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13 Best Irish Cake Recipes and Desserts

These Irish cake recipes are just as delectable and noteworthy as any cake from a French bakery.

And from Baileys cheesecake to Irish whiskey cake, there’s something here for everyone.

Sliced Irish Whiskey Cake
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Cake might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Irish cuisine.

That honor typically goes to dark ale, hearty whiskey, and Colcannon.

But if you want a true taste of the Emerald Isle, you need to try these Irish cake recipes.

And don’t worry; you’ll find dark ale and even potatoes in more than a few of these scrummy desserts.

13 Irresistible Irish Cake Recipes

1. Authentic Irish Apple Cake

You haven’t lived until you’ve tried this authentic Irish apple cake. And you don’t even need to be in Ireland to get a taste!

It’s light and airy with a melt-in-your-mouth streusel topping. Plus, it’s overflowing with apple yumminess. 

Serve it with or without the traditional Irish custard sauce. Either way, everyone who tries it will want a second slice. 

2. Irish Tea Cake

Irish tea cakes are some of the simplest you’ll ever make.

You can pull this together with a handful of pantry staples (the most exotic ingredient is powdered sugar) and about ten minutes of prep.

It’s simple, flavorful, and pairs well with either tea or coffee. And yes, the name comes from people enjoying it with tea.

It doesn’t have any actual tea in it. 

Although, if that’s what you’re into, jump down to number ten. There’s a tea-infused surprise waiting for you there. 

3. Guinness Chocolate Layer Cake

There’s nothing more festive for St. Paddy’s Day than this decadent Guinness-infused cake. 

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It’s layer upon layer of moist, spongy chocolate cake and Irish buttercream. With an additional chocolate drizzle, of course!

It also includes several Irish favorites, like Guinness, Baileys, and chocolate. Okay, that last one isn’t strictly an Irish favorite, but who doesn’t love chocolate?

It’s rich, indulgent, and will make you weak in the knees.

Give it a try for your next special occasion – or just because! There’s never a bad time for chocolate cake, after all. 

4. Baileys Cheesecake

You can pull this delightful cheesecake together with fewer than ten ingredients. And it shouldn’t take much more than an hour.

Though it’ll need several more hours to chill, of course.

If you like the sweet tanginess of cheesecake and the booziness of Irish Cream, you’ll love it.

You can leave off the boozy ganache if you want. But the cake isn’t quite the same without it.

5. Irish Coffee Cake

Do you dislike coffee cake because it’s too dry and crumbly? If so, give it another chance with this recipe.

This coffee cake is wonderfully moist and extremely buttery. 

You’ll adore the rich streusel topping. And the Baileys Irish Cream glaze gives it that little extra bit of awesome.

It’s sure to be a hit for breakfast or dessert. 

6. Irish Whiskey Cake

Whiskey lovers unite! This Irish whiskey cake recipe will quickly become a new favorite.

It’s bold, boozy, and full of warm whiskey flavor. Seriously, it’s hard to believe a simple vanilla bundt cake could taste so good. 

Enjoy it as is, or top it with whipped cream, ice cream, berries, and more.

Whatever toppings you choose (or don’t choose), everyone will love this yummy cake.

7. Irish Potato Cakes (Potato Farls)

Unlike Irish potato candy, this recipe really does contain spuds.

Potato farls (Irish potato cakes) are more of a savory side dish than a sweet treat. But there’s “cake” in the name, so here we are!

The basic recipe requires only three ingredients: potatoes, flour, and butter. Plus salt and pepper to taste.

Fry it up, slice it into pieces, and serve!

They may not be sweet, but they’re certainly delicious.

8. Guinness, Whiskey & Irish Cream Cupcakes

Full of Guinness, Irish whiskey, and Baileys Irish Cream, these cupcakes are not for the faint at heart. 

They’re moist, light, and spongy, with a genuinely decadent ganache center.

And the sweet Baileys frosting? Well, that’s – pardon the pun – just icing on the cake. 

9. Decadent Instant Pot Mudslide Cheesecake

This delectable dessert combines Mudslides and cheesecake.

Need I say more?

Okay, it’s chocolatey, creamy, buttery, and full of sweet-n-tangy cream cheese goodness. 

Not sold yet?

How about this: you can make it in your Instant Pot!

I know, right?! How incredibly convenient is that?! This is one Irish cake recipe you don’t want to miss. 

10. Traditional Irish Barmbrack

Barmbrack isn’t well-known outside of Ireland. But hopefully, this recipe will change that.

It’s a tasty fruit and spice-filled cake, similar to a Christmas cake or fruitcake. Though the texture and appearance are more bread-like than cake-like.

(Think banana nut bread or zucchini bread.)

Still, it isn’t dry or brittle. Instead, it’s moist and light, almost spongy. 

And the spiced fruity flavor is out of this world. Give it a try this fall or winter, and you won’t be disappointed. 

11. Irish Stout Chocolate Cake

Got a chocoholic’s birthday coming up? I’ve got just the thing!

Sure, there have been many indulgent, over-the-top decadent cakes on this list. But none of them hold a candle to this one. 

This recipe is guaranteed to make every chocolate lover’s dream come true. 

You’ll make it with butter, Irish stout beer, unsweetened cocoa powder, sour cream, vanilla, and more. And that’s just the cake!

The frosting is even more insane. It’s creamy and so chocolatey, it’s almost fudgy.

It’s a sugar high waiting to happen. Every bite is dark, warm, and so good it’ll make you moan.

Don’t forget the sprinkle of sea salt on top. It’s more than just lovely – it’s almost a necessity to help balance out all the sweetness. 

12. Irish Apple Cake with Vanilla Custard Sauce

This thick, moist cake has chunks of juicy apple in every bite.

Delicious and full of fruity flavor (but not too sweet), it’s the kind of old-fashioned cake your grandma would have made. 

The cinnamon and nutmeg make it smell as good as it tastes. And the custard sauce is an extra level of yum.

13. Irish Cream Cake

Let’s end with the simple, easy-to-make, single-layer Irish cream cake that’s impossible to resist.

You’ll need standard baking ingredients plus vanilla and Irish cream liqueur. It gives it a warm, vanilla-infused flavor even without the icing. 

The frosting is another simple matter – just blend butter with powdered sugar, Irish cream, vanilla, and salt.

Add some chocolate sprinkles for flavor and aesthetics, and you’re all set.

It shouldn’t take much longer than an hour to prepare and bake it. So it’s the perfect choice for brunch or serving tea or coffee.

13 Best Irish Cake Recipes and Desserts

These Irish cake recipes are just as delectable and noteworthy as any cake from a French bakery. They’ll make your mouth water from the very first bite!


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Irish Cake Recipes

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