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30 Hominy Recipes You Never Knew You Needed

When you think of hominy recipes, what’s the first thing that pops into your head?

If you said Mexican posole, I’m right there with you. 

30 Hominy Recipes You Never Knew You Needed including Hominy and Pork Rind in a Black Bowl
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Hominy is a staple in Mexican cuisine and a must when making traditional posole soup. But hominy has so many other uses and it’s affordable too.

This dried field corn is meaty and mild with a subtle sweet flavor. It’s a fabulous addition to all sorts of savory dishes and the star of sweet puddings.

From breakfast to dessert, you can enjoy hominy all day long thanks to these exquisite hominy recipes.

1. Pinto Posole

As I said, posole is the first dish most people think of when hearing the word hominy.

So to kick off this list is none other than one of my favorite vegan versions. It calls for a plethora of pantry staples as well as a few fresh accouterments. 

Aside from the hominy, Guajillos chiles are a must. These dried chiles are less fiery than some and a staple for Mexican sauces.

2. Hominy Au Gratin 

Do you love gratin? Try something new and make it with hominy. 

It’s super cheesy and creamy like regular gratin; except with each bite, you get the earthiness of hominy and salty bacon bits to boot. 

There are also some pimento peppers to enhance the sweetness and cut through all the richness.

3. Beef and Hominy Casserole

This casserole is brimming with savory, cheesy, and tomatoey goodness. It’s also rich in protein and uses up a lot of ingredients that are hiding in your pantry. 

To cut down on the fat, I like to use lean ground beef. You could swap it out for ground turkey too.

Either way, this casserole is an excellent one for those new to cooking with hominy.

4. Blue Cheese Hominy Casserole 

If you think casseroles can’t be adventurous, you’ve never tried this.

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The bite of blue cheese, smokiness of paprika, and bounty of hominy are far from subdued. 

This vegetarian casserole is a tantalizing display of how you can take a humble dish and turn it into a show-stopping event. 

5. Pinto Bean and Hominy Salad 

You can also eat hominy fresh like this easy Texan-style salad. It’s full of garden-fresh veggies, pinto beans, and chewy hominy. 

There are so many different flavors and textures you’ll absolutely love it!

It’s zippy, fresh, earthy, garlicky, and spicy, which is far more than I tend to get out of a standard salad. 

6. Mexican Black Bean and Hominy Salad

Here is another lively way to fix up a hominy and bean salad.

The flavors are popping with freshness, thanks to the hint of lime and diced veggies.

While black beans and corn are more Southwestern, the addition of hominy is a Mexican twist. 

This is great as a side dish or as a healthy lunch, especially if you’re getting bored with your usual salad routine.

7. Llapingachos de Mote (Hominy Corn Patties) 

These Ecuadorian-style llapingachos are seriously addictive. 

Classic llapingachos are a type of potato patty stuffed with gooey cheese, but this recipe uses hominy instead. 

For the filling, you can choose between shredded pork or cheese. Or go wild and add both!

8. Canjica (Brazilian Hominy Pudding)

Canjica is a truly special treat. It’s a type of dessert that features hominy with a rice pudding-like flavor.

Condensed milk makes it rich, creamy, and sweet, which gets even better with the warming hint of cinnamon and nutmeg. Yum!

9. Cilantro Rice with Hominy 

Need an easy Mexican side dish? Bust out the rice cooker because it’s cilantro rice and hominy time! 

Between the sweet hominy and leafy cilantro, this will be your new favorite side to make on Taco Tuesday.

With the help of a rice cooker or Instant Pot, it will turn out perfect every time.

10. Mote Pillo (Ecuadorian Hominy with Eggs) 

Mote Pillo is a gratifying breakfast that’ll give you a whole new perspective on scrambled eggs. 

Sautéing hominy with onions and simmering it with milk adds a deep layer of flavor, which only gets better when you scramble it with an egg.

The whole thing will take about 15 minutes, so it’s nothing you can’t handle first thing.

11. Summer Zucchini and Hominy

This veggie dish is so tasty and easy, you’ll be making it all summer long. 

It takes very little to pull together – just sauté hominy with veggies like zucchini and tomatoes, then let everything simmer. 

To keep things fresh and light, add a pinch of chili powder and a squeeze of lime.

12. Pantry White Bean Salsa Verde Soup 

With this dish, you’ll be amazed at how such simple ingredients can turn into something so irresistible.

Hominy and white beans are the substance of the soup, and you’ll use salsa verde to give them a kick of flavor.

It needs just ten minutes of your time, so be sure to bookmark it for the future.

13. Instant Pot Hominy 

I’m all for effortless Instant Pot side dishes and this one tops the list. 

All you have to do is add four ingredients to the Instant Pot to make something earthy and lightly sweet. 

As for a pairing, this hominy side is great with so many different things. 

Add it to an easy weeknight night dinner, Mexican buddha bowl, or garlic pork chops. It even goes well as part of a holiday feast. 

14. Hominy Corn Porridge

If you’re looking for a dairy-free porridge, give this one a whirl. 

It’s a Jamaican version that’s overflowing with sweet hominy kernels in a thick and creamy vanilla-infused base. 

To get the right flavor and texture, you’ll want to use both canned coconut milk and canned coconut condensed milk.

Oh, and don’t forget the cinnamon!

15. Hominy Grits

These may not be traditional Southern-style grits, but they’re still amazing. 

