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25 Scary-Easy Halloween Breakfast Recipes

Have an extra spooky morning with these fun Halloween breakfast recipes. The only thing scary about these tasty treats is how easy they are to make.

Sure, the magic of Halloween mostly lies in the candy and costumes, but if you’re not starting your day with a fright, you’re really missing out!

25 Scary-Easy Halloween Breakfast Recipes featuring Homemade Sausage Mummies with Ketchup
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I mean, why would you make old-fashioned pancakes when you can make ghost-shaped ones instead?

So, don’t wait for the sun to go down on this All Hallows’ Eve. Start the celebrations early with some creative and easy Halloween breakfast recipes.

1. Spooky Jack-O-Lantern Smoothie

So, how exactly do you turn a healthy smoothie full of bananas, mangoes, apple pie spice, orange juice, plant milk, and carrots into a jack-o-lantern smoothie?

With a Sharpie marker, of course!

Okay, so this one is really just an orange smoothie with a cute jack-o-lantern drawn onto the glass, but it tastes great, looks festive, and is a nutritious way to start the day.

2. Frankenstein Smoothie Bowl

For this one, you’ll make an eerie green smoothie with spinach, a frozen banana, and mangoes, then draw a Frankenstein face onto the glass.

Add a handful of blueberries to the top to complete the look.

It’s another nutritious, antioxidant-packed way to start your Halloween celebrations off right.

3. Bat Doughnuts

There are two routes you can take to make bat doughnuts: start from scratch and make fluffy, rich chocolate doughnuts, or buy them pre-made from the bakery.

Either way, you’ll start with chocolate doughnuts and decorate them with black and white candy melts and black sanding sugar.

Despite how fantastic they look, they’re really easy to make. Even if you make the doughnuts from scratch, you still shouldn’t need more than an hour to make a couple of dozen.

4. Super Easy Pumpkin Shaped Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon rolls are always a treat, but they usually take a little time – as in, hours – to make from scratch.

So if you can make a batch in 30-minutes and have them look like pumpkins? Even better!

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These have all the sweet, gooey deliciousness of this beloved breakfast pastry, but with some green and orange food coloring, they become something super fun for Halloween.

5. Pumpkins, Ghosts, and Spiders, Oh My! Halloween Pancakes Recipe

You’d be amazed at how creative you can get with pancakes as long as you have a squeeze bottle for the batter. It also helps to flavor some with cocoa to give you a different color to work with.

It might take a few goes, but I know you’ll have a platter full of creepy crawlies in no time!

6. Halloween Ghost Pancakes

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of making different types of pancake batter and shapes, stick to this super simple design instead.

You’ll still use a squeeze bottle to help get the shapes right, but instead of playing with different flavors, you’ll use melted chocolate for eyes and jack-o-lantern faces.

They’re still light, fluffy, and delectable. They just look spookier than your standard round pancakes.

7. Halloween Smoothie Bowl

Here’s another fun smoothie option for your Halloween breakfast, and this one features more than just a drawn-on face.

You’ll use frozen blueberries, bananas, strawberries, milk, honey, and Greek yogurt for the smoothie itself. That gives it its rich, fruity flavor and its ghoulish purple color.

To create the spiderweb, you’ll use the yogurt and some creative toothpick (or knife) swirling skills. Then, add your favorite toppings, plastic spiders, and whatever else you like.

This breakfast bowl may look devilish, but it tastes heavenly.

8. Ghostly Pop-Tarts

Not only do these adorable ghost-tarts look more impressive than any toaster treat you’d buy at the store, but I think they’re tastier, too.

All you’ll need to make them is a pack of refrigerated pie crust, eggs, water, any red jam, powdered sugar, milk, vanilla extract, and black decorator icing.

The crust is crunchy and perfectly golden-brown, the jam filling is sweet and fruity, and the ghostly glaze is rich and a bit decadent. In short, these are a real treat, and they’re #adorbz.

9. Coffin Pop-Tarts

If ghosts aren’t your thing, make these coffin pop-tarts instead.

Any other time of the year, they’d be a bit morbid, but they’re kind of perfect for Halloween.

The recipes are pretty much the same; the only difference is their shape.

10. Halloween Pumpkin Pie Waffles for Kids

Waffles are always an exciting way to start the day. I think I’ll love making (and eating) waffles even when I’m 90 years old.

But when the waffles taste like pumpkin pie and feature colorful Halloween decorations, they’re even better.

With this recipe, you can make five large Halloween waffles in just 35 minutes. The kids will love them, and so will you.

Serve these with a selection of yummy waffle toppings for a truly decadent start to the day.

11. Pumpkin French Toast

French toast is rich, indulgent, and not something you should be eating every day. Even so, it’s a wonderful delicacy for a special occasion or treating yourself now and then.

Crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside, and sweet all the way through – it’s hard not to love it.

Now picture the best French toast you’ve ever had but with pumpkin puree, cinnamon, and pumpkin pie spice. And now add maple syrup, whipped cream, and your other favorite toppings.

Yep. This stuff is divine.

12. Spider Donuts

Spider donuts are another option for my donut lovers.

With a simple sticky chocolate glaze, pretzel “legs,” and candy eyes, you can make any store-bought donut into a scary spider in no time at all.

