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How to Freeze Grapes (+ 7 Ways to Use Them)

If you want to learn how to freeze grapes, this easy guide is here to help!

Freezing grapes will keep them fresh longer, so you can use them for smoothies, popsicles, and more.

Frozen Grapes in a Plastic Container

Once frozen, grapes remain fresh for 1 to 2 weeks if you store them properly in the fridge.

I’ll tell you everything you need to know about freezing grapes. It’s not as simple as popping the whole bunch in the freezer!

But the process couldn’t be easier. With this preservation method, you can enjoy grapes for up to a whole year!

Can You Freeze Grapes?

For sure! No matter the kind, no matter the color, grapes keep well in the freezer. 

Unlike other fruit, grapes retain their shape, color, and flavor when frozen and thawed.

Frozen grapes are also a fantastic snack. (I hear Kylie Jenner loves frozen grapes!)

They’re sweeter when frozen. Freezing lowers the water content of the fruit, resulting in a more concentrated taste. They’re sweet and cold, much like a bite-sized sorbet. They’re the perfect summer treat.

Plus, they’re healthy. Grapes are a great source of vitamin C, potassium, antioxidants, and all that good stuff.

Fresh Grapes on a Parchment Paper

How to Freeze Grapes

It’ll take a few hours, but it’s easy. Here’s how.

1. Pick the grapes to freeze. Freeze the grapes when they’re at their peak ripeness. They’ll be the same level of sweetness and plumpness as the day you freeze them.

2. Remove the stems. This eliminates an extra step when you’re ready to use the grapes. Do yourself a favor and do it now instead of later!

3. Rinse the grapes. Place them in a colander and run them under water. Wash the grapes to remove dirt and/or pesticides.

4. Dry the grapes. Line a baking sheet with a clean kitchen towel. Lay the grapes in a single layer on the lined sheet and leave them to air dry. You can speed things up by gently blotting the grapes with a paper towel.

5. Flash-freeze the grapes.

Once they’re dry, transfer them onto another baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Freeze them until they’re rock-solid. This step will prevent the grapes from clumping together once frozen.

6. Transfer the grapes into freezer-safe bags. Seal the bags tightly and label them accordingly. Frozen grapes will keep well for up to a year.

Can You Freeze All Kinds of Grapes?

Absolutely! But think about what you plan to do with them.

If they’re for dessert, I recommend red grapes, as they’re sweeter. If you like a sweet-tart snack, go for green grapes.

Vegetable Salad with Grapes

How to Use Frozen Grapes

Aside from chomping on one frozen grape after another, you can do several other things with the fruit.

Here are some fantastic ways to use frozen grapes:

1. Make grape popsicles. Puree the frozen grapes with a splash of grape juice. Pour the mixture into popsicle molds and freeze.

2. Add them to sorbet. Puree the frozen grapes. Blend them with vanilla sorbet using a food processor.

3. Make a grape smoothie. Just add them to your favorite smoothie recipe and enjoy.

4. Add them to salads. Thaw them for a little while and toss them in.

5. Use them as ice. Drop a few frozen grapes into your favorite drink.

6. Serve them as an appetizer. They’re great as is, but you can enhance their flavor with a spritz of lemon or a sprinkle of salt.

7. Top yogurt with them. Slice them in halves or quarters and plop them on yogurt.

How Long Does It Take to Freeze Grapes?

It depends on the size and kind of grapes. But in general, it’ll take 2-3 hours. 

Frozen Grapes on a Parchment Paper

How to Thaw Frozen Grapes 

Transfer the grapes to the fridge the night before you use them. This will allow them to thaw slowly, which will help keep their flavor and texture intact.

Or, simply thaw them on the countertop for 10-15 minutes. They won’t thaw as well, but they’ll still be great.

Can You Freeze Grapes with Seeds?

I don’t recommend it. Crunching on bitter seeds isn’t a very pleasant experience.

But if grapes with seeds are what you have, cut the seeds out before you freeze them.

If you intend on solely using pureed frozen grapes, it might not be a big problem. 

Just remember the seeds are a bit bitter, so they may alter the flavor of whatever you plan to make.

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How to Freeze Grapes (+ 7 Ways to Use Them)

Learn how to freeze grapes to keep them fresh! Plus, get 7 great ways to use frozen grapes in your recipes.


  • 25 Bundle of Grapes


  • Pick through the grapes. Only use ones that are firm and plump. Discard shriveled, discolored, and moldy grapes.
  • Remove the stems.
  • Place the grapes in a colander and rinse them well to remove dirt and/or pesticides.
  • Line a baking sheet with a kitchen towel. Arrange the grapes in a single layer on the lined sheet, allowing them to air dry. Pat them gently with dry paper towels to speed it up.
  • Transfer the dry grapes onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Freeze them for 2 to 3 hours or until rock solid.
  • Transfer the grapes into freezer-safe bags. Seal the bags tightly and label them accordingly. Frozen grapes will keep well for up to a year.
How to Freeze Grapes

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