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25 Traditional Honduran Foods

Honduran foods are simply filling and delicious.

With cooking influences from Spanish, African, and Caribbean people, Hondureños will impress you with their satisfyingly good dishes!

Arroz Con Pollo or Rice Chicken with Vegetables
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While Honduras is famed for its pristine beaches, it’s not widely recognized for its cuisine.

The truth is, this country has some of the tastiest dishes that are well worth trying.

A typical Honduran meal will give you a treat of meaty goodness and a tropical, coconut-y taste. 

Of course, if you go deeper into exploring Honduran foods, you’ll find a wonderful depth of flavor in traditional Honduran cooking.

Explore the country’s rich cooking style and satiating dishes with these 25 Honduran recipes. Let’s dig in!

25 Popular Honduran Dishes You Have To Try

1. Baleadas

Baleadas are among the most popular Honduran foods to date. You’ll find them in almost every nook and cranny of the country’s north coast.

Typically sold in the streets, baleadas will enchant you with their aromatic and mouthwatering fillings.

These soft, thick tacos, in their simplest form, are stuffed with refried beans, salty cheese, and Honduran-style sour cream.

Other satisfying fillings may include scrambled eggs, avocado slices, and meat. What’s even better is you can customize baleadas to suit your taste! 

2. Honduran Fried Plantains

Fried plantains are a wildly popular side dish in Honduras. After all, the country is one of the top exporters of bananas in the world.

Also known as Honduran platanos fritos, these fried plantains merge sweet and savory flavors in one dish.

The ripe plantains are cut into fourths, fried until golden brown, then served with sour cream. 

3. Honduran Bean Tostadas

Honduran bean tostadas are quite similar to baleadas. The key difference is that you’ll use fried corn tortillas for this recipe.

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The filling includes mashed refried beans and shredded or crumbled cheese. Of course, just like making baleadas, you can add other toppings that you love.

For a more flavorful impact, top your tostadas with some Tabasco sauce and sour cream.

This dish is super easy to make, and you’ll be done in less than 10 minutes! 

4. Macheteadas

Macheteadas are a traditional sweet snack from Honduras. If you have some leftover baleada dough, it’s perfect for making some macheteadas or sweet fried dough.

They’re sweet and oh-so-filling, and they’re ideal for breakfast when drizzled with honey or maple syrup on top. 

Macheteadas are simply irresistible, but they’re high in calories, so you’d better eat them moderately.

For a complete Honduran-style breakfast, serve them with a cup of milk or coffee.

5. Horchata

Horchata is a sweet rice-milk drink popular in Latin countries, particularly in Mexico. 

Of course, Honduran horchata isn’t one to dismiss. This is THE drink that complements almost any Honduran dish!

This delightful drink is made with ground rice, cinnamon, sugar, vanilla, and milk. Pour over ice and garnish with a cinnamon stick, if preferred.

While the ground rice needs to be soaked in water overnight, the overall preparation only takes a few minutes.

6. Honduran Red Beans and Rice

Red beans are a great source of vitamins and dietary fiber, which helps with digestion. Reignite your love for this nutrient-dense ingredient using this recipe.

Honduran red beans and rice, or casamiento, is a flavorful dish that’s a cinch to make. All it takes is some sauteeing, boiling, and mixing.

Besides the red beans and long-grain white rice, you’ll need a couple of veggies and bean broth for added flavor.

7. Pan De Coco

You don’t need eggs or any other dairy products to make these sweet, light, and fluffy buns. 

Using coconut milk, active dry yeast, and other pantry staples, you’ll have some tasty coconut bread that’s perfect for various dishes.

Unlike the Filipino-style pan de coco, the Honduran version has no coconut filling. 

The coconut flavor is integrated into the dough, creating sweetened bread perfect to pair with stews. 

8. Honduran Quesadillas

There are two kinds of quesadillas available in Honduras. The first one refers to grilled tortillas with meat and cheese filling. The other one is a sweet-savory holiday cake.