They’re almost too stinkin’ cute to eat, but that insanely yummy chocolate glaze means they’re too good not to.

So don’t feel guilty if you snag one or two (or three of four).

13. Halloween Pumpkin Deviled Eggs

How about making a batch of traditional deviled eggs a bit more festive with some creative knife work and diced chives for pumpkin stems.

Feel free to use this recipe or your favorite recipe for deviled eggs. This one is mainly about the presentation, and you can easily adjust it to suit your tastes.

14. Nutella Banana Mummy Rolls

These banana mummy rolls are soooooo good, and you can make them with only six ingredients: crescent rolls, bananas, Nutella, powdered sugar, milk, and candy eyes.

They’re full of chocolate and banana goodness, and the Nutella adds a warm nuttiness that makes them even more appetizing.

Plus, they look like little mummies! Come on! How enchanting is that?!

15. English Muffin Mummies

If you prefer something a little healthier, these English muffins might be more your speed.

They’re still sweet, with peanut butter, jelly, and sweetened cream cheese, but they’re much simpler to whip up in a pinch.

16. Halloween Toast

Halloween toast is the best of both worlds: it looks super exciting and fun, plus it’s healthy, too. Start with your favorite slices of toasted bread, then decorate them however you like.

Use bananas, raisins, peanut butter, and chocolate chips for ghosts, or make Frankenstein toast with an avocado spread, olives, and seaweed.

Mummy toast and spiderweb toast are two other awesome options.

17. Colorful Halloween Pancakes

I know I’ve had a few funny-shaped pancakes on here already, but here’s another Halloween recipe. This time, you won’t be changing their shapes – just their colors.

The recipe is similar to most recipes for pancakes, except you’ll add pumpkin pie spice, apple cider vinegar, vanilla extract, and brown sugar to ensure they’re super fluffy and fall-flavored.

Then add some green, orange, or purple food coloring to make them more Halloweeny. Pop a plastic spider on top and serve them with strawberry syrup for a creepy, bloody look.

18. Halloween Breakfast Pizza Sandwich Recipe

These 10-minute breakfast pizzas feature all your morning favorites: cheese, ham, eggs, and English muffins. There’s also pizza sauce, black olives, parmesan, and chili flakes.

They’re hearty, flavorful, and shaped like jack-o-lanterns. What more could you ask for from a Halloween breakfast pizza?

19. “Mummy” Breakfast Sausages

Turning something into a mummy is one of the easiest ways to make it Halloween-themed. You can even do it with your typical sausage biscuit.

Instead of making biscuits, though, you’ll make big pigs in a blanket with puff pastry.

Get creative to make it look like mummy bandages, and add a few dots of ketchup or mustard for the eyes. Voila! Breakfast sausage mummies.

20. Halloween Candy Corn Waffles

These simple, 20-minute waffles are everything you’d hope for – crispy on the outside, light and fluffy on the inside with a light sweetness throughout.

With orange and yellow food coloring and white candy melts, though, you can transform them into candy corn! (At least in appearance.)

They have the same exceptional waffle flavor, though.

21. Bloody Guts Cinnamon Rolls

Okay, let’s be honest; these things are incredibly disgusting.

But for a fun and festive Halloween breakfast? I love them!

Just like the pumpkin rolls above, these taste just like traditional cinnamon rolls, so if you’re a fan of them, you’ll like these, too.

The only difference is that these look like ripped-out entrails. Fortunately, that’s just because you’ll disassemble the cinnamon rolls, giving them that stringy entrail look.

The red food coloring in the glaze doesn’t hurt either.

22. Candy Corn Latte Macchiato

Not everyone enjoys eating in the mornings. If you prefer to grab your caffeine and go, this candy corn latte macchiato is a good option.

You’ll make it with espresso, milk, water, and candy corn. It’s sweet, sugary, and overflowing with that warm espresso flavor. It’s pretty, too!

23. Black Cacao Granola – Halloween Addition

Black cacao granola is just as healthy as any homemade granola, but it looks a whole lot spookier.

It has a nutty, cacao-packed flavor, and the black tahini gives it its rich black color.

Use it as a yogurt topping or eat it by itself as a creepy, nutritious snack. You’ll enjoy it either way.

24. Pumpkin Breakfast Casserole

This chewy, spiced breakfast casserole might not look as Halloweeny as other options on the list, but it certainly tastes like the ideal fall breakfast.

It has a slightly crispy cinnamon sugar topping, and the filling is stuffed with pumpkin puree, brown sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg.

Who wouldn’t want to wake up to the scent of all those delicious fall spices floating through the house?

25. Halloween Baked Egg Eyeballs

These baked egg eyeballs may look super gross and weird, but they’re tasty and pretty healthy, too.

The base is a toasted simple English muffin. To that, you’ll add an avocado spread, spinach, tomatoes, and a fried egg.

Sound easy enough, right? But to get a ghostly appearance, you’ll decorate it with orange bell peppers, ketchup, avocado spread, and a black olive.

It looks like one big, bloodshot eye, and while that might turn you off from eating it, the kids are sure to love it.

25 Scary-Easy Halloween Breakfasts

Have an extra spooky morning with these fun Halloween breakfast recipes. The only thing scary about these tasty treats is how easy they are to make.


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Halloween Breakfast Recipes

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