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20 Best Instant Pot Apple Recipes

Fall cooking is all about ripe apples and cozy Instant Pot meals. So why not combine the best of both worlds in one with these Instant Pot apple recipes?

There are many things I look forward to in the fall. Brisk weather, cozy sweaters, and apples galore!

Instant Pot Apple Crumble with Ice Cream
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And the best way to cook apples is with the Instant Pot. 

From apple cider to apple sauce, the Instant Pot can turn crisp apples into all sorts of seasonal eats. 

Grab a basket and swing by the apple orchard. You’ll need a good amount of fresh apples by the time you’re done drooling over this list. 

1. Instant Pot Apple Crisp

When I think of apples, the first thing that pops into my head is this crisp. 

Why crisp instead of pie? Because I love the crunch, plus, it’s an easy Instant Pot dessert.

This recipe calls for Granny Smith apples, which have a sharp, tart bite. It goes really well with the sweet cinnamon taste of the crumb topping. 

2. Instant Pot Cinnamon Apples

If you’d rather have baked apples without the crumbly topping, go with this sweet pot. 

The apples are swimming in a thick coating of cinnamony goodness. It tastes just like the inside of a pie without the crust. 

For serving, I love this with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. 

3. Instant Pot Apple Cobbler

As soon as fall hits, you can smell this cobbler wafting from my oven. 

This cozy classic is a home-style favorite in my household that always reminds us of grandma’s house. 

With the help of a boxed cake mix, you can turn this into an easy dump dessert that only requires four ingredients. 

4. Instant Pot Apple Butter

In the south, apple butter is a bit to-do. And anyone who’s had the pleasure of trying real homemade apple butter knows exactly why. 

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The texture is close to apple sauce. The main difference is it’s more concentrated. 

Once you’ve peeled and cored your apples, toss them in the Instant Pot. It will take a few hours, so be sure to fill up the pot. 

If you can part with a few jars, this also makes an excellent gift. 

5. Instant Pot Apple Cinnamon Steel Cut Oats

Instant Pot apples aren’t all about dessert. You can make them for breakfast too! 

My family loves gobbling up this oatmeal for breakfast in the fall. 

Steel cut oats have a nuttier flavor than instant. They also take a bit longer to make since they’re less processed. 

But fear not because you’re only 30 minutes away from these warming bowls thanks to the Instant Pot.

6. Instant Pot Pear Apple Sauce

The only way to make apple sauce even better is by tossing in pears. 

Squeeze a little lemon on your pome fruits to enhance their sweet, natural flavor. Do that, and you won’t even need any extra sugar. 

Natural and healthy, this pear applesauce is the one condiment I think kids and adults can all agree upon.

7. Easy Instant Pot Mango Chutney 

Do you know what condiment is also insanely yummy? This mango chutney!

There are no fresh apples in this recipe, but it’s full of apple cider vinegar. It’s the perfect tangy element to go with the spiced sweet mangos.

You might want to also whip up some naan while you’re at it because this goes well with Indian cuisine.

8. Instant Pot Apple Cake

Baked goods become more enticing in the fall and so does this cake. It’s a vanilla cake infused with the flavor of cinnamon and sugar apples. 

I think a good dollop of apple whipped cream would be a delightful addition to the top. 

9. Air Fryer Apple Fritters without Yeast 

Do you have an Instant Pot Air Fryer hiding in your cupboard? Bust it out to make these scrumptious fritters.

Apple fritters are a true delight. They are full of bite-sized bits of fresh apple with a vanilla glaze. 

Sweet and donut-like, these get even better because they don’t call for yeast or a hot vat of oil.

10. Instant Pot Apple Dumplings

Dumplings often require a whole mess of work. But not these beauties!

Each dumpling features a slice of apple all rolled up into a flaky crescent roll. 

However, the goodness doesn’t end there. Inside the Instant Pot, each mouthwatering morsel gets cooked in cinnamon and sugar butter.

11. Instant Pot Baked Apples

What a presentation! These baked apples are meant for the holiday table. 

An entire apple gets a festive stuffing of sugar-coated walnuts and raisins. While the apple itself comes out as the perfect fork-tender consistency. 

12. Instant Pot Apple Cake

Another sensational way you can make apple cake in the Instant Pot is with this recipe. 

You’ll need a springform pan and some foil to seal in the moisture. Once it’s done, the cake will be moist and full of rich fall flavors. 

13. Instant Pot Autumn Apple Pork Chops 

You can also use the Instant Pot to create savory apple recipes like these pork chops. 

These browned pork chops have a fall-flavored apple gravy that’s unlike anything else. 

For the apples, you can use any variety you like. Just keep in mind how different types complement the meat. 

14. Instant Pot Mulled Apple Cider

Friends, here it is. The drink of the season! 

Throw a pot of this apple cider on when you’re having guests over. It’s an autumn favorite known by many and loved by all. 

What I particularly find so great about this one is there’s no need to peel or de-seed the fruit. Just throw it in the pot!

15. Instant Pot Apple Crisp with Berries

I have a hard time deciding if I like regular or berry apple crisp more. Either way, I’m spoiled because I can eat this. 

Bursting berries add another layer of juicy fruitiness to this apple crisp. And thanks to the Instant Pot, it turns out perfect every time. 

The question is, should it go with ice cream or whipped cream? I’ll let you decide.

16. Instant Pot Red Cabbage and Apple

It’s easy to skip side dishes during the week because they require more work.

But with this recipe, you can exude minimal effort and still get your tasty side dish.

This one coats red cabbage and apple in warming spices and red wine vinegar. To make it vegan, you can go with dairy-free butter. 

If you’re wondering what to pair it with, go with the pork tenderloin that’s up next.

17. Instant Pot Apple Honey Pork Tenderloin 

Want a tasty pork tenderloin without all the fuss? It doesn’t get much more fuss-free than this.

You’ll rub the pork tenderloin in a sweet nutmeg mix, then toss it in the Instant Pot with fresh apples and honey. Then 7 minutes later, dinner is ready. 

It’s different from most pork tenderloins I’ve tried, but it’s beaming with fall flavors. 

18. Instant Pot Pork and Sauerkraut

Hunker down in the cold weather with a plate of this comfort food

Shredded pork and tangy sauerkraut cook together in the Instant Pot with apples and onions.

It also gets a good glug of apple juice for everything to soak up the sweet flavor. 

It’s a simple and easy way to make a cozy and healthy dinner for the family.

19. Instant Pot Butternut Squash Apple Ginger Soup 

There is no way I can talk about Instant Pots without mentioning a slurp-worthy soup. And this one is brimming with apples!

The combination of apples and butternut squash fills this soup with two complementary fall flavors. 

Meanwhile, the seasoning is the perfect match. It’s got a blend of warming spices and a delightful kick of ginger. 

Go with Granny Smith apples for this one. The sharpness pairs best with the sweet earthy taste of the butternut.

20. Instant Pot Apple-Cinnamon Oatmeal with Rolled Oats 

Brisk autumn weather has me craving seasonal morning oatmeal to match and this one is a prime choice. 

The combination of brown sugar, apples, walnuts, and cinnamon makes it taste like a muffin in a bowl.

I like to add more milk at the end to make it super creamy.

If you want to make this vegan, use nut milk and non-dairy butter. Either way, breakfast will be waiting in 15 minutes.

20 Best Instant Pot Apples (+ Recipe Collection)


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Instant Pot Apple Recipes

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