well together.

Just like the previous entry, this recipe is also straightforward and easy. I’m pretty convinced that Jamaican desserts are the way to go with how simple and delicious they are.

5. Tamarind Balls 

You’ll want to take these tamarind balls everywhere you go. They are addictive! 

This bite-sized delicacy is a sweet and sour candy that requires only three ingredients and no cooking at all.

You can substitute these for your store-bought candies, so at least you’ll know everything that goes into what you’re eating.

You may also opt to use sugar alternatives or add pepper and hot sauce for something sweet and sour with a spicy kick!

6. Sweet Potato Pudding 

With its sweet and aromatic flavors and smooth and creamy texture, the sweet potato pudding just might be your new favorite snack.

The pudding itself is already so flavorful from the sweet potatoes, coconut milk, and spices, but the custard is the cherry on top.

It adds the perfect amount of sweetness to every bite.

It can be enjoyed as a dessert or as a snack itself.

It’s quite filling! If you’re in a rush, you don’t need to reheat it because it tastes amazing warm, or cold. It’s just up to you and your family’s preference.

7. Duckanoo

Duckanoo, also called Jamaican Blue Draws, has so much history.

It’s one of the most famous types of Ghanaian Food. And it was brought to the Caribbean by Africans.

I think duckanoo is truly special because it’s loved in different countries and generations. 

This recipe will allow you to find a new appreciation for a dessert that is sweet and healthy. This easy duckanoo recipe is vegan and gluten-free!

8. Jamaican Rum Cake 

Rum cake is moist, buttery, light, and absolutely delicious. It’s just the right balance between dense and fluffy. 

The Jamaican rum cake is infused with butter and – yep, you guessed it – rum syrup. Duh! The butter in the syrup is what makes this the winning recipe. 

You’ll make this for your family and friends at every chance you get. They will look for this. Every. Single. Time. 

9. Toto 

Toto is a Caribbean coconut cake bursting with the flavors of spices such as ginger, nutmeg, and allspice. It has all the quintessential flavors of a Jamaican dessert!

If you’re looking to get acquainted with Jamaican desserts, this may be the ideal entry point. It will introduce you to the key notes of Jamaican cuisine.

Try this modified toto recipe that’s gluten and dairy-free, as well as paleo diet friendly!

10. Hummingbird Cake 

This cake is filled with fruit, spice, and everything nice.

It’s made with sweet pineapples and bananas, crunchy pecans, and rich cream cheese. The hummingbird cake is truly a treat with its unique flavors! 

Ripe bananas have that distinct sweet flavor that’s a great addition to any dessert, while pineapples offer a sweet and tart taste that’s very refreshing. 

This decadent cake looks stunning but is actually quite easy to make. Serve this at your next party to wow your family and friends.

11. Peanut Drops 

Put a sweet twist on the good ol’ roasted peanuts. And I mean that literally. 

The peanuts are cooked in brown sugar syrup with a dash of cinnamon and ginger. They’re sweet, but with a slight kick. 

Making these peanut drops are so straightforward and easy. They are the perfect snacks and desserts for those with a sweet tooth! 

12. Banana Fritters 

These banana fritters are tasty and easy. They’re perfect for breakfast, afternoon snack, or dessert. If you want to go all out, top them with some vanilla ice cream! 

They’ll be loved by young and old alike. There’s just something about the simplicity that makes them so addicting. Besides, isn’t anything fried delicious?!

13. Jamaica Fruit Cake 

Why not try something different, but still very familiar, for the holidays? 

The Jamaica fruit cake is the perfect recipe to celebrate Christmas with.

It’s so special that they traditionally soaked the fruits in red wine and rum for up to six months! Yep, six! Now, that’s some dedication and commitment to the holiday menu. 

14. Ginger Cake 

Ginger cake, otherwise known as Jamaican gingerbread cake, is a Jamaican classic.

It’s moist and full of warm spices that we all crave in a dessert. Plus, this recipe uses dairy-free butter and gluten-free flour with coconut sugar. 

This smells so good, especially fresh out of the oven, but you’re going to have to put your willpower to the test.

You’ll need to let it cool completely before you get to cut a slice!

15. Jamaican Christmas Cake 

This authentic Jamaican Christmas cake recipe has been passed on for generations! 

This cake is also referred to as Jamaican black cake and is a constant in all celebrations from Christmas to weddings.

You’ll want to celebrate life’s most important events with this cake. It’s THAT good.

This dessert, in true Jamaican fashion, is full of spices and dried fruits.

The list of ingredients might be a bit long, but trust me, you’ll need all of them to get this decadent and flavorful goodness.

15 BEST Jamaican Dessert Recipe Collection

Looking for the best Jamaican desserts? From fried plantains to sweet potato pudding, take a trip to the islands with these traditional treats.


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