This recipe yields the latter — a different kind of quesadilla that’s popular during Christmas. 

It’s a mixture of rice flour, all-purpose flour, eggs, butter, cheese, milk, and sugar — all baked in a shallow pan.

The result looks similar to cornbread, with a strong flavor of Parmesan cheese.

9. Chimol

Chimol is the Hondurans’ version of pico de gallo, a refreshing salsa that’s great for chips and grilled meats.

If you don’t like spicy foods, Honduran pico de gallo is for you. It’s made with green bell pepper, tomato, white onion, and coriander. 

Everything’s chopped into small pieces and then mixed with lime juice and salt to taste. It’s super quick to make, and you’ll be done in 10 minutes or less.

10. Honduran Enchiladas

One of my all-time favorite Honduran foods is enchiladas. They’re loaded with flavors from meat, eggs, veggies, and cheese.

All of my favorites are wrapped up in a crispy corn tortilla with a drizzle of warm tomato sauce. I can eat this all day, no kidding.

Honduran enchiladas need several ingredients for the filling, and you can make them in advance for easier preparation.

Using ready-made crispy tortillas is a good shortcut, too.

11. Honduran Refried Beans

You’ve already encountered refried beans in previous recipes (baleadas and bean tostadas). Now, it’s time to learn how to make this versatile dish.

This recipe calls for red beans, bean broth, and a couple of spices.

You’ll have to start by cooking the beans, then combining them with broth and the rest of the ingredients in a blender.

Fry the blended beans until smooth and thick. In a few minutes, you’ll have a rich, creamy spread full of Latin flavors. 

12. Honduran Chicharrones

What’s not to love about chicharrones? Every bite gives an addictive crunch and meaty flavor.

This easy recipe for Honduran chicharrones allows you to enjoy some pork belly during special occasions, minus the hassle.

The chicharrones will be braised slowly and cooked in their own fat. Fry to golden perfection, add salt to taste, and enjoy with a lime squeeze. 

13. Honduran Bean Soup

This nutritious and tummy-warming soup is a mix of black beans, pork ribs, plantains, cassava, veggies, and Latin spices.

Since beans are widely popular in Honduras, you’ll find this bean soup in almost all Honduran households. 

Besides being an incredible source of nutrients, this dish uses inexpensive ingredients and is easy to make when using a slow cooker.

For a flavor-rich soup, some Hondurans like to add pickled red onions, cheese, or avocado slices as a topping.

14. Arroz Con Pollo

Arroz con pollo is a quintessential Honduran dish made using chicken thighs, rice, green peas, and classic seasonings.

The chicken and rice combo never disappoints. When joined by spices like cumin, chili powder, and oregano, expect a flavor that’s to die for!

Despite the several ingredients required, you’ll only need one pot and an hour and a half to make this delectable dish.

Serve arroz con pollo with lime wedges for bright citrusy notes. If you’re looking for a spicy kick, simply replace the green bell peppers with jalapeños.

15. Honduran Chicken Skewers

These marinated chicken skewers are grilled to perfection and served with a well-seasoned dipping sauce.

The chicken’s source of flavor is the olive oil mixture that comes with chipotle chilies in adobo sauce, bouillon, cilantro, sugar, and garlic.

The result is a delightful chicken dish, made even more flavorful with a mayo-based dip. 

16. Hearts of Palm Salad

Hearts of palm are the main ingredient of this Honduran salad, creating a slightly sweet flavor profile.

When combined with tomatoes, scallions, garlic, and tomatoes, this salad will also give you tangy and garlicky notes.

Want this dish to be extra creamy? Simply add more olive oil and a little bit of cheese.

17. Honduran Tortilla

Learning this recipe is key to making various Honduran dishes. Don’t fret because making homemade tortillas is easy when you use a food processor.

A little mixing and kneading work creates thick tortillas. Cook them on the griddle until bubbly and store them until ready to use.

These tortillas are ideal for baleadas or Mexican-style tacos.