Whole hominy kernels get the works with nutritional yeast, serranos, and a ton of spices. It’s more chewy than creamy but in the best way.

This makes a fine vegan addition to Mexican food and barbecue alike. You can also gobble it up for breakfast if you want.

16. Easy Hominy and Sausage Casserole 

Now that I’m thinking of breakfast, you’ve got to get a taste of this. 

It marries savory pork sausage, sharp cheddar cheese, and canned hominy all into one lip-smacking casserole. 

Did I mention you trap all of that inside fluffy eggs? Yeah, it’s that good!

17. Hominy Casserole

I know I’ve mentioned quite a few casseroles, but I love them! So here is another one you have to try.

Like every good casserole, it’s rife with cream and cheese. But under all that diary is what makes this one unique: it’s got two types of hominy!

There’s also some green chili hiding in the mix adding just the right amount of spice.

18. Creamy Hominy with Green Chile and Kielbasa

This one-pan dish is a comforting combination of creamy and savory ingredients. 

I’ll warn you now, though, this is a cheat day sort of dish because it’s loaded with calories!

To give you a better idea, kielbasa cooks in bacon grease and there’s a handful of cheese. To top that off, you’ll smother the whole thing in sour cream.

19. White Menudo Soup

Menudo is a traditional Mexican soup that features tripe (aka cow’s stomach). 

I know it may not be for everyone, but if you’re adventurous, I recommend giving it a try.

It’s fresh and packed with white hominy, and if you’re a fan of pho, I think you’ll really like it.

20. Mexican Chicken Tortilla Soup with Hominy

This is hands down one of my favorite ways to fix up tortilla soup. 

The tomato broth is garlicky and spicy, which infuses the hominy and shredded chicken with even more flavor. 

You can pile on as many garnishes as you like, or keep it simple. Both ways you go about it are equally great. 

The only thing I recommend is adding a twist of lime. Oh, and toss in the tortilla strips right before serving. 

21. Pozole Verde de Pollo (Chicken Pozole)

Another sensational Mexican soup that you’ve got to try is this chicken pozole

Seeing as how it’s pozole, hominy is a must, of course. Aside from that, I love all the spicy green veggies that make this dish shine. 

It’s got jalapeños and poblanos, so expect some spice. And you can’t have verde anything without some tomatillos too. 

22. Colombian Yellow Hominy Soup (Sopa de Mute) 

Colombians also know a thing or two about how to turn hominy into a tantalizing soup. This one is a phenomenal balance between veggies and pork. 

What makes this soup pop is the hogao, which is a Colombian creole sauce with a tomato base.

I think this will also taste good without the pork if you’re vegetarian or vegan.

23. Binatog

Binatog is a Filipino dish with a tropical touch.

It turns hominy into a sweet, coconutty treat that’s good for breakfast or even dessert.

The ingredients are about as minimal as it gets and so is the work. So it’s another great one if you’re new to the world of hominy. 

24. Chipotle Sweet Potato Vegan Posole 

Even strict carnivores can appreciate a bowl of this posole. It turns a meat soup into a veggie feast that’s rich with incredible flavors. 

Between the spices and the veggie array, you’ll love everything that’s going on in this bowl. 

I’m sure you already know hominy is a must, but so are the sweet potato, poblano peppers, and fire-roasted tomatoes.

It’s deep and complex, while fresh at the same time.

25. Pozole Rojo (Mexican Pork and Hominy Stew) 

If you’re in the mood for a more traditional pozole, go with this recipe.

Red chiles give the soup a complex flavor that pairs swimmingly with the browned pork shoulder. Hominy adds a meaty texture that melds beautifully with everything else. 

All the spice and heartiness make this a fine choice for fighting off the cold on a chilly day.

26. Toasted Hominy Bacon and Eggs 

Talk about breakfast! This recipe puts a whole new spin on humble eggs and bacon.

You’ll cook hominy with bacon so it can soak up the delicious grease, then top it all off with a poached egg. 

Hominy is starchy which makes this kind of like a hash; except it’s super unique. 

27. Hominy Quesadillas

The kid in me can’t resist a quesadilla. It’s my go-to late-night snack, especially when it’s served like this

This quesadilla is rich with hominy and Mexican-style Rotel, and it’s oozing with Velveeta cheese!

The last step makes it even more indulgent and creamy. However, you could swap it out with pretty much any type of melty cheese you prefer.

28. Homemade Corn Nuts

How do you make killer corn nuts? It’s simple, get some hominy. 

These are great for snacking to get you through the day. They’re also a good tag along for road trips.

And they’re so easy to make, I doubt you’ll buy store-bought again. 

29. Hominy Stew with Bacon and Poblanos

Chile Rellenos are what most people immediately think of when using poblanos. But like hominy, they have far more uses than that.

This soup is jam-packed with veggies so you’ll get a ton of nutrients. Plus it’s spicy, savory, zesty, and garlicky, which is just about every flavor you could want in one pot.

30. Green Chile Hominy Casserole with Chorizo 

If you’re craving Mexican comfort food, this casserole is a prime choice for dinner. It’s full of all the best Mexican staples including hominy, chorizo, and poblanos.

All of which is drowning in sour cream and cheese! Delish!

This cheesy, savory, and homely dish is a fun one to bust out for family dinners, potlucks, holidays, and more.

30 Best Ways to Use Hominy

It’s not as flashy as corn or as popular as beans, but these hominy recipes are sure to steal your heart. In fact, you might wonder how you ever lived without them.


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Hominy Recipes

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