18. Honduran Salsa

Mangoes and avocados are married in a garlic powder-lime juice mixture, revealing layers of flavors.

Throw in some red onions and red peppers for extra crunch and maximum taste.

Ready in 30 minutes, this sweet, garlicky, and citrusy salsa will give a burst of flavor to your tacos, nachos, or grilled meats!

19. Honduran Yucca Cake

Yucca, also known as cassava, is one of the most prominent crops in Honduras.

It grows even in the poorest soils, so it’s no surprise that yucca cake is a popular local dessert.

It looks similar to a crustless pumpkin pie but flavored with warm spices, milk, coffee, and vanilla extract. 

The ingredients come together easily, around 35 to 40 minutes.

The cake itself isn’t overly sweet, but adding condensed milk on top will make it extra decadent.

20. Pastelitos

Pastelitos are a crowd-favorite in Honduras because of their crisp exterior and tender filling. 

In Cuba, these pastries are traditionally filled with queso and guava paste. Meanwhile, the Honduran variation is packed with meat, rice, and spices.

The dough for pastelitos is made using masa harina, chicken boullion, paprika, and pepper.

They’ll be rolled into the size of a tortilla that’s thick enough to hold the filling.

The final step requires frying the meaty pies until golden brown. I like serving mine with shredded cabbage for a nutrient boost.

21. Arroz Con Leche

Arroz con leche is a delectable Hispanic dessert that’ll have you singing its praises. It’s rich, creamy, and full of warm and sweet flavors.

This rice pudding is simply flavored with sweetened condensed milk and vanilla extract. Whole milk is added to the mix to make a perfectly creamy pudding.

You can get the best pudding texture by rinsing the rice first. Serve with a dash of cinnamon once cooked, and you’re done!

22. Honduran Tacos

Fried tacos, everyone? If you haven’t tried these amazingly crispy appetizers before, this recipe is for you.

Honduran tacos are filled with chicken breasts, veggies, and spices, then deep-fried until golden and crispy. 

You can upgrade these tacos by adding cheese, chopped cabbage, or any other toppings that you like.

Pour some deliciously warm tomato sauce over the fried tacos for a flavor bomb!

23. Honduran Hondureno

This traditional Honduran dip packs so much flavor from beans, cheese, and chorizo! It’s commonly served at local restaurants along with crispy corn tortillas.

Authentic hondureño is cooked in a small clay pot called anafre. If you don’t have access to such special equipment, a mini-iron skillet will do.

For this recipe, you’ll need refried beans, Oaxaca or mozzarella cheese, and crumbled chorizo.

All it takes is some cooking and mixing of these ingredients in one pan.

In less than 30 minutes, you’ll have a hot, bubbly dip that everyone will love!

24. Yuca Con Chicharron

Just by looking at the name of this dish, you might have already guessed that it has cassava and pork rinds as the main ingredients.

Serve with some raw cabbage and a spicy-garlicky sauce, and you’ll get a Honduran dish with a wonderful blend of flavors. 

Yuca con chicharron goes well with roasted meats or soups, creating a filling and delicious meal.

It’s also widely popular in El Salvador, where it’s served on a banana leaf.

While yuca con chicharron requires some time to make, the perfect combination of flavors and textures you’ll get makes it worth the effort!

25. Pupusas

A pupusa is another favorite in the countries of El Salvador and Honduras. They’re thick, round, small cakes stuffed with beans, cheese, or pork.

Of course, as a cheese-lover, cheese pupusas are my favorite! Serve this dish with spicy-tangy pickled cabbage slaw for an irresistible flavor combination.

Pupusas are quite time-consuming to make, but very satisfying once you’re done.

Imagine taking a bite into these warm, plump cakes with ooey-gooey cheese. It’s absolutely delicious!

25 Traditional Honduran Foods (+ Recipe Collection)

These Honduran foods are full of Spanish, African, and Caribbean influences. Try these simple recipes today and take a culinary trip to Honduras!


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Honduran Foods

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